Keeping secrets got complicated for Greta, quickly. 

At first it was just keeping the secret that she was cheating on her boyfriend Trevor with a girl, Amber. When she met Amber, it had started out as a friendship, then a “friendship with cuddles”, but once Amber realised how submissive Greta was, it escalated quickly. 

She would tell Greta how to dress when she was visiting – sluttier and sluttier, until Greta was unable to walk down the street in the outfits without baring her pussy and nipples. She would get Greta to “try out” her new sex toys – first nipple clamps, on Greta’s giant udders, then restraints, where Greta would sit awkwardly in Amber’s living room with her wrists and ankles cuffed together.

Next came dildos, with Amber watching expectantly as Greta blushingly shoved each of Amber’s collection of large fake cocks into her pussy. Finally, Amber declared she wanted Greta to help her test her strap-on, and before she knew it Greta’s friend was bending Greta over the couch and fucking her from behind. Greta was forced to admit that once a friend had made you orgasm by violating your cunt with a strap-on, they were probably more than a friend, and when, afterwards, Amber took off the strap-on and guided Greta’s face down to her wet, shaved cunt, Greta began licking obediently without objection.

She couldn’t tell her boyfriend, of course. If she was too submissive to object to her friend turning her into a fucktoy, there was no way she was brave enough to have such a confrontation with Trevor. So she lied, and kept acting like she and Amber were “just friends”, and when Amber whipped Greta’s tits with a belt as Greta masturbated and thanked Amber for the pain, she told her boyfriend the bruises were from tripping and falling and landing on her tits.

It was all fine until she got caught. Amber had taken Greta out to a McDonald’s for lunch, ordered her a meal, then parked her at one of the eat-in benches and sat next to her on the same side of the table, trapping Greta against the wall. Amber’s hand snaked out and, before Greta could react, had pulled off Greta’s skirt. Greta was wearing no panties, just as Amber liked, so now she was sitting in a McDonald’s, naked from the waist down, with only the table to conceal her.

“Amber!” Greta hissed, mortified.

“Start masturbating,” said Amber. ”You can have your skirt back when you cum. And while you play with your pussy, I want you to treat that burger like it’s my pussy. Stick your tongue into it, lick it.”

“I’ll look like a slut,” protested Greta.

“You *are* a slut,” said Amber. ”Close your eyes if you’re embarrassed.”

And so Greta did as she was told. It felt so slutty, licking a hamburger like it was a pussy, masturbating in public. She kept her eyes scrunched shut as she did so. She didn’t think it would take her long to cum.

“I’d keep your eyes closed,” said Amber. ”There’s some guy watching you. He can see your cunt and everything – no, don’t close your legs, give him a good view.”

Greta flushed red and kept her eyes shut. A few moments later, she orgasmed. Amber let her eat the burger normally and put her skirt back on.

Only the person watching hadn’t been “some guy”, it had been Trevor’s best friend, Adrian. He confronted her a day later, while he was visiting Trevor, when he found her alone in the back yard.

“Does Trevor know you’re being a slut for some girl?” he asked her.

“No,” said Greta. ”Please don’t tell him.”

“Well, that’s up to you,” said Adrian. ”I filmed your little performance in the McDonald’s. I *could* put it on the internet, and then tell Trevor where to find it, along with everyone else you know…”

“No!” squealed Greta.

“Or you could be a good little cunt and share your new little friend,” said Adrian. “I bet you could get photos and video of her doing all kinds of slutty things. And I bet she might do anything to keep that footage a secret. You bring me that footage, and I’ll fuck you, and then I’ll fuck her, and I’ll tell her to keep fucking you and not be mad at you, or else the footage goes viral.”

Defeated, Greta did as she was told, and over the next week she secretly filmed Amber stripping, masturbating, and her own activities licking Greta’s cunt and 69ing her. She gave it to Adrian, and a few days later she got to be present as a crying Amber unwillingly fucked her first boy. 

Adrian had her lick his cum from Amber’s cunt, and then he fucked Greta as well while Amber watched. He added the whole episode to his film collection of the girls, then he dressed Amber in similar slutty clothes to Greta, and took them both out to repeat Greta’s masturbation episode on public buses, take-away restaurants, and on a public bench in a park, both girls nude from the waist down and masturbating blushingly as members of the public stared at them.

Finally he used Amber’s collection of restraints to bind both girls naked on the floor of Amber’s house, and then dialled Trevor and told him that Greta had a present for him. 

When Greta’s boyfriend arrived, he was angry at Greta for cheating on him with Amber and with Adrian, but when he learned that Amber would be his personal fuckslave now, he partly forgave Greta.

“I mean, you won’t be my girlfriend anymore,” he told her. ”Amber’s going to be my girlfriend, and she’ll sleep in my bed after I fuck her each night. But you can be my pet, and sleep naked on the floor and listen to me fuck your little bitch friend, and clean us both up with your tongue when I’m done. Does that sound good, slut?”

She was a submissive at heart. She said that it did, and he was so pleased that he let her out of restraints, so that she could help hold Amber’s legs open for her first fucking by her new boyfriend…


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