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It was true – Melissa wanted to see her sister’s tits. 

Melissa had been masturbating under the table all night, on her son’s cruel instructions, and her pussy was sopping wet.  Her face was flushed and her nipples were hard, and her son’s cum drying on her breasts beneath her dress no longer felt strange and gross but rather like an erotic gift he had given to her.  

She had been staring at her sister, with all the strange, conflicted sexual thoughts that had been trained into her by Ethan’s father bubbling away in her mind, and now all she could think about was what her sister’s Kay’s bare breasts might look like.  And the fact that she would be seeing them without Kay’s permission or consent just made it hotter. 

As soon as Kay finished her current glass of drink, Melissa rose to her feet, eager to bring this slutty game of Ethan’s to its conclusion – and eager to gain her reward.  She took Kay’s glass to the kitchen, filled it to the top with red cordial, returned to the table – and then pretended to trip, with the result that the red cordial splashed all over Kay, soaking the hair and clothes of the surprised woman. 

“Fuck!” squealed Kay.  “Melissa, what the fuck?” 

“I am SO sorry!” gasped Melissa – not entirely insincerely, because when she now saw Kay soaked in the sticky liquid, she felt like she might have gone too far.  “Oh, Kay – I’m so sorry!” 

Kay just raised her hands, looking at herself.  She was so wet that clearly no amount of patting her with a towel was going to help.  “It’s all over me!” she complained. 

“She can shower in our bathroom, can’t she, mom?” asked Ethan.  “And probably borrow some of your clothes.” 

“Yes, of course,” said Melissa.  “I’m so sorry, Kay – let’s get you to the shower.” 

She led the dripping woman down the hallway, provided her with a towel, and showed her into the bathroom.  Upon closing the door, she hurried back to Ethan. 

Ethan pointed at Melissa’s chair, and set his phone in front of it.  It was once again showing the feed from the bathroom cameras.   “Watch,” he commanded.  “Masturbate.  Think about raping her.” 

Melissa obeyed, blushing, trying to pretend like she was doing this under duress, as if she were not eager to see her sister’s naked body. 

On the screen, Kay was undressing, peeling off her soaked, sticky clothes.  And when her tits came into view, they were every bit as erotic as Melissa had imagined.  She felt her cunt throb with desire as she stared at her sister’s exposed fuckbags. 

Meanwhile Ethan was doing something with Kay’s handbag.  He fished around in it, and came out holding Kay’s mobile phone. 

“Ethan, what are you doing with that?” Melissa asked with alarm. 

“Downloading it,” said Ethan.  “Installing some spyware.  Shut up and finger your fuckhole, bitch.”  He took the phone up the corridor, towards the computer in his bedroom. 

Melissa obediently stared at the screen, masturbating to the site of her sister’s naked body.  Kay had now removed her skirt and panties, and while the camera wasn’t close enough to give a good view of her cunt, Melissa remembered what it looked like from the toilet camera before. 

Ethan had sounded so like his father a moment ago – casually insulting her, while commanding her to masturbate to fantasies of her sister – that it had taken Melissa back for a moment to her time as a submissive, degraded slave to Ethan’s father’s whims. 

She began to run automatically through the scenes that Ethan’s father had forced her to imagine involving her sister.  First, she imagined slapping Kay across the face until Kay cried, and then forcing Kay to lick her pussy.  Then she pictured Ethan’s father shoving his cock into the crying Kay – first her mouth, and then her pussy.   

Only, it wasn’t Ethan’s father she was picturing.  It was Ethan.  She was picturing her sister being raped by her own son, and she was masturbating to the thought.  She felt dirty and disgusting, and yet she couldn’t stop. 

Then she pictured licking Ethan’s cum out of her sister’s fuckhole.  And finally, she imagined her sister pregnant, her belly swollen, her tits leaking.  She pictured keeping Kay in a cage at the foot of her bed, for her and Ethan to fuck whenever they wanted.  She pictured milking Kay’s lactating udders into her cereal… 

And it was so wrong.  Because in her fantasy it was Ethan who had impregnated Kay, making the baby in Kay’s belly both her niece and her granddaughter.  She was disgusting to even imagine it… 

And with that, she was orgasming, mindlessly, helplessly, as she watched her sister washing her sexy nude body in the shower. 

As soon as the orgasm was over, she felt the guilt and self-loathing run through her.  But Ethan hadn’t told her to stop fingering herself, so she kept watching Kay, and kept masturbating. 

Her son returned soon enough, and carefully put Kay’s phone back in her bag.  He came around to look at the screen, and nodded as she saw his aunt’s naked body.  “Nice,” he said.  He looked down at Melissa.  “She’s getting out of the shower, so you can stop rubbing your sluthole like a whore now, bitch.” 

Melissa jerked her fingers away from her pussy. 

“Lick them clean,” Ethan instructed.  “Always lick them clean after they’ve been in your cunt, understand?” 

“Yes, sir,” she said, and obediently put her fingers in her mouth and sucked, tasting the thick salty flavour of her arousal. 

“Now go and give Aunt Kay some of your clothes,” said Ethan. 

“Yes, sir,” replied Melissa again, jumping to her feet. 


She left Kay’s new clothes outside the bathroom.  Her old clothes were soaked through, so Melissa offered to hold onto them and wash them for Kay – knowing it would give an opportunity for Kay to come back again to retrieve them.  

 Soon Kay returned to the table, clad in some of Melissa’s more modest garments, and they finished out the dinner pleasantly, as if they had not just spied on Kay in the nude, and as if Melissa had not just orgasmed from picturing her sister being raped.  Kay ate the rest of her cum-flavoured pasta in blissful ignorance, and they made small talk. 

And at the end of the night, they sent her on her way.  Melissa gave her sister another embarrassing hug, sure that Kay must be able to smell her arousal, or feel the hardness of her nipples through her dress. 

And then it was over, and just like that, Kay was gone. 

“Never again,” hissed Melissa, as soon as the door closed behind Kay.  “We can’t do that again.  What if we’d been caught?  It’s wrong, Ethan.  Never again.” 

Ethan ignored her.  “Kneel, bitch,” he said. 

Melissa knelt, instinctively. 

“Face-cunt,” instructed Ethan, taking his cock out of his pants.   

Melissa obediently parted her lips, so that her son could masturbate into her mouth. 

Ethan took out his phone, and replayed the video of his aunt showering. 

And at some point, he ejaculated into his mother’s mouth, and across her face. 


Before leaving for school the next day, Ethan strapped his mother into the fucking machine in the garage.  He secured her, then pushed dildos into her mouth and pussy, before adding the milking cups to her breasts.  Melissa moaned as the cups started their painful, rhythmic, thumping pull on her tits.  She knew that between this stimulation, and the pro-lactation drugs she was taking, she would soon begin to produce milk – just like the cow that Ethan’s father had always told her she was. 

Then Ethan moved behind her, and Melissa began to panic and struggle.  She didn’t want the anal dildo.  She hated having her anus penetrated.  It wasn’t just that it hurt – it was wrapped up in a complex knot of shame and guilt and taboo that Ethan’s father had done his best to encourage.  Having something pushed into her ass made her feel violated and dirty and degraded in a way that even letting her son masturbate over her face had never caused.   

There was nothing she could do to stop it, though.  Ethan mounted the dildo on its fixture at the rear of the machine, and then brought it close enough that she could feel it poking at her anal sphincter.  She moaned into her dildo gag with fear and shame. 

Ethan stepped back in front of her to pick up some lubrication.  He looked at her and said, “Do you understand why I’m going to give you the anal punishment, bitch?” 

She shook her head as best as she could. 

“Last night, when Aunt Kay left, you fucked up,” he told her.  “You told me, ‘Never again’.  And you told me.  ‘We can’t do that again.’”  He smiled and caressed her face – and then lightly slapped her.  

“You don’t ever tell me no, bitch,” he said.  “Understand?  And you specifically do NOT suggest that you don’t want to rape your sexy sister.  You should have said, ‘Oh my god, sir, that was so hot.  Thank you for letting me see my slut sister’s tits and twat.  I want to hold her down and rape her face while you watch, sir.’  Do you understand?” 

There were tears in Melissa’s eyes.  She did her best to nod. 

“Any time that we talk about your sister in private, you’re going to call her a slut and a whore and talk about how you want to rape her, okay?” Ethan confirmed. 

Melissa nodded again. 

“Good,” said Ethan. 

And then he stepped behind her, squirted lubricant on her anus, and pushed the dildo into her ass.  He flicked a switch, causing the dildo in her mouth to start to face-fuck her, and the ones in her ass and pussy to start to vibrate, and then he turned out the lights in the garage, and left her there for six hours while he want to school.


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