Liara had many male friends, but never fucked them, so it was inevitable that under the Cocktease Laws she would be prosecuted, tried and convicted of not living up to the sexual promises she had made with her body.

Her sentence was relatively light. Her lawyer argued persuasively on her behalf, and so she avoided being sentenced to rape or sexual re-training. 

However, the judge did insist that from now on, Liara would need a man’s permission to put on or take off clothes. She had misused the privilege of choosing her own outfits to attract male interest and then not satisfy it, so now she would lose that privilege, and it would be men who decided how much skin she would display.

She enlisted her brother’s help to avoid the consequences of the order. By wheedling and cajoling him, she extracted a blanket permission from him to dress each morning, undress each evening, and remove and replace clothes as needed for toileting and showering.

But when she got to the office, there was nothing she could do. Her boss was one of the men who had always considered her a bitchy little cocktease, and as soon as she arrived at her workplace he would take great pleasure in disarraying her clothes.

Sometimes he simply pulled her tits out of her bra and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side of her crotch. Other times he stripped her down to her lingerie. Sometimes he would make her go completely topless, or completely bottomless. When she had particularly displeased him – or when he was particularly horny – she would be forced to go completely nude, but for her high heels and jewellery.

After a while he began to bring in new clothes for her to dress in. Dog collars and leashes. Tight pink or white shirts that would stretch obscenely over her bra-less tits, with words like “BIMBO” or “CUNT” or “RAPEDOLL” written across the front. Chastity belts. Nipple clamps. Diapers. Ball gags. Pussy spreaders. 

Every day she watched the respect that her co-workers had once held for her drain away, as they mentally recategorised her from a competent peer into a sexualised fuckdoll. They stopped asking for her opinions, or giving her important work, and despite in theory having an important role in the office, she found that more and more often she was simply bringing cups of coffee to men and taking notes on their meetings.

And at the end of each day she would go to see her boss to seek permission to dress normally before heading home. She used the train to travel to and from work, and she dreaded the thought of standing nude for an entire train ride as smirking men crowded around her on all sides.

Her boss was happy to give her that permission – provided she pleased him. 

There were many ways to please him: with her mouth, with her tits, with her pussy, and with her ass. She got very good at it – so good that her boss thought she should show off her skills to the other employees, and after that there were two men she had to please each day, either sequentially or together.

She came to understand that this was her real job – getting men to ejaculate into or onto her. And further, that it had *always* been her job, and she had just been very bad at it until the court intervened.

Eventually she found herself ringing the friends who had accused her of cockteasing, and of her own free will making dates for them to fuck her. With the help of the court, she had learned her lesson. 

She was rehabilitated, and eager to take her proper place in society.


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