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Melissa’s sister Kay rang her out of the blue one afternoon. She was in town in a few days and she wanted to catch up. She wanted to come over for dinner.

Melissa was so stunned, so confused, that she said yes without thinking.

And that caused a problem, because now she had to tell Ethan he had an aunt. An aunt who he didn’t remember had ever existed. An aunt that Melissa had extremely confused and conflicting feelings about.

She didn’t know how to raise the topic and so she was silent for a full day. But the next evening she was out in the garage, helping Ethan with his Industrial Arts project. He said he needed a human assistant, and Melissa was so caught up in her inner thoughts about Kay – and so increasingly submissive to her son – that she didn’t even question it when Ethan first asked her to strip naked, and then began binding her arms and legs to a metal frame he had constructed.

It was only when he clamped a metal collar around her neck that she woke up and began to feel alarmed.

“Ethan, what is this?” she asked. She was upright in the frame, but Ethan was lifting and spreading her legs and binding them to more poles, so that she was in a kind of sitting position, suspended above the ground.

“It’s my Industrial Arts project,” said Ethan. “I’m supposed to build a device that might be helpful on a farm, so I’m building a machine to train my cow of a mother.”

Melissa’s eyes widened. “Ethan, what is this? Let me out.”

“Shush, cunt, or I’ll gag you,” said Ethan. “I already described the project to my shop teacher, Mr Arthur, and he said he’d give me an A+ if I submitted fifteen minutes of video footage of the device being used on a woman, so you’re helping me get a good mark in class – and that’s what you want, right?”

It was, but… Melissa struggled in the frame, but her son’s welding, and the leather cuffs that held her, were exceptionally strong.

“I hope you’re in heat, bitch,” said Ethan, and moved a pole to a position beneath Melissa. The pole ended in a black latex dildo, and he positioned the end of this against her pussy lips. 

Melissa was indeed wet. She was now in the habit of always being aroused around her son, for fear of the punishment that would come if he found her dry-cunted.

Ethan pressed a button, and a loud motor started up. A moment later, the dildo began to push into her cunt.

“Ethan!” cried Melissa. The dildo was large – large enough to be initially uncomfortable – and at first she didn’t think she would have room for it in her cunt.

But it slid into her slowly, making her feel uncomfortably full – but it was also perversely pleasurable. And then it reversed direction, sliding back out, and Melissa let out an uncontrolled slutty gasp.

“Is this… a fucking machine?” she asked her son.

“In part,” said Ethan. He took another thin strap, and wound it around the base of her large tits. As he tightened it, he constricted her breasts, and made them bulge lewdly. She gasped again. It hurt.

Then he placed a glass cup connected to a hose over each of her nipples, and flicked another switch. There was a loud “thump”, and suddenly each cup was tightly attached to her tit through the power of suction. She felt the cups sucking forcefully at her nipples. The machine began to thump rhythmically as the cups alternated suction, with each thump hard enough to cause pain in her breast.

She knew what this was. Ethan’s father had threatened to use one on her once. It was a milking machine. And not a simple breast pump intended to help a pregnant woman express milk, but an industrial-grade rig, intended for cows.

“Ethan…” she gasped.

“When I was born, you knew how to make milk like a good cow,” said Ethan. “But you seem to have forgotten. Don’t worry, we’re going to help you remember.”

He stroked her hair in a patronising way. “Remember, you want me to get a good grade.” He pointed to a nearby shelf, and Melissa realised that he had a camera pointed at her, with a red light indicating it was recording. “Smile for Mr Arthur, cunt,” instructed Ethan.

Then Ethan moved behind her and began to set something else up. Melissa didn’t realise what it was – and she still didn’t understand when Ethan smeared something wet and slimy over her anus – until finally she felt the tip of another latex dildo poking against her butthole, and suddenly understood.

Melissa went wild. She bucked and jerked. “No! No! NO! ETHAN NO! PLEASE!”

Ethan was surprised by her reaction. He couldn’t know how much his mother hated anal sex. She had always had a powerful internal taboo against it – and when Ethan’s father had discovered it, he had kept it as his most powerful punishment for her, only penetrating her asshole when she had been her most stupid and disobedient. She had had her ass fucked only three times in her entire life, and she strongly associated each one with guilt, humiliation, and pain.

“What’s the matter, cunt?” asked Ethan. “It’s just another of your fuckable holes.”

“PLEASE NO, ETHAN, NO,” wept Melissa, struggling futilely in her bonds. “NOT THERE.”

He stood, and came around to stand in front of her. The other dildo was still rhythmically fucking her cunt, and the cups were sucking painfully on her tits.

“You really don’t want that, huh?” he asked. 

“No,” she whimpered. “Please, sir, I’ll do anything. I’ll be good, sir.” In her distraught state, she was calling her son “sir”, the same way that she had addressed his father.

He thought for a moment, and then said, “Okay. Then tell me what it is you’ve been hiding from me all day.”

She was taken aback. “Nothing!” she said. “I haven’t been hiding anything!”

Ethan considered, then nodded. “Then the dildo goes in your asshole,” he said, and began to move back around to her ass.

“NO!” she squealed. “I’m sorry! It’s your aunt! Your aunt Kay is visiting in two days!”

Ethan came back to in front of her and narrowed his eyes. “I don’t have an aunt,” he said.

“Yes, you do,” said Melissa. “My sister Kay. She just hasn’t visited since you were born.”

“And you haven’t mentioned her,” said Ethan. “Why?”

Melissa’s tongue was tied. She couldn’t tell him. There was no way she could admit it. She couldn’t say those things to her son. She looked at him in mute appeal.

He shrugged. “I guess you *do* want the machine to rape you in the ass.”

“No, please!” begged Melissa. “It was your father. He used to… he used to think your Aunt Kay was hot. He used to fantasise about fucking her – about raping her. He used to make me masturbate him while he looked at pictures of her. She never knew, of course.”

Ethan’s eyes widened.

“And then,” Melissa continued, “he used to make *me* fantasise about raping her too. I had to tell him stories where I abused and degrade her, while I rubbed my pussy for him, until I was able to orgasm. He put cameras in the shower and toilet and he would film her when she visited, and then afterwards he would fuck me while we both watched her showering and pissing. He made me call her my ‘sister-cunt’, and when she visited he would make me jack him off over her food in the kitchen, so that she was eating his cum, and then he would make me rub my pussy under the dinner table while I watched my sister unknowingly eating his cum.”

“Holy shit,” said Ethan. “So you didn’t ever invite her over or talk about her…”

“Because I have confused sexual feelings about her,” said Melissa. “I can’t look at my own sister without getting horny, and then feeling intensely guilty. Your father fucked me up so badly.”

“I don’t think so,” said Ethan. “I think you were always a slut who wanted to rape your sister, and dad just brought that out in you.” He thought for a moment, and then said, “What does Aunt Kay look like today?”

“She’s got a Facebook page. Kay Bellswick,” said Melissa. “You can look her up.”

Ethan got his phone and followed Melissa’s suggestion. He liked what he saw.

“She’s a fox!” he said. “She’d look better with giant fake cow tits like yours, of course, but – wow.” He smiled. “All right. Let’s have her round for dinner.”

And Melissa did not at all like the look in Ethan’s eyes as he said that – a look so much like the one she had seen so many times on the face of his father.

Ethan came back to Melissa and pushed another mounted dildo against her lips. She obediently opened her mouth and let it inside. This one, it turned out, would not move – but with her neck collared, she had no way to get it out of her mouth without Ethan’s help, and it formed a fairly efficient gag. Having no other choice, she suckled on it passively.

Then Ethan went back around behind her and pushed the other dildo against the puckered entrance of her anus.

Melissa went wild with panic again – but now not only could she not move, she couldn’t even scream. And when Ethan switched the machine on, and the dildo began to slowly, inevitably rape her ass, there was nothing she could do but accept it, and begin to cry.

Ethan moved back around in front of her, smiling at her tears. He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t ever, EVER hide anything from me again, cunt,” he hissed.

And then he took out his cock, pointed it at her, and began to masturbate, as his mother lost herself in the wave of pain, pleasure and humiliation coming from her tits, cunt and ass.

But she wasn’t so lost as to miss what Ethan was looking at as he masturbated. Not his nude, tortured mother – but rather his phone.

As he stroked his cock, preparing to ejaculate on his mother’s helpless body, he was looking at the photos of his aunt.


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