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It was amazing how quickly the girls got used to wearing slutty panties, to having vibrating plugs stuffed into their asses, to licking each other’s cunts and going out in front of an audience with nothing but paint covering their pussies.

At the end of the next week they cheered in front of a real audience, at the weekend game of the school’s football team. The girls hopped out in front of a crowd of several hundred fans, with their buttplugs vibrating and their naked cunts chilled by the night air. They kissed, and fondled, and bounced.

Then they did their cheer.


Our holes are WET WITH HONEY

We want to TURN YOU ON

So we’ll get FUCKED LIKE A BUNNY”.

And then they did their leg lift, exposing their cunts to their schoolmates, their teachers, their friends, their families.

And many of those people knew exactly what they were looking at, because word had gotten around – and because, in any case, there was only so much that paint could do when a girl deliberately spread her legs as wide as they would go and pointed her fuckhole at you.

The slutty display received rapturous applause, and the girls blushed with pleasure.

Afterwards, they went back to the locker room, and stripped nude, and licked the paint from each other’s cunts, and they had no idea that all of this was being filmed, and that it would be secretly sold as a package to certain members of the audience to watch and enjoy and masturbate to – including some of the family members of the girls themselves.


Then the uniform tops arrived.

In some ways they were much like the girls’ old ones – a brightly coloured tight top with sleeves in the style known as a “liner”. Like the old tops, they bared the girls’ midriffs.

Unlike the old tops, they had a hole in the front directly over the girls’ tits.

At first the girls thought it was merely a cleavage window, designed to show a little skin while still modest enough to cheer in. But after some adjustment, it became clear that there was no way to move the cloth so that the nipples would be covered. In fact, it was designed so that the entirety of the breasts would protrude through the hole, in full view, albeit that the fabric lifted and shelved the titflesh a little, in the manner of a push-up bra (which really only emphasised the lewdness of the exposed breasts).

Sarah was beside herself. “Ms Saunders, they’ll see our *boobs*!” she wailed.

“These are so *slutty*,” agreed Elisabeth.

“Elisabeth, I’m surprised at you,” said Ms Saunders. “I thought you understood that cheerleading was all *about* being slutty. What do you think was the point of dressing pretty girls up in short skirts and having them jump and jiggle in front of men?”

“But…” Elisabeth protested. “It’s athletic…”

“Track and field is athletic,” said Ms Saunders, “but we don’t make those girls dress like fuckdolls and wiggle their asses at men, do we? Part of the skill and magic of cheerleading is making men entertained with your body.”

This was clearly a new thought for most of the girls – that they were, and always had been, sexual entertainment for men. 

“Anyway,” said Ms Saunders, while they were processing this idea, “you’ll be perfectly appropriate for the public, because your nipples will be covered. Come on girls, stick your tits through the holes, and I’ll show you.”

The girls dressed in the lewd tops, blushing as they stood in a line with their breasts hanging out of the windows in the clothing. 

Ms Saunders went to Taya first, and held up a small device. It was essentially a pastie – a round orange plastic circle designed to conceal the nipple. But instead of being held on by adhesive, it had a strong, wicked clamp on the inside. Ms Saunders attached one to each of Taya’s nipples.

“Ow! OWW!” Taya squealed. “It hurts, miss!”

“You’ll get used to it,” said Ms Saunders. “It’s painful, but it won’t cause you damage, and it needs to be strong in order to stay on while you’re doing your routine. And aren’t the tassels cute?”

The “tassels”, hanging from the front of each pastie on a five inch cord, were a plastic carrot, about an inch and a half long, and filled with metal weights. Their weight pulled at the pastie – and at the clamp, and therefore on the girl’s nipple.

“Cuntbunnies,” said Ms Saunders, satisfied. “See?”

She attached the clamp-pasties to the tits of each girl, ignoring their whimpers and squeals.

The girls looked distinctly unhappy by the time she was done. She looked at them, and sighed.

“Come on, girls,” she said. “You know that success takes a little pain.”

They only whimpered further.

“Fine,” she said. “I’ll teach you a secret. The trick to dealing with pain in your breasts is to be aroused. When you’re really horny, not only will it not hurt, but it will actually feel good.”

She looked down the line of degraded cheerleading sluts.

“We’re going to do an exercise today,” she said. “I’m going to get each of you to put a hand between your legs and start rubbing your cunt. You can do that for three minutes before we start the second phase. After that three minutes, you’re going to start jumping up and down, as high as you can, while still fingering your cunts. At first you’ll find it hurts, but the more you do it, the better it’s going to feel. And you’re going to keep doing it until you cum.”

Sarah was bright red. “I can’t do *that*, miss…” she objected.

“I don’t want to… finger myself in front of everyone,” said Jenny.

Ms Saunders made a show of becoming angry. “I have had *enough* of your complaints, girls,” she said. “Just for that, we’re going to do this exercise out on the field, in front of our audience. Out! Go!”

She marched the wide-eyed girls out of the locker room and onto the sports field. The usual crowd of men were waiting in the stands, and they smiled at the girls’ new outfits.

The girls tried to cover their tits with their arms. Ms Saunders walked among them, slapping their hands away.

“You will do as you are TOLD, girls,” she shouted. “Any girl who doesn’t complete the exercise that I just described will be kicked off the squad. You will have to remove your uniform right here, and hand it back, and walk home naked. And then you will be liable to fully repay your share of the Cuntbunnies sponsorship. Do you understand?”

A couple of the girls were crying. But they all nodded.

“Good,” said Ms Saunders. “Begin.”

If there had been any illusion left that the girls were wearing non-slutty panties, or that the body paint concealed their exposed crotches, it was removed as the girls were forced to spread their pussy lips in front of the audience and begin to finger their cunts. Ms Saunders made sure that all the girls were facing the men, and looking them in the eyes.

Then the first three minutes were over. “Jump, girls,” instructed Ms Saunders, and the girls began to bounce like good little bunnies.

Each bounce made their unsupported tits fly up and down – and the weighted carrots went still further, pulling hard on the girls’ nipples with every bounce. Many of the girls squealed or wailed at the sudden pain in their boobs – but they all kept masturbating. Some of them were crying.

But as they continued to bounce and finger their pussies, a change came over them. Their faces flushed. Their breathing came faster. And instead of protesting the pain in their tits, they began to moan. They even tried to jump higher to intensify the feelings in their breasts.

Elisabeth was the first to cum. Her knees began to tremble, and then her legs gave way, and she fell to the ground, shaking and bucking her hips. Then Sarah was orgasming, and then Jenny, and soon the whole squad were cumming sluttily in front of the watching men.

Ms Saunders let that be the end of practice for the girls that day – but she told them there would be two new rules from now on. The first was that each girl was to keep licking her girlfriend’s cunt before applying the body paint to her cunt for each practice or game – it was important that every girl was on the edge of orgasm before beginning to cheer, so that she wouldn’t feel pain from the pasties.

And second, if any girl *did* find her breasts hurting during practice, she would be required to masturbate right then and there, in front of the audience, until the pain felt good again.


The girls were initially nervous about performing in front of the full audience of a football game with their tits hanging out of their uniforms. The entire school, and all its parents and families, were about to see their boobs – plus all the visitors from the school that the team were playing against. 

But by the time all the girls had licked each other to the edge of orgasm in the locker room, their ditzy little minds were so hazed from slutty arousal that nothing much mattered anymore. Ms Saunders was able to shoo them onto the field easily – and even give them a final parting instruction before they began their routine.

“Go be good little sexual decorations,” she told them.

There were cheers as the girls ran out onto the field – but also laughter. Mocking, cruel laughter, amusement at sluts who were so stupid and whorish they’d perform in front of a crowd with their bare tits on display. The crowd loved the stupid little carrots hanging from the girls’ nipples – but they loved them because they made the girls look ridiculous, like degraded sex objects, and they loved it even more once they realised how much the carrots hurt the girls every time they bounced.

The contempt washed over the sense of overwhelming arousal that the girls felt and mixed with it in confusing ways. For the first time, the girls truly understood that Ms Saunders was right – they were sexual decorations. Ridiculous little fuckdolls for the men in the audience to look at, and enjoy, and masturbate over after they went home. 

As they tongue-kissed each other and fondled each other’s tits, some girls began crying with shame, even as they humped their groins against their girlfriends’ thighs, hoping for the release of a public orgasm. As they raised their legs to point their naked cunts at the audience, they understood that no *nice girl* would do this – only a cheerleader sex-doll slut like they were. And as they bounced up and down, torturing their own tits for the amusement of the audience, they understood that any amount of pain and humiliation they endured was justified, as long as it kept men entertained.

At the end of the routine they formed a human pyramid, three levels high, with little Sarah on top – and as Sarah stood there, balanced on the shoulders of Elisabeth and Jenny, and wiggled her tits for the crowd, the most humiliating thing possible happened to all of them.

Sarah *orgasmed* – from the pain in her tits, and the wetness in her cunt, and the vibrating plug in her ass, and the shame of her display. And when she orgasmed, she *squirted* – all over the girls below her.

They were at some distance from the crowd. Most people couldn’t see what happened. But those were closest did. They saw Sarah squirt pale ejaculate from her pussy, even as she started to tremble and shake, and they saw it rain down on the faces and tits of Elisabeth and Jenny, and drip down to the girls below them.

It was a miracle the girls got safely to the ground, as the orgasm was making Sarah lose control of her muscles.

People were beginning to laugh. The ones down the front had seen what Sarah did – and understood immediately that Sarah *wasn’t* wearing panties, only body paint, because they had seen her pussy spasm and squirt. And then the people further back on the bleachers worked it out, or were told, and they began to laugh too.

The girls couldn’t hear what the crowd were saying – it was a dull, murmuring rumble – but they picked out individual words.

“Whore.” “Bare cunts.” “Squirting slut.” “Bimbo bitches.”

They ran from the field.

In the locker room, they wanted to dress as fast as possible, and run home, to hide their shame. Ms Saunders was worried some may never come back, despite the cost, so she stopped them.

“Not so fast, girls,” she said. “We have to review.”

She made them strip out of their uniforms, until they were nude. Then she wheeled out a large screen, and began to play back the video she had made of their performance on the field.

“Masturbate, girls,” said Ms Saunders. “Keep watching and masturbating until you cum.”

The girls whimpered, but sat on benches and did as they were told, fingering their cunts as they watched their own slutty performance.

Ms Saunders had been among the audience, so the girls could now hear the things people were saying about themselves. They could see themselves as the audience had seen them – as ridiculous little fuckpuppets degrading themselves for the entertainment of the crowd.

“God, look at them lezzing off with each other,” said a voice off-camera. “Cheerleaders these days are such whores.”

“You can see their whole tits,” said another voice.

“Are they actually wearing panties?” someone said. “It looks like it’s just… body paint. Look that one’s pussy lips are parting. You can see her fuckhole and her clit.”

“Disgusting little fuckpigs,” someone spat.

And one by one, the girls masturbated themselves to orgasm while watching themselves on the screen and hearing the degrading commentary. And it reached the climax, with Sarah squirting over the entire human pyramid, she put it on loop – the squirt, the ejaculate raining down, Sarah’s mortified expression – until the last few girls had cum.

“Good girls,” Ms Saunders whispered. “You can go home now.”


Over the next week, the girls noticed that people treated them differently now. Boys looked at them differently – openly staring at their tits. Girls looked at them differently – with jealousy, or disgust, or with lust, depending on their sexual preference. Their teachers had a predatory, hungry look in their eye. Even their families treated them differently, with the girls noting their fathers and brothers watching them with sexual interest, finding excuses to burst in on them as they changed or showered, and hugging them longer, with hands that roamed eagerly across their bodies.

The girls who had boyfriends found their boyfriends were more aggressive. Elisabeth’s boyfriend didn’t just squeeze her tits – he grabbed her by them, and dragged her around, laughing at her humiliation and pain and stuffing his cock into her mouth when she protested. Dark-haired Bethany discovered her boyfriend didn’t just want to grope her ass, he wanted to fuck it – and when she tried to say that *she* didn’t want that, he slapped her, and ripped off her clothes, and fucked her in the ass anyway. Pretty pink-haired Senya lost her virginity to rape, as her boyfriend decided she had teased him long enough, and pushed her down on her childhood bed and fucked her unwilling, unprotected pussy until he had ejaculated into her womb.

In short, the people who had seen them cheerlead no longer saw them as people – they saw the girls as fucktoys.

And Ms Saunders made them masturbate to the video of their last performance at every second practice, so it was hard for them to tell themselves they didn’t deserve it.


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