No one disputed that Ethan Crown was intelligent. When he put his mind to something, he mastered it with effortless ease. He learned quickly, and often showed an insight bordering on genius.

Which is why it was so frustrating to his mother Melissa that, having just turned 18, and in his final year of schooling, Ethan was failing most of his classes.

“Why can’t you just put in a tiny bit of effort, and pass these classes?” she would ask him in desperation.

Ethan would only shrug. He was tall and handsome, in a scruffy way, and even in dismissing her he couldn’t help but be a little charming. And yet she just wanted to slap that bored look off his face and get him to pay attention in class.

Melissa had fallen pregnant as a teenager, and given birth to Ethan at the age of 15. The father had been abusive and controlling – but thankfully hadn’t stuck around, and Melissa had raised her son alone. She had never had the chance to complete school – and now Ethan was throwing away that chance, for no good reason that Melissa could see.

All Ethan seemed to want to do was stay in his bedroom, with his door shut, playing games on his laptop or browsing the internet.

The last straw for Melissa came when she opened Ethan’s door late one night to check on him. He was supposed to be writing an essay for History – but when the door swung open, she caught him masturbating to porn of big-titted sluts on his computer.

“Jesus, mom!” swore Ethan, trying to hide his cock.

“That’s it,” said Melissa. She strode across the room, closed his laptop, and pulled it away from its charging cable. “If you’re not going to use your computer to study, I’m confiscating it until you show some improvement in your grades. If you want to look at naked tits so much, you can just damn well make some effort in school.” She laughed. “Hell, if you get an A, you can even look at *my* tits.”

Ethan swore at her, and slammed his fist into the wall, and pursued her through the house as Melissa walked away with the computer.

“Give me back my computer, you SLUT!” he yelled. “You can’t do this, you STUPID CUNT!”

But Melissa held firm. She took the computer to her room, and locked it in her secure cupboard.

Afterwards, she felt strange. Ethan’s violence and raised voice and insults reminded her of his father, who had demeaned and degraded and abused her. But also they reminded her of how that abuse had always ended – with rough, violent sex, his hands around Melissa’s throat, his cock in her helpless pussy. And it reminded her of how hard she had *cum* from those violations, and how they had made her want to stay and endure more abuse. 

On the night Ethan had been conceived, Ethan’s father had slapped Melissa across the face ten times, punched her in the tits, and made her admit she was a stupid worthless cunt. Melissa had cum three times before Ethan’s father had spurted his impregnating seed into her womb.


The next day, Ethan came home from school in a whirlwind of energy, slamming the front door open and marching directly to his mother.

“Here,” he said, thrusting a piece of paper at her. “History essay. A+ Give me my computer, bitch.”

Melissa blinked and looked at the paper. It was true – Ethan had received a mark of 99 out of 100. The last History grade she had seen from him was a D. The improvement was remarkable – almost unbelievable, even.

“You shouldn’t call me a bitch, Ethan,” Melissa said, weakly.

Lightning fast, his hand lashed out, and slapped her across the face. Melissa gasped, and clutched her cheek.

“You made a deal,” he said. “I improve my grade, I get my computer back. Now give me back my computer, BITCH.”

Melissa was in shock. Ethan had never dared to be this violent and offensive with her before – but then, she had never dared to take his computer away before. She knew it was his lifeline to the world, and his primary social forum. She had never made him this *angry* before.

And there was the matter of the grade. She had asked for improvement – and gotten it.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll go get your computer. Well done, Ethan.”

She went to the bedroom and came back with his laptop. He snatched it out of her hands, took it to his bedroom, and then came back.

“Wasn’t there something else?” he said.

She didn’t know what he meant. “I already said well done,” she said.

“No,” he said. “You said if I got an A+, I could see *your* tits.”

She laughed nervously. “That was a joke, Ethan.”

He slapped her again, and her eyes widened. She stumbled, and fell to her knees in front of her son.

“You’re the fucking joke, bitch,” he said, looking down at her. “Whining about my grades, when you never even finished school yourself. I can’t believe a stupid fucking cow like you dares to complain about how I choose to spend my time.”

Melissa felt tears in the corner of her eyes. “Ethan…” she protested. “That’s not fair….”

“You made a deal with me, bitch,” said Ethan. “I get an A+, and you show me your dumb cow tits. Now are you keeping your promise, or do I not have to bother paying attention to any of your other stupid rules and requirements either?”

She didn’t know what to do. The way he kept calling her “bitch” and slapping her was confusing her. This didn’t feel like an interaction between mother and son – it felt like being with Ethan’s father, when he was her master and abuser, and she was nothing but a stupid submissive slut who did what she was told. And being on her knees didn’t help.

What was her responsibility here? What was she supposed to do as a mother?

She needed to get Ethan through school, she knew. She needed him to pass his tests and graduate with good grades. And after months of fruitless hectoring and nagging, she had finally done something that motivated him to actually get a good grade. 

When he was younger she had breastfed him. He’d seen her tits many times, really. Was this so bad?

Trembling, blushing, she slid the straps of her dress and bra down over her shoulders. Then she pulled down the front of her dress, and her bra, to expose her breasts.

They were good breasts. Ethan’s father had always said that she had “nice udders, for a bitch”. She still got appreciate looks and catcalls when she went out in public. They were firm and round and pale, with perky nipples and tight brown areolae.

And as soon as she exposed them to her son, she saw a bulge in her son’s pants – a bulge at her kneeling eye level. He was erect. He was aroused by his mother’s tits.

It was simultaneously the most beautiful compliment Melissa had ever received, and the most shameful thing she had ever done. She had made her own son’s cock hard.

“Is that enough, Ethan?” she asked, her hands by her sides, her face red with shame.

“No,” said Ethan. “Stay there.” And then, to Melissa’s horror, he unzipped his pants and took out his dick. She hadn’t seen it since he’d entered puberty, and she was immediately hypnotised by its size, its hardness, and the little milky drop of pre-cum at its tip.

“Ethan…” she murmured, but Ethan just raised a hand as if to slap her again, and Melissa fell quiet.

Ethan began to stroke his cock, aiming it at his mother’s face, and Melissa just knelt there, watching. She felt a distracting warmth between her legs, and ignored it. What was happening here? She knew this wasn’t right, or appropriate – but how could she stop it? Wouldn’t Ethan just slap her if she objected.

She watched him masturbate, with more and more furious intensity, until suddenly Ethan moaned, and Melissa felt something hot and sticky hit her face, and then her breasts. It was semen. Her son had ejaculated over her. She wanted to die of shame.

And then her shame only increased – because Ethan picked up his phone and took a photo of her, kneeling, with her tits bare, with his cum dripping off her face and boobs.

“Ethan…” she said again, moving to wipe the cum off her face.

“Don’t you dare fucking clean that off, bitch,” spat Ethan, slapping her hand away. “You leave that on you until you shower tomorrow morning, to remind you of what you’ve done.” He looked down, and then spat on her. The gobbet of spit landed between her tits. “Don’t you ever, EVER, fucking touch my computer again. Do you understand, bitch?”

And Melissa responded instinctively, automatically, in the way that she had been trained to respond to Ethan’s father.

“Yes, sir,” she heard herself say.

Ethan laughed, and said, “I like that.” He tucked his cock back into his pants, and turned t walk away.

“Ethan!” said Melissa suddenly, and her son turned back.


“I really am glad you improved your grade,” she said. “Is there… is there anything I can do to get you to keep putting that work in?”

She knew, at some level, what she was saying. She had just let her son cum on her tits in return for an improvement in his grades at school. And now she was offering… what, exactly? But she had to do something to get him to graduate with a decent result.

Ethan looked at her, the cum still dripping from her udders.

“A wish,” he said. “Every time I get an A at school, I get to make a wish, and you’ll make it come true. Something to do with whatever subject I get an A in, maybe.”

“Okay,” said Melissa.

Ethan smiled. “You promise?” he asked.

“I promise,” said Melissa.

“Then it’s a deal,” he said, and then deliberately added, “bitch.”

And just like that, Melissa’s relationship with her son was changed forever.


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