Drugs can ruin a career. In Annette’s case, it wasn’t even an addiction, it was just one ill-timed experiment. She’d been a promising student of veterinary medicine, but she’d gone out clubbing the night before a lecture. Around 4 am, a girlfriend had offered her some pills, and she’d taken them. They made the world spin in an interesting way. Her girlfriend told her that they would make her happy and suggestible, and Annette agreed that they did, and then her friend suggested that Annette wanted to kiss her, so Annette did, and before long they were back at Annette’s place, naked and eagerly licking each other’s cunts.

The drugs were still in her system at 8 am when she attended an early morning veterinary lecture, and now they were even more effective. Annette hadn’t slept, and she was still horny, and she couldn’t think straight. Her mind was filled with visions of what she had just done – her first lesbian experience – and she could still taste her friend’s cunt on her tongue. 

The lecturer spoke, but Annette didn’t hear properly. Phrases drifted into her ears and lodged in her brain, free of any context other than Annette’s wet pussy and suggestible mind. “Docile cow.” “Large udders.” “Bitch in heat.” “Domesticated.” “Ready for breeding.” “Mounted by a male.” “Relatively stupid.”

She eventually staggered out of the lecture confused and her brain on fire. Images were going through her brain. She pictured her girlfriend on a leash, being mounted by a dog. She pictured herself being milked like a cow. She pictured herself on all fours, looking up at an owner adoringly.

She stopped at a pet store on the way home and bought some supplies.

When she got home her girlfriend was still there, asleep, naked. Annette stripped naked too – she felt wrong wearing clothes, bitches didn’t wear clothes – and then she carefully put one of her new dog collars on herself, and one on her girlfriend. She rummaged through her girlfriend’s clothes, and found more of the special pills. She gave her girlfriend another dose in her sleep. Then she carefully lifted her girlfriend and put her in the new dog cage she had bought, and then gagged her, and quickly locked the door. Her girlfriend woke up then, her eyes widening in shock, and tried to yell, but the gag muffled her.

Then Annette dialled some of her male acquaintances – all the ones she knew didn’t worry too much about consent, who would rape a naked girl if they had the chance – and invited them over. She unlocked her front door, then settled down on all fours, presenting her cunt to the entranceway, and began to tell her girlfriend what fun they would have in their new lives. She told her girlfriend, as the suggestible drugs took hold, that she was a bitch in heat, a docile cow, that they were both stupid pets to be bred by dominant males. Her friend moaned, both in distress, but also in response to her rapidly wettening pussy. Annette wondered happily how big their udders might grow once they had been impregnated and their milk came in…


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