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Jayna found that she loved her new life with her new foster family, the Burkhills.

Not everything was perfect. For example, the father of the family, Bill, didn’t treat *any* of the household women as cum toilets, and neither did his son Mitch. The mother of the family, Carrie, acted as though she had rights, and like her opinions mattered.

All of this was confusing and frustrating to Jayna, who worshipped the ground her biological father walked on, even if he *was* now in jail for rape, and believe absolutely in his often-stated maxim that women were nothing but cunts.

But on the other hand, Jayna was now sleeping every night with the pretty 18-year-old brunette daughter Luna, and after their first night together, where Jayna had raped the silly little virgin, Luna was so afraid that Jayna would tell people about their night-time naughtiness that she would do practically anything that Jayna suggested.

It was heaven for Jayna. Since she had turned 18, she had helped her father rape dozens of girls – but she had never been allowed to *keep* one before.

On Jayna’s second day in the house – the morning after she had raped Luna – she pressed Luna into service for “modelling practice”.

“I want to be a model, you know,” she confided in Luna. “I need to practice posing in front of a camera. Can you use your phone and take pictures of me?”

Luna didn’t want to. In fact, she wanted to be as far away from Jayna as possible. But Jayna continued to press her, making reference to “how they’d already been intimate”, and Luna became terrified that someone would overheard the foster girl, and agreed just to shut Luna up.

They did it in Luna’s bedroom. Jayna took a variety of poses, and Luna photographed them on her phone. And of course, Jayna quickly began removing clothing, until she was in nothing but underwear, and then completely nude.

Luna was clearly uncomfortable at this, but all it took was a couple more references to the night before to push Luna into submission. Soon Jayna was using her fingers to spread her pussy in the girl’s face, and encouraging Luna to zoom in on her fuckhole. 

Then the final step. Jayna got Luna to film a video of her – and in the video she fingered her pussy, and cupped her tits, and pouted at the camera.

“You know, I really want to fuck your father,” she confessed as Luna filmed her. “Or suck your brother’s cock. I bet his cum would taste so good.”

Luna wrinkled her face. “Gross,” she said. “Why do you have to be like this?”

“Be like what?” asked Jayna innocently.

“Like a whore,” said Luna. “It’s disgusting.”

“But you’re a whore too,” pointed out Jayna. “After all, didn’t you rape me last night and lick my pussy?” 

She said this last part louder than a normal conversational tone, and Luna flinched, even though the door to the room was closed and the rest of the family were several rooms away.

“Now it’s your turn,” said Jayna. She took out her phone and pointed it at the confused girl. 

“What do you mean?” asked Luna.

“Pose for me,” said Jayna. “It’s only fair. After all, you have those photos of me naked.”

Luna’s eyes widened. “It’s okay,” she said. “I’ll delete them, really.”

“No, I want you to keep them,” said Jayna. “So we can compare them with next time and see if I get better. Don’t delete them off your phone. If I ask you to show them to me and you can’t find them quickly, we may have to have an argument about why you deleted your naked photos of me in public.”

Luna coloured with embarrassment. 

Frankly, Jayna didn’t care who saw naked photos of her. Every man who knew her had a right to see her naked, if they wanted to. But she knew that having to keep the photos on Luna’s phone – and in a place where they could be found and viewed within seconds – would make her new foster sister feel insecure and guilty about her phone, and the more insecurity and guilt she felt, the easier she would be to control. 

“Now, come on,” said Jayna, “strip down to your panties.”

Luna still didn’t want to, but she was helpless in the face of Jana’s insistence, and her own embarrassment. Soon Jayna was taking photos of the poor girl in her underwear, and then with her tits bare, and then with her cunt showing, and finally with the girl spreading her pussy lips for the camera.

“Now do the thing I did for the video,” said Jayna. “Masturbate and say the words.”

“What words?” asked Luna, trying to cover her tits and pussy with her hands between photos in a way that Jayna found to be totally adorable.

“You know,” said Jayna. “That you want to fuck your father and taste your brother’s cum.”

Luna was shocked. “No! Gross! No!” she protested.

“Luna, honey,” said Jayna, in a sweet, reasonable voice, “do you want me to call your father right now so that you can explain why we’re sitting here taking photos of each other naked?”

Luna almost jumped off her seat in fear. She moved as if she might run to barricade the door with her body.

“Do you want me to show him all these photos of you spreading your pussy?” asked Jayna, mercilessly.

Luna looked like she might cry. She was silent for long moments, and then she shook her head, in a small, defeated motion.

“Then sit down and do as you’re told,” said Jayna. “And try to look happy about what you’re saying, or we’ll film it again until you get it right.”

Bright red with humiliation, Luna sat down, and spread her legs, and began to finger her pussy. Her other hand caressed her tits.

“I really want to fuck my father,” she said, in a small voice, “and I want to suck my brother’s cock. I bet his cum tastes good.”

She looked like she might throw up, so Jayna made her do it again, and again, until she sounded like she really wanted to have sex with her male family members.

“Good girl,” she said, finally. “Now come here and lick my pussy.”

Luna was smarter than Jayna gave her credit for. Jayna didn’t even have to explain. She was able to watch the thoughts cross across the 18-year-old beauty’s face – disgust, and then defiance and an intent to tell Jayna “no” – and then the realisation that she could never, ever let anyone see the video that Jayna had just filmed, and the understanding that she would have to do whatever Jayna said to stop that video from being shared.

So like a good little naked slut, she crawled across the floor, opened her mouth, and began to tongue obediently at Jayna’s cunt.

Jayna smiled as she let her new foster sister pleasure her pussy. Luna was smart – but not smart enough, because she didn’t realise that it was absolutely certain that Luna’s father and brother *would* see the video she had just filmed. Jayna was going to teach Bill and Mitch to use Luna as their personal fucktoy, in the fullness of time, even if Luna didn’t realise it yet.

But she had plenty of time. And the first step would be to properly train her new foster sister as her slave.


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