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The date of Ellie’s 19th birthday was approaching, and Ellie was heartbroken. She had invited all of her friends – and one by one they had each awkwardly told her that they couldn’t make it.

Even her best friend Stephen, who she had known since primary school and confided all of her secrets to, refused to give her a yes. “I’m sorry, Ellie…” he said, avoiding eye contact. “I just don’t think I can.”

With four days to go, she decided to come home from school early, skipping her last class – only to discover strange noises coming from her bedroom. Her father wasn’t home – he would be away on work all week for a big case. She swore under her breath. Was her evil stepmother Kennedy in Ellie’s bedroom? Didn’t she understand the meaning of the word “privacy”?

As she headed up the stairs, the noises became clearer. There were gasps and moans in a female voice – and a man’s voice was grunting and breathing heavily and saying, in a hoarse, lustful voice, “Ellie is a dumb bitch. Ellie deserves to be raped. Fuck, you’re suck a cockteasing slut, Ellie, I just want to fill you with my cum.”

She ran, then – up the stairs, into the corridor – and threw open the door of her bedroom. She was horrified by what she saw.

Stephen was sitting on the edge of Ellie’s bed, completely naked. Equally nude was her stepmother Kennedy. Kennedy was straddling Stephen’s lap, and from her viewpoint Ellie could clearly see that Stephen’s (surprisingly large) cock was buried deeply in her stepmother’s fuckhole. Kennedy was bouncing eagerly on Ellie’s best friend’s dick, her large tits jiggling wildly, her hair in slutty disarray.

“Oh god, Ellie,” Stephen was saying. “I want to knock you up. I want to plant a baby in your little slut belly and turn you into a pregnant teen whore.” And with that, he made a deep, primal sound, and shuddered, and Ellie knew he had orgasmed even before she saw his white, sticky cum begin to leak from her stepmother’s cunt.

As the haze of his orgasm faded, his eyes focused – and he saw Ellie. He jumped, his face reddening. He would have gotten up, but Kennedy, still straddling him, held him down. The big-titted stepmother looked over her shoulder.

“Oh, hello Ellie,” she said. “Stephen and I were just discussing you.”

Ellie was outraged. “What the hell is going on here?”

Kennedy slowly eased herself off her lover. Ellie had never seen her nude before. The woman was a bimbo – all tits and blonde hair – but Ellie had to admit she was gorgeous, despite – or maybe even because of – the sperm currently leaking from her twat.

“Now, Stephen,” said Kennedy, “don’t let Ellie distract you. Do it just like every other time we’ve fucked.”

Every other time? thought Ellie. How long had this been going on? But the thought was quickly washed away by her shock at what Stephen did next.

Stephen picked up a blue lunchbox from the bedside table. Ellie recognised it as one of the three or four that she rotated through to carry her packed lunches to school – the packed lunches that her stepmother prepared.

From inside the lunchbox, he took out a freshly prepared sandwich. He opened the sandwich – a slice of bread in each hand – and he placed the bottom slice between Kennedy’s spread legs.

Kennedy spread her legs a little wider, and a dollop of Stephen’s cum oozed out, hung from a moment from her labia, and then fell onto the bread. A moment later, and another one followed. They waited a few moments later, but it seemed no more was coming, so Stephen closed the sandwich again and put it back in the lunchbox.

Ellie felt sick. They had done this before? With her school sandwiches? Had she eaten Stephen’s cum? How many times?

But they weren’t done. Now Stephen went to Ellie’s clothes drawer. He took out a pair of her underwear, and one of her bras. He wiped each of these across Kennedy’s pussy, sponging up the excess cum, until there was a sticky smear on each. He took out another pair of underwear – one of her lacier, sexier ones – and wiped his cock clean on it. Then he put them all back in Ellie’s drawer.

Ellie’s hand went instinctively to her own crotch – to the underwear she was currently wearing. She often dressed in the morning while it was still dark – or in any case while she was still fuzzy and tired. And she rarely looked at her clothes when she took them off. Had she worn panties soaked in Stephen’s cum? Did she have Stephen’s sperm touching her pussy at this very moment?

Finally, Stephen picked up two more items from the bedside table. The first was the opaque plastic water canteen that she took to school. The second was – she gasped – her toothbrush.

Carefully, Stephen took the top off the canteen, and held it near Ellie’s stepmother’s pussy. Then he took the toothbrush – her toothbrush! – and began to rub it over Kennedy’s cunt. At first he pushed the bristly end up into Kennedy’s fuckhole, and brought it out sticky with cum, but then he focused on running it lightly back and forth across Kennedy’s clitoris.

Within minutes, Kennedy made a high pitched noise, and twitched, and suddenly clear fluid was spurting from her pussy into the canteen. Ellie wasn’t a squirter herself, so it took her a moment to realise what was happening – Kennedy was cumming, and squirting female ejaculate into the bottle that Ellie drank from every day.

Ellie was beside herself. “You bitch!” she screamed. “What the hell? You whore!”

Kennedy, unsteady on her feet after orgasming, wobbled a little, but smiled and said, “Really, Ellie. You should see how hard Stephen’s dick gets now when he watches you eat lunch. You’ve been cockteasing him since primary school – don’t you think he deserves a little something?”

“How could you?” wailed Ellie. “How *could* you?” She didn’t know if she was talking to Kennedy or to Stephen.

Suddenly she pictured eating lunch today – and yesterday, and the day before, for that matter. She’d had the feeling that people were watching her – like she was the centre of attention. There’d been sniggering, distantly.

“Do other people know?” she asked, horrified. “Have you *told* people about this?”

“Everyone knows, Ellie,” said Stephen, avoiding eye contact. “It’s really simple. Anyone can bang Ms Summers, as long as they do something to betray or humiliate you first. I got five fucks just from telling people you were eating my cum, and I would have got more except by that point people had told other people and everyone knew.”

“To Stephen’s credit,” said Kennedy, idly fingering her pussy uninhibitedly as she talked, “the first time we spent time together, I was literally toying with his dick for a full half-hour before he broke down and told me about the time you wet yourself when you were 15 and had to go a whole day at school with your panties wet with piss.”

“You know our friend Evan?” said Stephen. “He’s good with computers, and he likes fucking your stepmother too, so he’s put a program on your computer so he can see your activity, and he sends out a little digest every day with your search terms, porn browsing history, and chat logs.”

“Really, Ellie,” laughed Kennedy, “if you’re so into ‘girl fucks two guys at once’, your friends could have arranged that for you.”

Ellie couldn’t believe this was happening. She wanted to crawl into a hole and die. “Is this why no one is coming to my party?” she asked plaintively.

“Of course it is,” laughed Kennedy. “You’ve always been a bitch to me, Ellie. You never approved of me marrying your father. But your father wanted a slut in the house, not an up-tight little cunt like you, and you need to accept that. So the simple truth is, you’re not going to get to have *any* friends until you get with the program. I’m going to fuck every last person who might possibly talk to you, and get them to tell me how they fantasise about raping you, and then make them treat you like shit every day of your life.”

Ellie started to cry. “Please. I’m sorry…” she begged.

“Anyway,” said Kennedy. “I haven’t told them not to go to your party. I’ve just told them that you have to ask nicely first.”

“Ask nicely?” she said. “But I did…”

“Not nicely enough,” said Kennedy. “Take Stephen here. You’ve been friends since primary school. And has he ever seen you naked, even once? No. How is that fair? Don’t you think you owe him?”

Ellie blushed. She looked at Stephen. He looked back at her. Idly, Kennedy put her hand on Stephen’s cock. It had begun to soften, but now it hardened again, and Kennedy began pumping it. Stephen moaned.

“She’s right, Ellie,” said Stephen. “You’re kind of a cocktease. And everyone’s fucking her. If I don’t go along with it, she’ll get everyone else to make my life hell too.”

“Stephen…” begged Ellie.

Stephen gasped as Kennedy continued pumping his dick. “So Ellie,” he said, “you’re going to keep eating your sandwich at school, and drinking from your canteen, and let me watch you do it. And I think you need to stop being a bitch to your stepmother, and maybe she’ll let people be nice to you. And… you need to make it up to me, too.”

Ellie was flushed all over. She couldn’t believe this was happening. But a future of social isolation was all too plausible – a future where no one would ever talk to her, everyone would laugh and stare at her, and anyone she ever liked or respected would be seduced by her stepmother and cockteased into calling her a whore.

“Clothes off, Ellie,” said her stepmother.

Slowly, Ellie stripped. First her shirt, then her shoes, then her skirt. She tried to turn around to take off her bra, but her stepmother made a clucking sound, so she stayed facing Stephen as she exposed her tits. Stephen gasped lustfully as her breasts came into view, and a little drop of white pre-cum spurted from his cock as Kennedy continued to stroke it.

Then came her panties, and finally she was nude, bare-cunted and bare-titted in front of her best friend and her stepmother.

“Give him a closer look at your cunt, Ellie,” said Kennedy. “Let him see inside the lips.”

Mortified, Ellie walked over to where Stephen was seated on the bed until her pussy was inches from his face. She reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing the entrance to her fuckhole and the hooded nub of her clitoris.

Stephen sighed again, and then he said, very deliberately, “Oh my god, you’re really showing me your cunt. Your stepmother was right, Ellie – you really are a stupid whore.”

Ellie’s eyes blurred with tears. She choked on a sob, and raised her arms to wipe her face – but Kennedy slapped them away.

“Nobody said you could stop spreading your cunt,” she said. Ellie, humiliated and broken, dutifully spread her pussy lips again.

“Now you need to invite Stephen to your birthday,” said Kennedy. “And ask him nicely. For example, this is how I ask him nicely to take a photo of you like this to share with his friends.”

She rose from the bed, and put Stephen’s mobile phone in his hand. “Please, Stephen,” she said, in a simpering little girl voice, “can you take a photo of Ellie being a slut, and then show all your friends?” And then she knelt in front of Stephen, just next to Ellie, lowerede her head, and took Stephen’s cock into her mouth and started sucking.

Stephen groaned, lifted his phone, aimed it at Ellie, and took several photos of her – nude, blushing, cunt spread. When he was done, Kennedy lifted her head off his cock, and stood.

“Your turn,” she said pointedly.

Ellie looked around for a means of escape. But these really were the only options – be a social pariah, possibly forever – or else do something for her friend Stephen that would make him happy.

Slowly, she knelt, and in a pathetic, broken voice she said, “Please, Stephen, will you come to my birthday party?”

He looked at her and said nothing, so slowly she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and kissed the very tip of his dick.

It tasted salty, and it twitched as she kissed it, flicking free of her lips and depositing a glob of pre-cum in her nostril. She wrinkled her nose, and put her mouth back on it, taking the end inch more securely between her lips.

Then, suddenly, her stepmother’s hand was on the back of her head, grabbing her hair, pushing her down on Stephen’s cock. Her nose banged against his belly; she felt his ball sack against her chin. The tip of his dick was tickling the back of her throat, and she gagged, but Kennedy wouldn’t let her up. Stephen moaned happily, and began to violently fuck her face.

Behind her, she heard Kennedy using her free hand to dial a number on her mobile, and realised that Kennedy was talking to Ellie’s best female friend, Samantha.

“Hello, Samantha?” she was saying, as she held Ellie down on Ellie’s childhood friend’s cock. “Yes, it’s Mrs Summers. Oh, yes, you’re quite welcome to lick my pussy again, if you promise to keep switching Ellie’s birth control with sugar pills. Actually, she’ll know you’re doing it now, but she won’t stop you. That’s what I’m ringing about. Ellie’s ready to invite you to her party properly now. Yes, with her tongue. You’ll be right over? Excellent, Ellie will be delighted…”

At that moment, Stephen orgasmed, shooting cum down Ellie’s throat. Ellie tried to pull away, but Kennedy held her down until Stephen was done, and Ellie had to swallow before being allowed to rise, coughing and choking.

“Good girl, Ellie,” said Kennedy. “Now, you saw the appropriate way to clean off Stephen’s cock after he cums. Why don’t you fetch another pair of your panties…”


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