Are you trying to collect the complete set of All These Roadworks book releases? Just want to see everything that’s out there in one easy list?

Here’s a complete list of everything released in e-book format up to the time of this post, with links to the ATR store!

Story Collections

Story collections contain between 55 and 70 pages of erotica and are priced at $3.99 USD. They may contain a selection of short stories, or collect the chapters of a longer multi-part story.

  1. A Woman’s Work – Stories of Workplace Degradation
  2. Laid Bare – Stories of Public Exposure
  3. They Say It’s Your Birthday – Stories of Celebration and Degradation
  4. Girl on Girl – Stories of Lesbian Cruelty
  5. Fit For Purpose – Stories of Sports and Exercise Erotica
  6. Jessa Stories
  7. Yes – Stories of Submission
  8. Cast A Slutty Spell – Stories of Magical Erotica
  9. Weird Science – Stories of Erotic Experiments
  10.  Sex Sells – Stories of Strange Products and Erotic Marketing
  11.  Harlot’s Hymn – Stories of Religious Corruption and Lustful Worship
  12.  The Downward Spiral – Stories of Hypnotic Ruination
  13.  Star Potential – Stories from the Casting Couch
  14.  Crime and Punishment – Stories of Law and Authority
  15.  Good Girls Go Blank – Stories of Hypnotic Transformation
  16.  The Milk Industry – Stories of Hucows and Lactation
  17.  She’s Got The Look – Stories of Exploited Models and Erotic Fashion
  18.  Sappho’s Collar – Stories of Lesbians Used By Men
  19.  Intrusive Thoughts – Stories of Hypnotic Corruption
  20.  The Taming Of The Brat – Stories of Rebellion and Discipline
  21.  Slave New World – Stories of Societal Change and Systemic Degradation
  22.  Obey The Rules – Stories of Degrading Boundaries
  23.  Lessons In Lust – Stories of Classroom Erotica
  24.  Mindfuck – Stories of Psychological Erotica
  25.  The Ternish Betrayal – A Novella of High-Fantasy Degradation
  26.  Daddy’s Girl – Stories of Spoiled Princesses and Incestuous Kink
  27.  The Sound of His Voice – Stories of Hypnotic Domination
  28.  Sluts In Training – Stories of Educating Slaves and Other Pets
  29.  Overborne – Stories of Non-Consent
  30.  Systems of Control – Stories of Erotic Oppression
  31.  Born to Breed – Stories of Impregnation
  32.  Wicked Thoughts – Stories of Hypnotic Humiliation
  33.  Serving Girls – Stories of Maids, Waitresses, Cashiers and Babysitters
  34.  Sisters – Stories of Sisterly Lust and Sibling Rivalry
  35.  Emma’s Policy – An Executive’s Slide Into Workplace Submission
  36.  Pop World – Sisterhood and Other Stories
  37.  Taken – Stories of Abduction and Captivity
  38.  Inner Selves – Stories of Hypnotic Confession
  39. The Guidance Counsellor and Other Schoolroom Erotica
  40. The Popular Girls – Stories of Social Submission
  41. Secret Message – A Novella of Hypnotic Entrapment
  42. The System Always Wins – Stories of Systemic Domination
  43. Use Me – Stories of Promiscuity and Nymphomania
  44. Office Nights – Stories of Workplace Submission (coming soon!)

Premium Collections

Premium Collections either contain exclusive material never released on free sites, or a single story between 70 and 150 pages in length. They are priced at $7.99 USD. They are designated with the code “P” before their release number.

  1. Golden Sins – Stories of Watersports and Humiliation
  2. The Etrebor Exchange
  3. Abby’s Identity
  4. Average Availability – The Hypnotic Downfall of an Actress


Novels contain a single novel-length story with a length between 150 and 400 pages. They are priced at $11.99 USD. They are designated with the code “N” before their release number.

  1. Titcage – A Novel
  2. The Lesbian Debt


Fanfiction releases contain stories about characters I do not own, and therefore they are not commercially available and cannot be bought. They are occasionally made available to ATR members as a free bonus. They are designated with the code “F” before their release number.

  1. Diana Tells The Truth – An Unauthorised Story of Amazon Submission

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