Jayna Lowell loved her father Michael, and worshipped the ground he walked on. She’d never known her mother, but she completely accepted her father’s often-stated belief that all women were cunts who were good for nothing but receiving a man’s cum. She had tried to become the type of woman her father considered “barely acceptable” – which is to say sexually promiscuous, submissive, slutty, and eager to degrade herself for the entertainment of men.

When her father brought home women – often drunk – and raped them, Jayna had listened from her bedroom while masturbating eagerly, and once Jayna turned 18 her father often let her watch, and even suggest ways to further degrade and abuse them. On her 19th birthday, her father celebrated by letting Jayna lick his cum from the pussy of a crying, violated woman, and Jayna had never been happier – or hornier.

But the police finally caught up to Michael Lowell. He pled guilty to the many charges of rape, and he was sentenced to jail for multiple counts of rape – but he never implicated his daughter. And afterwards, Jayna was left in a difficult position. The law in her state specified that girls were adults for the purposes of sex at the age of 18 – but they still required a parent or guardian until the age of 21.

So Jayna was placed into the foster system. And that was how she ended up at the house of the Burkhill family.

The Burkhills were the kind of normal family Jayna had never had. A well-off father (Bill) who worked as an architect. An attractive and full-figured mother (Carrie) who did part-time work waiting tables at a local cafe. A 19-year-old son (Mitch) studying economics at university. And a pretty 18-year-old brunette daughter (Luna) taking a gap year after finishing school.

They welcomed her into their family with open arms. They had been told that Jayna would be traumatised and difficult because of her unusual family circumstances, and so when Jayna greeted both the father and brother by wrapping her arms around them and giving them an open-lipped kiss on the mouth they blushed but thought nothing of it.

They gave Jayna her own room – which was nice – but in her very first night in the house she waited till midnight, got up, and entered the master bedroom where Bill and his wife were sleeping. She was wearing only panties and a thin shirt that clung to her tits.

“What’s the matter, honey?” said Bill, sleepily, seeing the half-undressed girl in the doorway.

“I can’t sleep alone!” said Jayna, faking a voice on the edge of tears. “I’m sorry – I have such nightmares when I’m alone. Please, can I sleep with someone?”

There was some discussion. Clearly a 19-year-old girl couldn’t sleep in the same bed as a married couple. And she couldn’t sleep with a boy. So pretty young Luna was woken up, and told that she would be sharing her bed with Jayna.

Luna didn’t want to share her bed with Jayna, but she grudgingly allowed it. And once Jayna was lying next to the reluctant girl, and the door was closed and the lights were off, she couldn’t help herself. It had been *weeks* since she had seen a girl raped, let alone raped one herself, and she wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity once she had it.

She let her hands immediately wander to Luna’s tits and began to squeeze them – then slid her hand down to feel Luna’s pussy.

“What are you doing?” whispered Luna in an outraged voice, slapping Jayna’s hands away. “Stop it.””

“Sssh,” said Luna. “Do you want your dad to come in and see you lezzing off with the foster girl? Do you want to explain to him why you sexually assaulted me on my first night in the house? Do you want to explain why your cunt is so wet?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, instead grabbing a handful of Luna’s hair and pulling her forward into a deep, passionate kiss. Her fingers worked underneath the girl’s panties to find her pussy. It wasn’t wet yet, but she started to slowly squeeze it as she kissed Luna, and soon she felt the warmth that indicated Luna was starting to respond.

“You slut,” she whispered. “Getting wet from raping a foster girl. My dad went to prison for that. Do you want to go to prison, Luna?”

Luna moaned, and looked like she might cry, and that made Jayna so turned on she couldn’t help herself. She began pulling off Luna’s clothes, and once Luna was naked she climbed on top of the unwilling girl and pressed her bare pussy against Luna’s mouth.

“Lick, you little slut,” she commanded. “Unless you want your daddy to see. Unless you want to go to jail.”

It was the first time Jayna had raped a girl without her father present, but it was every bit as good as she wanted it to be. She orgasmed happily several times against Luna’s unwilling face.

When it was over, she moved to lie in the bed next to Luna in a 69 position, and began to lick Luna’s pussy. When Luna tried to move, or pull away, or close her legs, she would whisper, “Sssh, don’t struggle, or your dad will find us,” and Luna would relax and allow herself to be licked. Jayna’s own cunt was up near Luna’s face, so Luna could get used to having her face next to a woman’s pussy.

Jayna licked at Luna’s wet pussy all night long, keeping Luna squirming with arousal – and yet never letting her cum. She thought Luna drifted off to sleep a few times, and that was fine, as it was good for Luna to learn to sleep horny, and have her dreams filled with erotic and shameful thoughts. Jayna had had the chance to sleep for much of the morning before arriving at the Burkhill house, and she was prepared to spend the night without sleep herself in order to have Luna in the condition that she wanted her – tired, horny, guilty and confused.

She let Luna drift off to sleep a little just before dawn, and then began to pretend to cry. She was quite a good actress, and she pitched her sobs at only just loud enough to wake Luna.

“What…” asked Luna, sleepy but already blushing as the memories of the night began to return to her.

“I can’t believe you did that,” hissed Jayna. “I can’t believe you raped me. You raped your own foster-sister. How could you? You made me do those disgusting things, just because your pussy was wet. How could you?”

“No…” protested Luna. “I didn’t. I mean, you… it wasn’t me…”

“I’m going to tell everyone,” said Jayna. “I’m going to tell your father. And your mother. And the police.”

“No!” squeaked Luna, frightened now. “No! Please!”

Jayna looked at her with big eyes. “I don’t trust you,” she said.

“Please,” begged Luna again.

Jayna pretended to relent. “Well… I suppose I could keep my mouth shut,” she said. “But only if you do exactly what I say.”

“Anything,” said Luna. “Please.”

Jayna smiled. “Okay,” she said. “Well, the first thing I say is that you’re going to tell your parents it’s okay for me to share a bed with you every night. We’re going to sleep together every night, and be such good sisters – understand?”

Luna’s eyes widened. Jayna thought Luna looked very sexy when she was confused – such a stupid, exploitable expression on her face.

“Don’t think about it,” said Jayna. “Just say yes.”

“Yes,” said Luna.

“Good girl,” said Jayna. And then she leaned across and kissed Luna on the lips – deeply, passionately. Luna flushed and tried to pull away, but Jayna reached out and grabbed one of her nipples, making her squeak in pain but holding her in place for the kiss.

“Good girl”’ she said again, when the kiss was over. “I think we’re going to have such fun as sisters – don’t you?”


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