Author’s Note: Given the unusual format of this story, and in case someone is stumbling across this in isolation without being familiar with my work generally, both question and answer are 100% fictional erotica and absolutely do not constitute actual advice.  


Dear Dr Degradation,

About a year ago I met a girl and started dating her. When we met, she thought she was a person with rights, but under my instruction she’s coming along very pleasingly in understanding that she’s a piece of property that’s only fit for raping.

Last weekend her father gave me permission to marry her, and thereby transfer her formal ownership from her family to myself. As a woman, her opinion on this is irrelevant, so I now consider us engaged, although I haven’t formally told her she’s going to be my slave-wife yet. 

My concern is this: despite her commendable progress in learning to spread her legs, suck my cock, and thank me when I slap her across the face, she still holds romantic notions of weddings being “special days”. I don’t want her to feel at all special or worthwhile at her wedding, but I also don’t want her thinking that she hasn’t had a “real wedding”, or that she may someday fulfil her wedding-princess fantasy if I ever get tired of her and divorce her.

What do you recommend to crush and degrade her dream?

With thanks,

Prospective Groom


Congratulations on your new property purchase, Prospective Groom! I hope your slut is fun to use!

A lot of girls have unrealistic notions about weddings. They feel that they’ll be “beautiful”, “pure” and “special” on their wedding days, and associate it with concepts like “love” and “happiness”. I’d say that this trend is unfortunate, except that it can present a lot of fun opportunities for someone in your position to ruin these dreams.

Firstly, there’s a lot you can do to prepare a girl for her wedding day, even if you’re not marrying her. With a little creativity, you can help a girl associate all the elements of a wedding with sexual abuse, degradation and torture, so that when she eventually does get married, she’ll be thinking about what a disgusting slut she is, even if for some reason nobody else does!

Buy her a pretty wedding dress long before any wedding – then rape her in it. Ejaculate onto it or piss on it, and then take her out in public wearing the wet, disgusting dress. Make her masturbate wearing it in public places. Take her to a strip club while she wears a wedding dress and no underwear. Take a photo of her lifting up a wedding dress to show her naked, wet cunt with cum dripping from it, and then put it in a prominent place in her house so she sees it every day.

Likewise, associate her wedding cake with sluttiness. Make it the food you feed her on special occasions – like just after you’ve raped her, or after any new tier of degradation. Make her eat it on all fours out of a dog-bowl, and let her know that it’s the thing she eats when she’s just been used as a sex-toy. Watching her eventually eat a slice of that same cake on her wedding day in front of her friends and family can be a lot of fun. You’ll know why she’s blushing. You’ll know why she looks ashamed. You’ll know what she’s thinking about herself. And you’ll get to repeat that enjoyment every time her family or friends innocently show her a photo of her cutting the cake or eating that slice.

I note you haven’t formally “proposed” to your bitch yet – and that presents a whole range of possibilities!

First, have you thought about the engagement ring? As your fiancée, she’s obliged to wear it in public, and look at it every day, which offers some great ways to reinforce her true place. The simplest path is to simply have the word “SLUT” engraved onto the outside of the ring – but more creative is always better. Watching her explain to others why her engagement ring says “CUNT-FACE” or “FUCKHOLE” will always be a joy. Or instead of a gemstone, consider having the ring set with a small cameo showing a photo of her own cunt?

One friend I’m aware of gave his bride a strongly magnetic ring. Not only did this keep her under control by making it difficult for her to use phones or computers without wiping them, but it interacted nicely with her nipple piercings. The squeals she made whenever she accidentally moved her hands near her tits and felt her piercings strain towards the ring was delicious – let alone the struggle of disconnecting them if the piercing actually touched the magnet – and it trained her out of touching her own breasts or trying to cover them very quickly. 

The process of giving her the ring can also be an opportunity. She’s going to remember how she got that ring every time she looks at it. Consider hiring a prostitute, and telling her there’s something in the prostitute’s pussy or anus that she has to fish out with her tongue. When she eventually digs out the ring – “Surprise, you’re going to be my fuck-property forever!”

Or put it at the bottom of a glass of semen that you’ll make her slowly sip. Or kick her out of your car naked on a busy road, and make her jog along nude beside you as you slowly drive forward, and then “propose” to her, and tell you won’t let her back into the car until she says yes, thanks you for it, and agrees to every degrading idea you have about how the wedding should go.

Or maybe just tell her she’s going to be married, and that you’re going to ruin all her sweet dreams about weddings and publicly degrade her in front of her family and friends, at exactly the point she’s otherwise about to orgasm. Make sure you have a camera pointed at her face, because whatever happens next is going to be priceless.

In terms of the wedding itself, there are a range of options to degrade your property, starting with the subtle and progressing to the very, very obvious.

Obviously, a bride should go to her wedding horny. Hire a prostitute to keep her awake overnight by licking her pussy – but don’t let her cum. The next day she’ll be tired, spacey, and thinking with her cunt – the perfect start to her new life. Get her to masturbate constantly right up to the ceremony, including in the back of the limousine that brings her to the venue. She’ll spend the entire ceremony wishing that she could rub her pussy right then and there to find her orgasm.

There’s lots of things you can do underneath the wedding dress to reinforce her degradation. Don’t let her wear underwear, of course, unless it pleases you that she does. Write insults on her body. Smear her breasts, ass and pussy with your cum. Bind her tits with rope. Spread her pussy lips open with clamp or tape. Stuff her anus and vagina with vibrators, or other objects. Put clamps on her nipples and clitoris and/or hang weights from them. She should be in as much pain and shame as she is in heat.  

The next level of degradation comes from the guest list. Make sure to invite people that she doesn’t want. Ex-boyfriends (or girlfriends). People who’ve had unrequited crushes on her. Anyone she’s ever had an argument with or has treated her badly. If she’s ever been raped or sexually assaulted, make sure her rapists get an invite – and make sure she’s clear she has to smile at them and act like she’s delighted they’re there.

(If you’re a generous groom, you might arrange for them all to have appointments to rape her the night before her wedding. Otherwise it’s just teasing to parade your slut in front of them.)

The vows are an important part of the ceremony. For a subtle touch, you can simply write her vows to include multiple variations on the requirement to “love, honour and obey”. Consider getting her to promise to “serve, please, and submit” – and then, immediately after, to also promise to “kneel, worship and behave” – and then “accept, suck and swallow”. Alternatively, a more explicit set of vows may see her promising to not have thoughts, to enjoy the pain and abuse you give her and thank you for it, to never protect or conceal her tits and cunt, and to assist you in her own degradation.

Some ceremonies include a speech. This is a great time to get your slut to describe her detailed, perverted sexual fantasies to everyone she knows, to admit to wanting to be raped by her family members, to discuss her enjoyment of being abused, and give a blanket permission to anyone who knows her to non-consensually use her for any purpose at any time.

Lastly, the most explicit touches. There’s no reason her wedding dress needs to conceal her tits or pussy. Consider putting her on a dog-leash and making her crawl down the aisle. Her father can hold it to walk her to the altar, and then formally pass it to you to signal transfer of ownership. 

And is there any real reason she can’t masturbate throughout the whole ceremony? Or suck your cock on her knees during the vows? Cumming on her face is much more satisfying than a simple “I do”.

When it’s all over, we come to the wedding night. This is your opportunity to reinforce her degradation. Consider collecting a range of other items that she associates with a more innocent version of herself – stuffed toys, childhood diaries, ballet shoes or trophies. Have her push each one up her cunt and masturbate with it. Whip her tits until she cums from each one, and film it all so she can never forget. 

Then, if possible, fuck her best friends, sisters, or female work colleagues in front of her while she masturbates, so that she learns that she’s not even the most attractive or important woman in her own wedding bed. Get her to lick your cum out of their pussies.

Then cum in all of her holes, before deploying your final surprise – condoms of sperm donated by all the male wedding guests, including her family members. Push their contents up her fuckhole, so that she won’t even have the dignity of knowing whose baby she’s going to end up carrying. Then make her masturbate it up inside her until she cums.

Make sure she thanks you for giving her the wedding she deserves. And then make her masturbate to orgasm every day while watching the footage, to help her have the right associations with all the things that have happened to her.

I hope all that’s helpful, Prospective Groom! Good luck with breaking your slut’s silly notions about weddings!


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