Kennedy’s stepdaughter Ellie didn’t like her. Ellie thought she was a gold-digging father-stealing bimbo slut. Ellie thought that Kennedy’s eagerness to look pretty and to sexually please men made her a traitor to her gender. Ellie was resentful that Kennedy was only a couple of years older than she herself was. 

Kennedy didn’t care. She knew that Ellie’s hatred was rooted in envy. Her stepdaughter wanted to be as pretty, as full-titted, as obedient as Kennedy was. Ellie probably, at some level, was envious that her father wanted to fuck Kennedy instead of herself. 

Really, Ellie was a blessing, because what Kennedy liked more than anything was the forbidden, and it never got old seducing Ellie’s boyfriends, male friends, and even female friends. It didn’t take long until Ellie didn’t have a single friend that hadn’t fucked her stepmother, and Kennedy loved that knowledge. 

Her favourite game was to get them to call her by Ellie’s name as they fucked her, particularly when the sex was rough or degrading. She had them tell her their fantasies for Ellie, and encouraged them to make them more extreme and less consensual. She would let them into Ellie’s room when Ellie wasn’t home, and show them her stepdaughter’s lingerie, her dildo, her private journal, her porn browsing history. They would fuck on Ellie’s bed and she would have them loudly declare that Ellie was a slut and a whore as she brought them to orgasm…


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