When Nicole had first taken a public relations job with the social media company, she had signed a ten-year contract requiring her to represent the values of the company in her private life as well as her professional life. 

After a year, the company chose to pivot into a niche pornography site specialising in misogyny and degradation of women, and they had a long talk with her about what “representing the values of the company” now required. She wasn’t happy at first, but the alternative was unemployment, with restraint of trade clauses in her contract preventing her from taking other jobs in the industry, so she soon got with the program.

Now when visiting friends she strips naked and masturbates with a vibrator while she talks to them. She fucks her pussy in public, at coffee dates or on the bus. She smiles as she pleasures her cunt and tells her friends what an obedient whore she is and how happy they’ll be when they understand women are nothing but fuckpuppets for their pleasure. And the worst bit is that as they stare at her, and slowly recategorise her in their brains from “person” to “sex toy”, she feels a little bit of pride, deep inside, at how good she is at her job…


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