Heather was far too nice and helpful for her own good. When the attractive black couple moved in next door, she went around to ask if there was “anything she could do for them”. 

“Sure,” said the husband, looking Heather up and down. “You could let my wife ride your face. She’s been looking for a new bitch to use.”

Heather should have been rude, should have stormed off. She certainly blushed. But she just found it so hard to say no, especially to a confident man, so instead she said, “Okay. Um… just… have her come round whenever.” 

After scurrying off home, Heather sat in her bedroom in misery, hoping that it was all a joke and that it would never be mentioned again. When she masturbated furiously less than an hour later, she tried to pretend it had nothing to do with the interaction she’d just had.

But it was not all a joke, and Bella showed up at Heather’s door that evening. “I hear you’re my new fucktoy,” Bella said, as she stepped into the house.

Heather went crimson. She didn’t know what to say. She imagined saying no, and making this gorgeous black woman angry at her. She didn’t like the thought. So she said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Get your clothes off then, bitch,” said Bella, and Heather did as she was told.

Heather had never licked a woman’s cunt before, but she certainly learned quickly. Bella taught Heather to lick slowly, to lick quickly, to tease her pussy lips and penetrate her fuckhole with her tongue, and most of all to deliciously lap and nibble at her clit. She rode Heather’s face to three shuddering orgasms, squirting her cunt juices into Heather’s open mouth and across her face each time. Bella did not reciprocate – “You’re my bitch, not my lover,” she told Heather – but she did rhythmically slap Heather’s spread cunt as Heather licked, and occasionally painfully pinch Heather’s clitoris, and Heather found to her shame that the combination of stimulation, pain, and humiliation allowed her to orgasm twice herself.

Afterwards, Bella looked at Heather’s face, glistening with cunt honey, and said, “Don’t clean that off for an hour. Don’t get dressed until then either. A good fucktoy sits and thinks about what she is and what she’s done.” Then she left.

Heather certainly did think about it. She masturbated frantically to another humiliating orgasm.

Afterwards Bella visited regularly. Heather didn’t think Bella even knew her name, but that didn’t stop her from humping Heather’s face whenever it took her fancy. Like a good fucktoy, Heather let it happen, and obediently did her best to be a good cuntlicker. Sometimes Heather could taste Bella’s husband’s cum on Bella’s pussy lips, and that only made her orgasm from Bella’s slaps and pinches faster. 

In a fit of generosity, one day Bella told Heather that she was not the broken whore that Heather had assumed herself to be – she was just a submissive. Being told what to do, being controlled and used and occasionally disrespected, was what made Heather sexually satisfied. Heather was so grateful for this revelation that she gave Bella an extra passionate kiss – on the cunt, of course, for Bella never let Heather near her lips. Bella asked if Heather would like to be submissive to some of Bella’s friends, and Heather shyly said that she would…


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