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Vice spent much of the day working with Rospar at the fabricator, while the girls reinforced the camp’s perimeter defences.

When he returned with the fruits of his labour, the girls were less than impressed.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” spat Victoria.  “You’ve been able to make these the whole time?”

Vice said nothing, merely waited.  Ever a good girl, Telea stepped forward swiftly and slapped Victoria.  “Show the captain respect,” said Telea.

Even after the last few days, Victoria still looked shocked at the treatment.  The heir to the Hastings Aeronautics fortune, beautiful, black-haired and big-titted, had probably never been slapped before her arrival on Persephone Nine.  She stared at Vice in horror – and hatred.

“I’d advise you to listen to Telea, Victoria,” said Vice, ignoring her furious stare.  “Our survival depends on you fixing your attitude.”  He then looked at the other girls.  “Telea is showing initiative in disciplining Victoria, but a respectful attitude is everyone’s business.  You heard Female Pig – if you’d been more obedient cunts, the Galliard would have already solved this ‘Rapehound’ problem for us.  The next time someone acts like a bitch, I expect to see someone other than Telea doing the slapping, or you’ll all get a round of punishment.  Do I make myself understood?”

The assembled women flushed with anger, but Amy mumbled a barely intelligible “yes, sir”, and then the others followed.

Satisfied, Vice returned to the objects he had fabricated: guns.  Each was the length of an assault rifle, made of blocky, basic silver metal.  A crude design, but Vice thought they would work.

“These are only stun guns,” he said.  “They’ll deliver an electric stun to a target at ranges of not more than eight metres.  The fabricator is programmed to stop us creating projectile weapons, both by law, and because projectile weapons in space vehicles present a safety risk.  These will have to do.”

“What’s to stop us shooting you with them?” asked Laurel, sarcastically.

Vice tapped his neck.  “Your collars.  You won’t be able to fire the guns while they’re pointed at a human, or at Rospar.  Enemy targets only, ladies, and I intend to collect the guns up again once the crisis is over.”

“And we haven’t used these against the Galliard because… why?” asked Laurel.

“Because they don’t kill, they only have a range of eight metres, and if the Galliard have real firearms – as we have to assume they do – they could slaughter us at range before these become remotely relevant,” said Vice.  “Any other questions, Laurel?”

There was a note in his voice suggesting that he had tolerated the questions so far, but his tolerance was running out.

Laurel shook her head, and took a gun from him.

As professional starship crew, both Telea and Laurel had had some training in firearms, but Victoria and Amy were complete bimbos when it came to guns.  Within minutes of receiving her weapon, Amy had almost managed to shoot herself in the tits with it, while Victoria was holding hers as if worried she might chip a nail.  

“Telea, Laurel, give these girls some basic training,” he sighed.

“Yes, sir,” said Telea, and she began to arrange a makeshift firing range near the perimeter.

However, before moving to join Telea, Amy looked over at Vice, and said, “Thank you… sir.”

He was surprised.  He had raped this girl less than 24 hours ago, and now she was thanking him?

“What for, Amy?” he asked.

“For…” she blushed.  “I mean, I thought you were just going to give one of us to these animals.  That girl said we don’t have to fight them, if one of us gets raped.  But you’re helping us to fight, so… thank you.”

“You can thank me by being obedient, Amy,” he told her.  “If you obey me, I’ll fight for you. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” said Amy – and returned to Telea’s attempts to instruct her in using the gun.


As night fell, Vice instructed Rospar to light a campfire, but the girls were not free to huddle around it.  Instead they were distributed out along the perimeter, crouched behind the barricade, peering out into the moonlit night, vibrating with tension as they waited for the approach of the Rapehounds.

The perimeter fence could certainly have been better.  It protected the camp on three sides, only open at the sea border.  Vice would have preferred to guard the beach as well, but he had neither the time to build such a barricade or the people to defend it, so he merely had to hope that these ‘Rapehounds’ were not inclined to swim.

“No sermon tonight?” asked Laurel as Vice did a circle of the perimeter.  She was perched on a piece of broken hull, using it as a stool, as her standing was still dependent upon a crutch.

“Under the circumstances, not tonight,” said Vice.  He had considered it, but decided he preferred to not be occupied in disciplining or raping one of the girls when these creatures arrived.  “You can remind yourself that you’re a parasite that feeds on cum while you wait, though.”

Laurel blushed, and said nothing.  Vice did not intend to press her tonight.

Telea, though, was rather more obedient.  As he passed her, he heard her muttering, “I think with my cunt and my udders.  My udders deserve to be in pain.  My male is my god.”  

Vice smiled.  “Good girl,” he said, and leaned down to kiss Telea on the lips.  She kissed him back, blushing.

Continuing his circuit, he passed Amy.  “Thank you,” she said again, as she passed.

“You’re welcome,” said Vice, and, testing his luck, he leaned down to kiss her.  

She let him.  Her mouth was warm and sweet.  She trembled – perhaps remembering her rape – but didn’t pull away.

“Good girl,” he told her, once it was over, and he was pleased to see a small blush of pleasure cross her face.

Finally, he checked on Victoria.

“If you fucking dare to kiss me, I’ll beat you with this gun,” she snarled.  “Collar or no collar.”

Her threat was empty, and he issued a shock to her collar to remind her of that fact.  And a second, because she was being such a difficult cunt today.  She made a choking cry of pain, and clutched at the collar, her black hair falling across her face in pretty disarray.

“I don’t have time to discipline you properly tonight, Victoria,” said Vice.  “But you will learn to obey, and with any luck you’ll do it before you get us all killed.  Keep your eyes on the perimeter, and if you’ve got spare brain cells to think, I suggest you turn them to thinking about how you can stop being such an unpleasant whore.”

The look in Victoria’s eyes was pure fury.  Vice didn’t care.  He moved on.


The attack came a little after midnight.

“There’s something out there,” called Laurel nervously.  

Vice moved to Laurel’s side and peered into the murky night.

“Three,” he said.  “No, four.  And more behind them, I think.  Fuck, they’re big.”

Massive shadows were moving slowly, cautiously down the beach towards them.  Each was bigger than a human – the size of a cow, almost, but sleeker, more predatory.  As they came closer, their shapes began to resolve.  They were wolf-like, yet not wolves.  They moved on all fours, and seemed to be covered in dark, matted fur, but their gait was alien, and their proportions subtly wrong.

“Rapehounds,” breathed Laurel, her voice a whisper of quiet fear.

There were seven in total – at least, seven that Vice could see.  A pack, he guessed.  

He motioned the other girls to Laurel’s position on the perimeter fence.  He knew it was possible there could be more Rapehounds approaching from a different direction, but he knew he would need all his firepower here.  If the Rapehounds had the numbers to launch a pronged offensive, they would likely succeed – it was as simple as that.

The great alien beasts paused – just out of range of Vice’s electric guns, as if they knew he had them and what their limitations were.  They had wide, green eyes that shone in the moonlight – and, he saw, long canine mouths, from which drool dripped onto the beach, and which were filled with thick, pointed teeth.  Their paws were clawed like a wolf’s, but subtly different.  Were those opposable thumbs?  No, not quite, but something that might one day evolve into them.  Nevertheless he was sure those paws were rather more dextrous than those of any Earth canine.

“What are they waiting for?” breathed Amy, who had come up behind Vice, and now levelled her gun at the enemy.

“They’re waiting to see if we’re sending one of you girls out to be raped,” said Vice.  He paused.  “But we’re not.”

“Oh,” said Amy, in a quiet voice.

The tense standoff stretched out – a minute, two, three – until Vice began to think the Rapehounds would merely leave, their desires unfulfilled.

But he had no such luck.  One of the beasts lifted back its head, and howled – a high-pitched, ear-shredding ululation that made Vice and all the girls momentarily cringe – and then the Rapehounds were in motion, charging the perimeter fence, hurtling forward in a terrifying wall of massed flesh and fur.

“Fire!” yelled Vice – but it was unnecessary.  The girls were already discharging their weapons into the enemy, and Vice did likewise.

His heart sank as the first sizzling bursts of stun-energy struck the Rapehounds, because not only did the animals not fall, but they didn’t even seem hurt.  The mass came on, terrifying swift, and the girls around him began to scream in terror, still firing their guns.

The range of the guns was short, and the Rapehounds were through it quickly.  They struck the perimeter fence, hard, and Vice saw and felt it shake violently.  The top bent inwards visibly.

About half the Rapehounds pulled back, clearly intending to charge the fence again and demolish it – but the rest began scrabbling against it, trying to climb over it to get at the girls within.

One of the beasts got its head up above the fence-top, snarling and slavering, its paws hooked over the rough hull metal they had used to build the barrier.  Vice levelled his gun at it and fired, not really expecting to have an effect – but his shot clipped the Rapehound in its strangely elongated ear, and to his surprise, the beast made a whining squeal, and dropped to the sand outside the camp, apparently unconscious.

A lucky shot?  Why had his attack worked, when the first volley had failed?  He had struck it in its ear – its strangely long and narrow ear.

“Not an ear,” he realised suddenly.  “An antenna.  A sensitive spot – a conductive spot.”  He yelled out to the girls.  “Target their ears!  Aim for the ears!”

Amy nodded, and adjusted the aim on her gun – and then, before she could fire, another Rapehound head appeared over the wall.  Its slavering jaws closed on her arm, and in an instant she was gone, pulled over the fence, out onto the beach beyond.

“Amy!” screamed Vice.  He knew he should let her go, but he had promised the girls he would protect them, and he still remembered the feel of her cunt around his cock from last night, and then the pleasantly submissive feel of her lips tonight.  Without thinking what he was doing, he grabbed Victoria’s arm, yelled, “Help me!  We’re getting her back!”, and pulled the surprised girl toward the fence.  The two of them went up, then over, then they were out on the beach, among the Rapehounds.

The huge animals were as surprised to see Vice there as he was to be there.  He aimed his gun at the one that had Amy – which was even now pushing her into a position on all fours, and moving into a position to fuck her – and fired.  His shot was true, and struck the beast in the ear.  The Rapehound twitched, and collapsed.

He didn’t know how long it would stay down.  He thought he saw the one by the fence that he had struck only moments ago starting to move.  Behind him, he heard Victoria fire, but didn’t see whether she hit.

He reached Amy, and began helping the dazed girl to her feet.

“You came for me…” she murmured.  There was blood on her face – she had taken a knock when she went over the fence, maybe even a concussion.

“I told you, you’re *my* crew,” he said.  “You belong to me, not them.”

She smiled dazedly, and let him hold her.

“Vice!” screamed Victoria behind him, and he turned in time to see another Rapehound smash into the brunette, bearing her to the ground.

“Fuck!” he swore.  His arms were occupied in holding Amy; aiming his gun was tricky.

But he was relieved from the need to try.  There was the sizzle of an energy gun, and the beast on top of Victoria slumped.  He looked up to see Telea standing atop the fence, yelling with joy at the satisfying effect of her shot.

Vice pulled Amy back towards the camp as Victoria staggered to her feet.  He expected at any moment to be hit by another Rapehound, but to his surprise they were circling, not engaging.  Were they planning something?  Were they reconsidering their attack in light of Vice’s guns?  Unwilling to attack a male?  It didn’t matter, right now.  He just kept running, pulling Amy along with him.

They got to the fence, and Vice boosted Amy up to help her to climb it.  Telea caught the girl’s hands, and helped her up.  When she was over, Vice turned to Victoria.  “Now you,” he said.

But Victoria was smiling an evil smile.  “Fuck you, Vice,” she spat, and levelled her gun at him.

And to his horror, Vice saw that Victoria’s collar was damaged.  A long claw mark bisected the collar, almost tearing it in two.  He tried to shock Victoria using the collar control, and it only confirmed what he feared – she was no longer under control.

“Victoria, no…” he said, knowing it was useless.  Victoria would stun him, and leave him for the Rapehounds, and then she would free the other girls – and then, surely, they would all be killed by the Galliard.

He tried to prepare himself for the stunning blast.

But it never came.  A brown blur struck Victoria from the side.  In focusing on Vice, she had not seen the return of the Rapehounds, and now a large one was bearing her down to the ground.  Her gun flew from her hands, skidding across the beach to lie at Vice’s feet.

She screamed.  “Vice!  Telea!  Amy!  Help me!”

Vice looked up at Telea.  Her face was a mask.  She wasn’t aiming at the Rapehound.  She was offering a hand to Vice.  

“Quick, sir,” she said.  “Climb, while they’re distracted.”

He did.


Not one of the women made an attempt to save Victoria.  They all saw what had happened.  Vice had risked his own life to save both Amy and Victoria – and Victoria had betrayed him.  They stood on the fence, and watched.

They could see that the Rapehounds had not one cock, but two, both protruding from their groin at slightly different angles.  They watched as Victoria tried to crawl away from her attacker on all fours, her large tits dragging through the beach sand, her face filled with horror.  They watched as the Rapehound came up behind her, reared up, and landed with its front paws on her shoulders, pressing her down into the dirt, as its groin lined up with hers.

They watched her face as the Rapehound pushed its double-cock simultaneously into her pussy and asshole.  They watched as it made her its bitch.

“Masturbate,” Vice told the girls, in a low voice, and they did.  Laurel didn’t comply immediately, so he shocked her, and she thereafter obeyed.  All three girls rubbed their cunts as they watched the rape of their crewmate.

The Rapehound’s face was close to Victoria’s ear, its warm breath washing over her face, its drool dripping onto her cheek and shoulder.  She tried to struggle, and it quickly bit her on the shoulder – not hard, just a play bite, but with a serious warning in it.  Victoria moaned, and grew still.

They could see another change occurring on her face – arousal.  The water of the lake kept her body in a constant state of horniness, and even in a situation of rape by an alien animal, the stimulation of her cunt and ass was having an effect.  They could see her horror and shame at her own reaction to the raping, as she was powerless to prevent her body welcoming and enabling her four-legged rapist.  They saw her face flush, her nipples stiffen – and then watched her beginning to subtly buck back against the Rapehound, forcing its cocks deeper into her holes.

They watched her experience her first orgasm from the raping, and Vice saw something break deep within her personality, as Victoria realised that this was forever.  Whatever happened to her now – even if she escaped Persephone Nine, and went back to being an arrogant, entitled, privileged society bitch – she would always be the woman who had orgasmed from being raped by a dog.  She would never escape that memory.  She would never be able to take a lover, or masturbate, without visualising that moment.

Then another Rapehound reached her, and Vice and the girls could no longer see her face.  The second Rapehound moved to stuff its lower cock into her mouth.  Victoria resisted, until the beast began to growl menacingly, and then she obligingly opened up and took the monster dick into her.  Its upper cock slapped back and forth against her face as she sucked, smearing her forehead and cheeks with slimy pre-cum.

A third approached, and went down on its haunches to reach under her and begin chewing on one of Victoria’s dangling teats.  It appeared to be worrying them softly, like a chew toy, rather than with any intent to cause harm, but the crew could hear Victoria’s tortured moans even around her mouthful of wolf-cock.

In time, the one using her cunt and anus reached its orgasm.  Unlike Earth canines, it didn’t appear to knot, and was able to pull out of her immediately, leaving a trail of white cum leaking from Victoria’s genitals.  Immediately, another took its place, stuffing its own cocks into the helpless Victoria.  Then the one in her mouth ejaculated – they couldn’t see Victoria’s face, but they could see her throat working convulsively to swallow the sperm, to avoid choking on it – and the one that had been biting her tits moved to take its turn with her face.  They were briefly able to see that the Rapehound’s upper cock had ejaculated at the same time, bathing Victoria’s face with sperm.

Victoria orgasmed more times than Vice could count.  At some point, she started to cry, but it didn’t stop her orgasming.  To his satisfaction, each of his girls also reached their own orgasm from watching Victoria’s rape.  

After Telea’s first orgasm, he took her and pushed her to her knees, so she was looking away from Victoria and instead staring at his cock.  Obediently, she pulled his cock from his pants, and began to suck on it, still masturbating.

A moment later, without being told, Amy also dropped to her knees, and moved to kneel next to Telea.  To his delight, she began to share his cock with Telea, licking it and sucking the tip whenever it popped out of Telea’s mouth.  The two girls were almost-kissing around the tip of his dick – a fact that seemed to make both of them even more aroused, even as neither explicitly acknowledged it.

He looked at Laurel as the girls worked his cock, and she looked back at him – but made no sign of wanting to join in, even though he knew the lake water must be making her desperate for sperm.  He had no intention of forcing her.  He knew she must feel like the odd one out, the awkward outsider, as the other two girls worshipped him.  He knew she must be wondering whether she wanted to be like Telea and Amy – or like poor Victoria, being raped by alien wolves.  He hoped that in time those thoughts would drive her to submit voluntarily.

He watched Victoria crying and orgasming from her bestial rape, and soon he felt his own orgasm coming.

“I’m going to cum,” he told Amy and Telea.  “I expect you girls to share.”  And with that, he grabbed Amy, forced her face down on his cock, and held her there as he orgasmed, pumping hot semen into her pretty mouth.

He was pleased that when he was done, and had pulled out of the sexy pop-idol, she opened her mouth to show that his cum was still there.  Then, blushing, she turned to Telea, leaned in, and kissed her.

He watched the two girls engage in a passionate tongue-kiss, swapping his cum back and forth between them in their mouths, and felt his cock twitch, spent but eager to play again.  He watched Telea orgasm almost immediately at the mixed sensations of a kiss by a pretty girl and the taste of a man’s sperm, moaning sluttily into Amy’s mouth as she swirled the cum around their entangled tongues.  And he watched Laurel stare at it all, envious, hungry, blushing.


The Rapehounds stopped playing with Victoria just before dawn.  The last one pulled out of her bruised, sticky twat, and began to pad away slowly down the beach, retreating to whatever lair they had come from, and the others followed.

When Vice was sure they were gone, he sent the girls to drag Victoria back to the camp.  She was sobbing, incoherent, bruised across her neck and tits, and covered in Rapehound sperm.  As she passed back through the perimeter fence, Vice leaned down, removed her broken compliance collar, and snapped a brand new, fully operational one onto her.

The girls looked down at the broken, bitchy slut in front of them.  “What do we do with her?” asked Amy.

“She’s had her punishment,” said Vice.  “I want you all to remember how she betrayed us – but the focus now is on getting back to work in protecting and upgrading this camp.  I know we’re tired, but I want the fence repaired before anyone sleeps.”

He paused, looked down at the crying, sticky girl lying in front of him, and then added, “But the first mess we need to clean up is this one right here.  Girls, why don’t you get down on your knees, and start off by licking Victoria clean?  Amy, you clean her face.  Laurel, you can clean her tits.  And Telea, I think you’d better use your tongue to clean out her ass and pussy, don’t you think?”

He savoured their expressions – Amy eager to please, Laurel horrified and disgusted, Telea blushing with lust, and all three underpinned by the knowledge that the lake water made them *need* sperm, and that no matter how it disgusted them they would still enjoy the taste of this alien wolf cum.

The expressions were not those of humans.  They were the expressions of sex toys, of bitches, of animals who had just orgasmed while watching a friend get raped by monsters.  

Persephone Nine was having its effect on these women.  And Vice couldn’t wait to see what it would eventually make them into.


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