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Vice woke in the middle of the night to the sound of a girl crying.  He assumed it was Amy, weeping from the humiliating raping he had inflicted upon her at the sermon, but the little redheaded cocktease was sleeping soundly, completely nude, in the corner of the shelter, exhausted from her recent ordeal.

The other girls were present and accounted for, too, he thought.  Laurel was in her accustomed place, propped against the remains of the captain’s chair, sound asleep.  The rich bitch Victoria was snoring gently over in the corner.

Only Telea was missing, and Vice realised now it was her tears that he could hear.

He crept out of the shelter, onto the moonlit beach.  

Telea was down by the water, kneeling on the sand, silhouetted against the huge bright orb of Persephone Nine’s moon.  She was nude, and she was sobbing profusely, while at the same time she appeared to be slapping at her breasts with her hands.

He hurried over and restrained her arms.

“Telea, what are you doing?” he asked her.

She looked up at him with a tear-streaked face.  “I deserve it, sir,” she wept.  “I deserve the pain.  I’m so confused, but I know I’m bad, and I deserve pain.”

He knelt by her, and caressed her face with his hand.  “Why do you say that?” he asked her.

“I watched Amy get raped.  I watched a girl get raped, and I let it happen,” she sobbed.  “Back on my homeworld, I’d go to prison.  And I didn’t just watch – I played with my pussy, like a whore.  I got aroused by a man raping a girl.  I’m disgusting!”  She tried to slap her tits again.  “Disgusting!  My mothers would disown me!  They’d hate me!”

He held her arms still as she struggled, and then leaned in and kissed her on the lips, knowing exactly what effect that would have.  She kissed him back, grateful for the affection and the reassurance – even as her mind told her that she was supposed to be a lesbian, that she was being *disgusting*.

“Amy and Victoria are endangering us all by being difficult bitches,” said Vice.  “Remember?  They could have gotten us all killed.  I could have locked them up, or shot them, or tortured them to teach them a lesson.  Instead I just raped her.”  

He kissed Telea again.  “And you saw her orgasm from it, right?  She *liked* it.”

Telea looked uncertain.  She remembered the orgasm – but she also remembered how Amy had cried and struggled.

“She should be *grateful* to me, Telea,” said Vice.  “And you should be grateful to me for raping her.”

“I am grateful!” said Telea, eager to assure him.  “Really I am!”

“Well, you haven’t said thank you,” said Vice.

“Thank you for raping Amy,” said Telea, blushing.  “I just… I’m so confused…”

“Do you really feel like you need to be punished for being a slut?” asked Vice.

Her face still streaked with tears, Telea nodded wordlessly.

“Very well,” said Vice.  He reached into his pocket and took out something he had had Rospar fabricate earlier.  It was a handful of chains, with clamps on the end.  He leant forward and kissed Telea again, and as he kissed her, he clipped one of the clamps onto her left nipple.

She jumped, and squeaked.

“It hurts, does it?” asked Vice.

Telea looked down at the clamp, then back at him, and nodded, her eyes wide.

“Good,” he said.  “That’s how you know you’re getting punished.”  He reached out and clipped a second clamp on her other nipple.

“Now legs spread, Telea,” he said.  “This one will *really* hurt.”

She looked like she was having second thoughts about being asked to be punished, but she obediently spread her legs to expose her cunt, and he reached between her thighs, spread her pussy lips, and clipped the third chain to her clitoris.

She shrieked.

He slapped her.  “Quiet, or you’ll wake up the other girls.”

She looked mortified.  “Sorry, sir,” she said.  “Only… it really hurts… “

“Good,” he said.  “Now, you owe me an apology for waking me up.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said.

He slapped her again.  “Not like that.  Remember how you apologised after you fed Laurel the lake water?”

Her face blushed.  “But… I really shouldn’t, sir,” she said.  “My parents… my people… we’re lesbians…”

He slapped her a third time.  “Last night you fingered your cunt while watching a man rape an unwilling girl,” he told her.  “You need to accept that you may be a lesbian, but a lot of women just need a man to control them, regardless of their sexuality.  That’s what you are, Telea.”

He had expected her to protest at this, but instead she looked surprisingly grateful.  He realised he had just offered her an explanation that allowed her to reconcile her supposed lesbianism with her increasing sexual submission to a man.  He had done her a favour by telling her a convenient lie.  “Yes, sir,” she said.

“Now, apologise,” he told her, and sighed happily as Telea nervously moved forward to take his cock into her mouth.  He knew she was eager, despite herself – the bacteria in the lake water had been making her crave the taste of semen all day.

But as fun as it was to face-fuck the pretty girl, it was even more fun to hurt her while he did it.  He used his left hand to grab her hair, and hold her down on his cock so she couldn’t escape.  And with his right hand – which still held the ends of the chains connected to her nipples and clit – he began to masturbate his cock into her mouth.

Every pump of his hand pulled hard on her nipples and pussy.  She began to shriek with pain as he repeatedly yanked on her feminine attributes, but her shrieks were muffled by his cock.  

“This is how it should be with women, Telea,” he told her softly, as he wanked himself into her soft, warm mouth.  “Your pain causes me pleasure.  My pleasure causes you pain.  The Book of Galliard says that every sexual interaction for a woman should be painful and degrading for her.  You’re learning very well.  By doing this, you’re helping us all.  You’re a real team player, Telea.  You’re a good girl.”

She was crying now, but the expression on her face told him it was a wonderfully fucked-up instance of tears.  It wasn’t just the pain and degradation she was crying from – she was also crying with relief at having her slutty sins expunged through punishment, and crying with gratitude at being told she was a good girl.  She looked up at him, her mouth plugged with his dick, her face a mask of agony as he yanked on her nipples and clit repeatedly, and he was delighted to see the beginnings of real love in her eyes, as she processed her confusion and abuse the only way she knew how.  

He felt his orgasm approaching.

“You know that before we leave here, I’m going to impregnate you, don’t you, Telea?” he said.  “I’m going to make you slutty little moo-cow breeder.”

Telea’s eyes widened in shock and horror, and at that moment, Vice yanked hard on all three chains, ripping the clamps off her nipples and clit.  Agony raced through Telea’s body, both from the violent pull on her sensitive areas, and then from the pain of the blood rushing back into the crushed nipples and clit.

At the same moment as the pain hit Telea, Vice ejaculated into her mouth, and watched with delight as the lake bacteria reacted to the sperm by causing her to orgasm.  He gazed happily as the pretty girl orgasmed through the worst sexual pain and humiliation of her life, doubling her confusion and trauma.

Before her brain could really process what was happening, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, wiped it clean on her face, and said, “You’re pretty when you’re crying, Telea.  You’re pretty with cum on your face.  I think I could fall in love with you.  You’re such a good girl.”

And then he grabbed her hair, and used it to lead her back into the shelter, where he arranged her to lie next to him, with his softening dick resting against her face as he slept.


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