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When Brittany was abducted from outside her Feminist Theory lecture, she wasn’t raped – she was just given a 24 hour course of hypnotherapy. The therapy was simple, and he explained it to her before he released her. Every time she resisted the sexual advances of a man, she would reject a feminist opinion she had, rationalise why she had been wrong in the past, and start publicly arguing against it. Every time she went 72 hours in a row without fucking a man she’d never fucked before, the same thing would happen. If she discussed her abduction or conditioning with anyone, she would immediately lose all her feminist opinions and have an overpowering urge to move to the third world and seek work as a prostitute. 

The choice for her was simple – she could stay a feminist by acting like a whore, or she could stay frigid and end up actively arguing for the oppression of her gender.  

She thought about it for a whole 15 minutes, and then blushingly parted her legs for him and spread her cunt open with two fingers. 

She didn’t graduate, of course. She tried, but after the first month of fucking a new man every three days word got out that she was a whore. After that, she was propositioned two or three times a day. When she tried to resist, she forgot that women were the equal of men, and forgot that women who dressed like sluts didn’t deserve to be raped. After that, she spent so much time being fucked by every man who heard about her reputation that she simply couldn’t get any study done.  

On the day she should have graduated she was so upset at her failure that she made the mistake of turning down another man. She immediately forgot that she *wanted* to be feminist, and after that she made it a game to occasionally reject men, feel part of her old feminist identity vanish, and then fuck the man she had rejected anyway.  

Two months later, the man who had abducted and conditioned her re-approached her, and she practically begged him to abduct her friends…


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