Jessica felt intensely guilty when her girlfriends discussed their frustration with the constant abuse they received when gaming online, because for Jessica, it just made her wet.

She knew it shouldn’t, she knew she was betraying other women by being such a slut, but whenever a voice over her headset threatened to rape her, whenever she was called a bitch or a cunt, whenever she was treated like an idiot – or better yet, when she knew she *was* one – her pussy gushed with arousal.

She tried to discipline herself, to train herself out of being such a slut. Sometimes whenever she got wet she would push the end of her controller into her fuckhole and watch her avatar get killed while it stood there helplessly. Sometimes she would whisper into her microphone, “I’m such a slut, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I deserve to be raped.” Sometimes she would take all her clothes off, and sit there nude, blushing, as she played, refusing to allow herself to dress again until her cunt behaved itself, terrified that her brother or father might walk in and see her like that but knowing it was exactly what she deserved.

She had such a mixture of feelings when she lost a game. On the one hand, seeing her name at the bottom of a long ranking, and knowing that every name above her was a male, seemed exactly right and proper. On the other hand, she knew she had let down her team. She began the habit of contacting her teammates to apologise, and asking how she could make it up to them. The answer often was for her to send nude photos of herself. She obliged. Later she would find them circulating on the internet, and blush and want to die. But she didn’t stop.

Eventually there came a time when she ended up in contact with a particularly wealthy gamer. When she explained her situation to him, he asked her about her kink, and her guilt. 

“What’s the very most humiliating thing you can imagine doing?” he asked her.

“Fucking another girl,” she said. For her Christian family, homosexuality with the ultimate sin.

“Then I know something that will make you feel adequately punished,” he said.

Madison turned up on Jessica’s doorstep the next day – a fake-titted blonde bimbo that Jessica couldn’t see as anything other than a sex doll. She said she was a prostitute, and she had been hired at great expense by an anonymous benefactor to be Jessica’s full-time girlfriend.

She explained that Jessica would be expected to identify Madison to others as her girlfriend; to go on a weekly date where they would kiss and hold hands in public. Whenever Jessica gamed, Madison would strip naked and kneel between Jessica’s legs and lick her pussy while she played, and then afterwards she would use a cane to beat Jessica’s pussy and tits in proportion to her slutty misbehaviour. And over time Madison would help Jessica graduate to her destined career as a whore herself, finding her clients, training her to fuck, and helping her save for her very own set of fake tits…


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