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Vice woke to the pleasant feeling of having his cock sucked.  He looked down, and found Telea suckling dreamily on his dick.  The beautiful blonde navigator was still asleep, and, having fallen asleep with his penis against her face, she appeared to have instinctively accepted it into her mouth as she dreamed, and was now sucking on it like a pacifier.

He lay there, and let her suck.  Her mouth was warm and wet on his cock, and he neared orgasm quickly.  As he felt his orgasm approaching, he was sure Telea would wake, but even once he shuddered and spurted his cum down her throat, she merely swallowed, moaned happily, and kept sucking.  Vice was impressed.  The girl was literally a natural cocksucker.

When he had had enough, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and wiped it on her face, then slapped her cheek lightly to wake her.

“Rise and shine, sweetie,” he said.  “It’s time for another wonderful day in paradise.”

The other girls were already waking.  Victoria was on her feet, preparing breakfast, and Laurel had healed further, and could now stand, using a piece of metal wreckage as a crutch.  

Amy, however, had not risen.  She was just lying there, feigning sleep.  Vice looked at her, unsure if she was traumatised by her rape last night, or just being a brat again.  He decided it would need to be the latter – he had no time for dealing with a miserable bitch, and anyway, she had orgasmed from her rape.

“Girls,” he said, “I need you all on your feet within 20 minutes.  If Amy’s not up by then, I’ll punish all of you.”

He left the shelter, to begin the day’s work, leaving the girls to act on his orders.  

He already knew what would happen.  Amy would continue being a difficult bitch.  She might try and urge the others to rebel against Vice.  But the girls would know they had no chance of doing that.  And they would be dealing with their confused feelings about masturbating while watching Amy’s rape last night.  Amy’s defiance would give them the excuse they needed to blame Amy for their guilt.  They would cajole her to get up, then insult and threaten her.  

Finally one of them – maybe Victoria – would try to pull Amy to her – and another one – maybe Telea – would slap Amy across the face.  If Amy kept resisting, someone – possibly Laurel – would punch her in the tits, and they’d tell her it was her own fault she was raped, and tell her she deserved to be raped again.

Telea’s cunt, he guessed, would be wet at this point.

And one way or another, they would make Amy get with the program.  And by the time it was done, they would no longer be on the same side as Amy.  They would be on his side, against her – and they would have fully accepted the principle that difficult bitches deserved contempt and abuse.

Sure enough, as the 20 minute mark passed, Amy emerged from the shelter, being half-dragged by Telea and Victoria, who were each holding one of her arms.  

He passed the cute little pop singer a shovel.  “Get digging, Amy,’ he told her.  “I want a trench outside the shelter perimeter.”

“I hate you,” she spat.  “You fucking rapist pig.”

He didn’t even have to shock her.  Telea slapped Amy without being asked.  “Show respect to men,” Telea said.  “The Galliard are watching us.”

Amy just looked at her with angry, betrayed eyes.  But she took the shovel, and started work.

The Galliard were indeed watching them.  A little before noon, they received a visitor – Female Pig.

The small, enticing sex-toy made her way towards the camp, waving to get their attention.  They could see her through the wire of the fence as she approached.  This was the first time the girls had seen Female Pig, and they did a double-take at her sexually-exaggerated silhouette – flaming orange hair, small body, cartoonishly huge tits, and swollen pregnant belly.

As she entered the camp, she came over to Vice, and knelt in front of him, kissing his cock through his pants.  “I am a parasite that feeds on sperm,” she murmured.

“Wow,” murmured Laurel, staring at the girl’s huge tits, which were leaking small rivulets of milk.  “Is this what the Galliard do to their women?”

“She’s so pretty,” breathed Telea, apparently unaware she was speaking out loud.

“She’s fucking disgusting,” spat Victoria.  “Gross.”

Vice looked down at the girl as she nuzzled at his cock.  “Good morning, bitch,” he said, remembering the girl’s preferred term of address.  “Welcome to our camp.”

“Thank you for allowing me to please you,” said Female Pig.  “The Masters send me with a message.  May I worship your cock as I speak?”

“The Masters” were the Galliard men, Vice knew.  A shiver ran through him.  Was this good news – or bad?

Vice unfastened his pants, and took out his cock.  “Go ahead,” he said, and Female Pig shifted to place his cock between her huge udders.  She squeezed each of her nipples, squirting a small pool of milk into each hand, then drizzled the milk over his dick as lubricant, before beginning to give him a slow, luxurious titjob.

“The Masters have been watching you,” said Female Pig.  “They see you give your bitches the sermon, and rape them, and discipline them, and they are pleased.”

Vice sighed – in relief, and at the exceptionally pleasant sensations in his dick.  “Go on,” he said.

“But they also see your bitches being difficult and disobedient,” said Female Pig.  “They are angry at your bitches.”

Looks of fear ran across the faces of the women – and Vice’s, too.  Would the Galliard exact revenge?

“They will learn,” he said, hurriedly.  “They will be trained.”

Female Pig nodded.  “It is the nature of bitches to learn to please men,” said Female Pig.  “But the Masters wish you to know that a pack of Rapehounds have been seen in this valley.”

“Rapehounds?” asked Vice, worriedly.

“I am told they are like the wolves of Old Earth,” said Female Pig.  She paused briefly to lick the tip of Vice’s cock, provoking a groan, before continuing.  “But they are larger, and smarter – as smart as a man, in some ways.  Smarter than any bitch.  When the Galliard first came to this planet, many of their women were difficult, so they were given to the Rapehounds to use as punishment.  The Rapehounds acquired a taste for it, and now they seek out women to fuck.”

“Shit, no,” whispered Amy.  “Could this planet get any worse?”

Telea slapped her.  “Shut up,” she said.

“Are these Rapehounds a danger to us?” said Vice.  

“They are very dangerous, yes,” said Female Pig.  “The Masters would drive them away – had you controlled your bitches better.  But they feel this is a good opportunity for you to discipline your bitches.  If you stake one out for the Rapehounds to use, they will satisfy themselves with her, and leave you alone.”

Sacrifice one of the girls for wolves to rape?  Vice didn’t like the sound of that at all.  “Will they hurt her?” he asked.

Female Pig shrugged.  “They will rape her.  Some scratches.  Play bites.  She will survive.  It is the purpose of bitches to serve males – no matter their species.  The Rapehounds come at night, so ensure you prepare your bitch before sundown.”

“And if we don’t?” asked Vice.

Female Pig looked around.  “These fences will not hold them.  They will do what it takes to get what they want.  They may hurt you in the process.”

He sighed.  “Victoria, come and stand in front of me and spread your cunt.  I want to look at your fuckhole while I think.”

“No!” objected Victoria.  Telea slapped her, and Vice shocked her with the collar for good measure.  He waited, then shocked her again, and finally Victoria shuffled around to stand in front of him.

“Spread it,” he told her.

Victoria blushed.  “The collar won’t let me touch… it,” she said.

“She is trying to avoid demeaning herself,” noted Female Pig.  “She is referring to her rapehole.  Make her say ‘rapehole’.”

Vice agreed.  “You heard the bitch,” he said.  “Say that sentence again.”  And he shocked her for good measure.

“The collar won’t let me touch my rapehole,” said Victoria, in a quiet voice.

“Amy, come and spread Victoria’s rapehole so I can see it,” said Vice.  Amy, too, needed to be slapped by Telea before she obeyed, and get a shock from the collar, but soon enough she was kneeling between Victoria’s legs and using her fingers to part Victoria’s labia to give Vice a look at the soft pinkness inside.

He knew all of the girls had just noted something else – they couldn’t touch their own cunt, but they could touch each other’s.  That was good.  He wanted them to think about that – and the implications of it.

Victoria had drunk her water that morning, so her pussy was nicely wet, and she gasped a little at Amy’s touch.  She got visibly wetter as he stared at her twat.  Of course, Vice didn’t really want to see her cunt – or rather, he did, but the real enjoyment came from her humiliation and submission at being put on display.  Every tortured second of her blushing face was an erotic thrill.

Between Victoria’s humiliation, and the skilled tits of Female Pig, he didn’t take long to cum.  He felt himself ejaculating, and his cum blasted the huge-titted Galliard bitch in the face, covering her with sperm and dripping back down onto her tits.

Female Pig moved her mouth to his cock, to clean him off with her tongue, and then said, “Thank you, sir, for the gift of your seed.  May I return to my Masters now?”

“You may,” said Vice.

Female Pig got to her feet.  Then she stared, one at a time, at each of the four girls present, and as she stared at each of them she wiped a smear of sperm from her face and deliberately pushed it up her fuckhole, gasping as she did so.  Then she turned, and walked out of the camp.  They watched her cross the golden sand of the beach and vanish into dark shadow of the forest.

“So which one of us are you giving to the wolves to rape, you perverted fuckhead?” asked Victoria when she was gone.  All four girls were looking at him with fear and horror.

But he surprised them.  “None of them,” he said.  “You’re my crew, I’m your captain, and the only person who disciplines you is me.  You’d better get to work on strengthening that perimeter, girls, because it sounds like tonight we have a fight on our hands.”


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