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Elody dropped to her knees between Alexandria’s legs, and took up the shaving cream.  She sprayed some on her hands, and then began to massage it liberally into Alexandria’s pubic hair.

Alexandra couldn’t help but moan in reaction to the feel of Elody’s hands on her pussy.  She didn’t understand the response.  She wasn’t a lesbian.  She didn’t have a kink for humiliation or restraint – did she?  And yet her cunt was wet.

And she could hardly hide that fact from Elody.  When Alexandria moaned, Elody jerked back in disgust.  Then, curious, she parted first Alexandria’s pussy hair, then her cunt lips, and stared at the wet pink flesh inside.

“Titsy, are you *sexually aroused*?” she asked in disbelief.  

“No…” said Alexandria, blushing.

Elody’s face turned furious.  She reached out and grabbed Alexandria’s clitoris between her thumb and forefinger, and pinched hard.

Alexandria squealed in pain.

Then Elody dragged her fingers along the length of Alexandria’s cleft, before raising her hand and wiping it clean on Alexandria’s cheek.  It left a trail of sticky, wet cunt juices.

“Don’t lie to me, you disgust mountain-titted slutrag,” said Elody.  “You *are* aroused.  Say it.  Say your stupid whorish cunt is wet because you’re a disgusting cow-titted animal.”

“My cunt is w-w-wet,” stammered Alexandria.  She had never been more humiliated in her life, discussing the state of her cunt with a woman she barely knew while restrained naked on a friend’s couch.

Her answer didn’t please Elody.  Elody reached out and slapped her across the face.  Alexandria gasped in shock.

“Don’t you ever dare *paraphrase* me, Titsy,” said Elody, her voice like cold steel.  “I told you to say that your stupid whorish cunt is wet because you’re a disgusting cow-titted animal, and that’s exactly what you’re going to say.  One last chance to get it right.”

Alexandria struggled to remember the phrase.  “My s-s-stupid whorish cunt is wet because I’m a… I’m a disgusting cow-titted animal…”

Elody reached out and stroked Alexandria’s cheek.  “That’s right,” she said.  “Good Titsy.  Now let’s take care of that cunt, shall we?”

She knelt again, and began to slowly shave away Alexandria’s public hair, using the shaver and the basin of warm water.  

Alexandria had never had anyone pay this much attention to her pussy – let alone a woman – and the slow, methodical touching of her groin, combined with the wet, warm feel of the water, began to drive her wild.

To make it worse, Elody would stop from time to time, and pull apart Alexandria’s pussy lips.  She would lightly touch Alexandria’s clit, and then run her finger down the length of her vaginal cleft, before lightly pushing it into Alexandria’s fuckhole – not far, only a fingertip, but enough to make Alexandria moan and involuntarily buck her hips, trying to drive the finger into her deeper.

Each time Elody would laugh, and pull her finger away, and wipe it clean on Alexandria’s tits, before continuing the shaving.

When the process was almost complete, a male voice spoke from behind Alexandria, and it was a good thing that the shaver wasn’t near her pussy at that precise moment, because Alexandria jumped high enough in her restraints to shake the couch.

“What’s going on here, then?”

It was Cameron, returned from upstairs.

“Oh, I’m just tidying up the cow,” said Elody.  “It had the most disgusting mess of hair around its fuckhole.  I’m just getting rid of it.  Come look.”

Alexandria definitely did NOT want Cameron to ‘come look’, but it was too late, because he was moving around the couch to behold her naked body.

Elody leant in and teased Alexandria’s pussy lips apart to show Cameron her clitoris.  “See?” she said.  “The cow is  still gross, of course, but doesn’t this part look prettier now?”

Cameron smiled.  “It’s very pretty,” he agreed.  He looked at Alexandria’s face.  “Have you said thank you to Elody yet, Alexandria, for shaving you?”

Alexandria blushed – but Elody was already speaking.

“Oh, we call it Titsy now,” she said.  “It likes it.”

This was more than Alexandria could bear.  “I certainly do NOT like it!” she objected.  “My name is Alexandria!”

Cameron touched his spectacles.  “Oh, come now – Titsy, is it?” he said.  “You’re not running a business anymore, and you can’t treat Elody like your employee.  I expect you to be friends, and friends have nicknames for each other.  If Elody wants to call you Titsy, I think you should answer to it.”

Alexandria was red with fury.

“And the name suits it!” said Elody.  “Look at the size of its tits!  They’re basically soccer balls.  Can’t you just imagine *kicking* them?”

Alexandria’s eyes widened at the thought of having her breasts kicked.

“It certainly is a vivid image,” agreed Cameron.  

“So – can I also make up a demeaning nickname for Elody?” asked Alexandria, still angry.  

“Well, actually, you’re a maid now,” said Cameron, “and Elody is the lady of the house, and your direct supervisor.  So I think the *appropriate* thing to call her is Mistress.”

Alexandria’s mouth hung open in shock.

“Go on,” urged Cameron.  “Give it a try.  ‘Thank you, mistress, for shaving my’” – he paused, searching for the word.  “Er…”

“Cunt,” supplied Elody.  “For shaving its stupid whorish cunt.”

“Yes,” said Cameron.  “Try that.”

Alexandria looked from Elody to Cameron, and back again, but there was no help from either of them.  She was chained naked on Cameron’s couch, without any clothes in reach, and not a dollar to her name that she could access.  Even if she said what she wanted to say (mostly swearing), AND escaped from her restraints, she had nowhere to go, and no other allies to call on.

She was completely vulnerable, and dependent on these two people for the possibility of a future.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then said, “Thank you, Mistress, for shaving my stupid whorish cunt.”

Elody laughed, and then said, “You are NOT welcome, Titsy, your cunt is disgusting, but anything to please my hubby.”  She looked up at Cameron.  “You *are* pleased with me doing this to the cow’s cunt, aren’t you?” she said, eyes wide.

“Absolutely,” laughed Cameron.  “You always know just what needs to happen.”  And he leaned down and kissed Elody on the lips.

From her position, Alexandria saw Elody’s hand go to Cameron’s crotch, and squeeze, and pump, and she heard Cameron moan a little into Elody’s mouth.

“Do you want to watch me finish with Titsy?” asked Elody.

“No, sweetie,” said Cameron, with a chuckle.  “I still have work to do.  I trust you to look after this.”

They kissed again, and then Cameron pulled away and returned upstairs.

Elody knelt once again between Alexandria’s legs.

“You know, you were a real bitch right now in front of my husband,” said Elody.  “Are you going to apologise for that?”

“This is ridiculous,” said Alexandria indignantly.  “I’m not your… your slave!  You can’t treat me like this!”

Elody looked at her – and then pinched Alexandria’s clitoris again, and twisted.

Alexandria screamed – surely loud enough for Cameron to hear upstairs.

“If you would like to leave the Hornwood Residence,” said Elody, “I’ll call my husband, and you can take your chances naked on the street.  Would you like that, Titsy?”

She moaned.  She really was caught in a bind.  She didn’t want to suffer any more abuse from Elody – but she also didn’t want to be naked and penniless on the street.

But *most* importantly, she didn’t want Elody to twist her clitoris again.

“No,” she said.  “I’m sorry.”

“Would you like to phrase that as a full sentence, Titsy?” asked Elody.  “And remember to call me the right name, now.”

Alexandria bit her lip, furious at the circumstances that had put her in this position.  Furious at Elody, too.  And yet, she had no options.

“I’m sorry for being…” – she struggled to remember what Elody had said – “for being a real bitch just now in front of your husband, Mistress.”

“NOT forgiven,” said Elody.  “But we’ll adjourn that topic for now.  Let’s finish cleaning your cunt.”

And the slow stroking of Alexandria’s cunt resumed, complete with the repeated process of Elody touching her clitoris, running a finger down her slit, and then probing her fuckhole, before wiping Alexandria’s arousal onto her breast.

Alexandria couldn’t help it.  The sensation was maddening.  She found herself moaning, and bucking, with no conscious control over what she was doing.  And then when the last hairs were scraped away, Elody gave her pussy one last wash with the warm water, before beginning to pat it dry with the towel.

And then Elody reached out and took Alexandria’s clitoris between her thumb and forefinger again.  “Now, let’s see what you’ve learned, Titsy,” she said.  “Tell me something I want to hear.”

Alexandria almost went wild.  She was terrified that Elody was about to twist her clit again.  It had hurt so much last time.  And yet she felt that if Elody DID twist it, she might orgasm.  And she wanted to orgasm.  Except that it would be shameful to orgasm *here*, in front of Elody, chained to a couch.  Elody would call her a disgusting cow-titted slut.  She would tell Alexandria that she was gross and that she wanted to vomit.  And she would be right – because Alexandria apparently couldn’t control herself, couldn’t control her pussy.

She moaned again.

Something Elody wanted to hear?  What was that?  Except that she knew.  

“Thank you, Mistress,” she heard herself say.  “Thank you for shaving my stupid whorish cunt.  I’m sorry I’m a bitch.  I’m sorry my tits are so disgustingly big.  I’m sorry I’m a cow-titted whore.  I’m sorry…”

Elody smiled.  “Good Titsy,” she said.  And then, before Alexandria could react, Elody leaned down and kissed Alexandria’s cunt.

Only it wasn’t just a kiss.  Her tongue extended, pushing into Alexandria’s vaginal opening, and then running up the length of her wet, sensitive cleft, before flicking deftly over the engorged needy nub of Alexandria’s clitoris.  

And then Elody sucked the whole of Alexandria’s clitoris into her mouth, as if sucking on a nipple.

It was the most powerful orgasm of Alexandria’s life.  Nothing she had achieved with her hands, or a vibrator, or even the cock of one of her intermittent boyfriends, had ever come close.  Her whole body shook, and she made incoherent sounds, and for one terrifying moment she thought she might wet herself.

Elody pulled away.  “Ew!” she said.  “Are you *cumming*?  From having your cunt shaved?  How gross can you be?”

Alexandria wanted to say it wasn’t from having her cunt shaved – it was from having her clitoris sucked, which was an entirely different thing – but she found it difficult to form words at all.  Her body was still shaking.

Elody swiped her hand across Alexandria’s pussy, and it came away dripping with the juices of arousal.  “Look at that!” she exclaimed.  “See?  You’re such a slut.”  She wiped her palm across Alexandria’s face, smearing cunt juices across Alexandria’s cheeks and lips.  Then she went back to Alexandria’s cunt for another handful of slut-slime.  “Gross,” she pronounced, and wiped the second handful liberally across Alexandria’s breasts, taking time to squeeze Alexandria’s titflesh and pinch her nipples as she did so.

Then she lifted her hand to her mouth, and slowly licked each of her fingers clean.

“I can’t believe I’m having to lick disgusting cow cum off my fingers,” she complained, between the second and third fingers.  “Apologise, Titsy.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” said Alexandria, not knowing what else to do.  “I’m… sorry you have to lick my disgusting cow cum off your fingers.”

Elody’s only reply was a sharp, disdainful sniff, and a return to licking the last of Alexandria’s juices from her hand.

“Well,” she said, finally, when her hand was sufficiently clean.  “At least your fuckhole doesn’t look quite so revolting now.  I suppose the next thing is to do something about your clothes.”

She smiled evilly.  “How does that sound, Titsy?  Would you like some pretty new cow clothes?”

Alexandria was not sure she was going to like this, but still naked, chained, and shivering, there was only one thing she could say.

“Yes, Mistress.  I would like some pretty new cow clothes.”


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