Hayden had a crush on the Destroyer.   Her friends called him that, because it was well-known that if you wanted him to fuck you, you had to let him fuck up your identity or your sexuality or your career first.  Still, they all had crushes on him.  Sometimes the thing you know is terrible for you becomes all the more desirable. 

When he invited her over to his house, she was flushed with pleasure even to be noticed, and terrified of disappointing him.  So when she got to his house, and sat on his couch, and he said, “I don’t want to talk to your ugly face – show me your cunt”, she obeyed, even though she’d never let a boy see her pussy before.  She stripped down, blushing and avoiding eye contact, and then lay back with her legs in the air, so that her legs blocked his view of her face.  All he could see was her ass, cunt and legs. 

Then he had one topic that he wanted to talk about with her, and one topic only: what a slut she was.   He had her talk about all her darkest and sluttiest fantasies, and he would laugh at them and call her a disgusting whore, and she would flush with humiliation and want to die, even though her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she took no steps to cover it. 

At the end of the session, he stopped abruptly, and told her to leave her panties on the floor and go home.   She got up, confused and rejected.   He passed her a USB, and she realised he had been videoing the whole encounter.  “Watch this, and masturbate to it,” he told her.  “I’ll see you again next Wednesday.” 

She felt a rush of pride to be asked to come back, even as she felt ashamed of what she had done.   At home, she didn’t know if he meant her to watch the video once only, or multiple times, so she furtively screened it in her bedroom each morning and night, obediently rubbing her pussy as she did.   He didn’t tell her she was allowed to cum, so she didn’t cum.  It felt weird, watching her pussy on the video gradually wetten as she confessed what a whore she was.  It felt extra weird to be masturbating to his laughter and contempt.  It felt alien but somehow right to see herself as that drooling pussy, and know that that was her, perhaps more her than a picture of her face would have been.  She wanted to cum so badly. 

On the next Wednesday, he repeated the process, complete with take-home video, and the one after that.   It was a feedback loop, her getting wet from her darkest fantasies, being abused and humiliated for having them, then masturbating to that abuse and humiliation.  She felt herself getting sluttier each cycle.  Now she barely mentioned her more innocent thoughts, going straight to the things that made her feel dirtiest and most whorish at the start of each session.   

At the end of the third session he gave her a bottle of pills.  “Take one of these daily,” he told her.  He didn’t tell her what they did, but she looked them up.  They were fertility supplements.  Something flipped queasily in her stomach when she learned that.   Nevertheless, she obediently took them. 

It went on like that for six weeks, until at the end of the sixth session, as she was becoming incoherent from the throbbing need of her cunt, she heard him stand and cross the room to the couch.  A moment later, something touched her pussy lips.  It was the head of his cock.  She almost orgasmed right there and then.  She also almost screamed in fear.  He was unprotected.  There was no condom.  She had been on fertility drugs for weeks and she was – surely no coincidence – right at the most fertile part of her cycle.  She quivered with terror and desire. 

“Tell me how you got pregnant, Hayden,” he told her.  She was confused.  She wasn’t pregnant.  Then she realised.  He wanted her to tell her a story to explain the baby that he was going to put into her – a story where he wasn’t the father.   

“Tell me how you got pregnant.  It had better be more degrading than what I’m about to do to you, or you won’t get pregnant at  all.” 

She didn’t *want* to be pregnant at all!  But she did want – need – his cock inside her.  She almost screamed in frustration at the thought of him taking it away, of him not fucking her hard in her oh-so-ready cunt.  More degrading than this?  A story more degrading than this? 

It came to her so easily.   It was a fantasy she’d talked about with him before.  She didn’t care he was recording, that there would be a record of this.

“My brother,” she gasps.   “When he masturbates, he masturbates into a condom, and then puts it in the bin.  I’m such a little slut… I search through his trash and rescue the condoms.  Then I empty them out into my cunt.  I push his cum up into my womb.  God, I want to be pregnant with my brother’s baby.  I’m such a whore…” 

She was saying whatever it took to be fucked, barely even thinking about the words, just reciting fantasies she had spoken and then masturbated to for weeks now.  He rewarded her with his cock.  She felt it slip between her well-lubricated pussy lips and then fill her fucktunnel with its deliciously hard length. 

She mewled stupidly and bucked hard against him.   

“Hayden ,” he said, “All our little sessions – you know I have copies of them.” 

She nodded, yes.  She didn’t care. 

“Hayden ,” he continued, “I’ve queued them up to email to most of the significant men in your life.   Your father, your brother, your close friends, your boss.  They’ll all get to see what you’ve been doing.  But only if you want them to, Hayden.” 

She didn’t understand.   She whined in fear.  She didn’t want any of those people to see her like this!   She bucked harder.  She wished he would stop talking and just let her cum. 

“Hayden, I’m not going to let you cum,” he said, “unless you ask for it.” 

“I want to cum,” she mewled.   “Please let me cum.” 

“Not ask for *that*,” he chided her.  Her stupid brain didn’t understand what he was saying for a moment – and then she did scream. 

“No!  No!” she protested.  “Please!  Please!   Please let me cum!” 

“You have to ask for it, Hayden,” he said, still fucking her. 

She felt herself wanting to cry.  Because she was going to do it.  He had revealed the true her – the slut.  Cumming right now, on his unprotected cock that was going to make her pregnant, was more important to her than the respect of any man in her life.

“Please,” she whimpered. 

“Please what?” he demanded. 

“Please… email all the videos of me being a slut to all the men I know.  Please show them.  Please.   Please.  I need to cum.  Please.” 

And with that, he smiled, and intensified his fucking, and moments later, the knowledge of what she had just done occupying every corner of her mind, she orgasmed loudly, and then seconds later he came too, spurting cum deep into her fertile fuckhole.   

As she lay there, shaking, crying, he pulled out, and wiped his cock clean on her face.  “You stupid slut,” he laughed.  “Don’t ever come back.”  And she knew that he had done exactly what she was warned he would do… 

… and to be honest, he had done exactly what part of her had *wanted* him to do…


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