Author’s Note: For the benefit of any readers who are encountering this story outside the context of my work generally, the Dr Degradation columns are fictional gender-degradation erotica. The requests for advice are entirely fictional, and the advice should absolutely not be followed.  


Dear Dr Degradation,

I’m a 20-year-old aspiring actress and model, but I still live at home with my 40-year-old father and 18-year-old brother, my mother having passed away when I was young. I enjoy a loving relationship with my father, who is quite wealthy and very happy to support my lifestyle. I consider myself a very willing “daddy’s girl”, and would do anything to make my father happy.

However, recently my father took an interest in a girl named Selina who I went to school with. Selina is a bitch, who always bullied me in school, but she’s got big tits and a pretty face, and she cockteased my father into proposing marriage to her, despite the difference in their age. They had a wedding – and now she’s my step–mother!

My father thinks Selina loves her, but she’s just a gold-digging whore. I won’t deny she’s pretty – I’ve had fantasies about hate-fucking her myself, and I know my brother has masturbated over the idea of raping her – but despite having the body and brain of a bimbo, she barely puts out for my father at all, leaving him with blue balls most nights. 

What’s worse is she thinks she’s in charge of my brother and I! She makes us call her “mom”, and assigns us chores. She’s even threatened to discipline us.

How can I help Selina understand that she’s nothing but a set of holes for my father to masturbate into, of no more relevance or authority than a sex doll or a used condom?

With thanks,

Allie J


Hi Allie,

Thanks for the question. The fact is that all women – including you – are nothing but holes for men to abuse and ejaculate into… and your step-mother is certainly no exception!

Teaching a bitch like this to accept her proper place is no easy task, but luckily there’s a few ways you can tackle this problem. Let’s look over some of the options.

The first vector of approach is your father. Your step-mother only gets away with this bitchy behaviour because your father treats her with respect. If you can damage that respect, you’re on the path to getting Selina properly disciplined.

I strongly recommend that you install cameras throughout your house, and particularly in places where Selina might think she has privacy. Put spyware on her computer, too. You want to build up a strong database of embarrassing footage and information, including footage of her naked, footage of her masturbating, and anything interesting you get from her internet browsing history. 

What you’re particularly looking for are things that would make your father angry – and the most obvious one would be evidence that Selina is cheating on him. There’s a good chance that a slut who would cocktease your father into a marriage of convenience is getting something on the side. You want to identify that infidelity, and film it.

In the event that you can’t catch her cheating… manufacture the evidence. Find a guy you trust, and pay him to assault and rape Selina and film it. You can edit the film to make it look like Selina was willing – and, as an added bonus, you’ve had Selina raped, which is certainly something she deserves.

Once you’ve got your evidence, go to your father, and do your best to make him as angry as possible. It’s up to you whether you encourage him to just divorce the little gold-digging slut – or instead take the more interesting route, and slap her, spank her, rape her, confiscate her clothes, or just chain her up in the bedroom so she can’t go out and cheat on him.

Alternatively, another approach – which is potentially more beneficial long-term – is to destroy his respect for *all* women. Set an example by going nude around the house and cockteasing him. Encourage him to share misogynist jokes with you while you stroke or suck his cock. Play rape porn on the television and masturbate in front of him as you watch it. Suggest that he discipline you for even minor misbehaviour by slapping you, spanking you, or raping you. Ask him to call you “bitch” or “cunt”.

Once he gets into the habit of treating you like a sex object, he’s much more likely to behave the same way towards Selina. She’ll certainly be surprised the first time he pulls his cock out of your pussy mid-rape in order to slap her, strip her, and finish himself off by ejaculating in her anus!

But focusing on your father is only one way to proceed. We could instead work on Selina herself.

I highly recommend drugging her. A drugged bitch is a stupid and submissive bitch. Because you’re living with her, you have a lot of options to put pharmaceuticals in her food or drink, or just swap out her birth control pills or other medication. And there are so many fun drugs to try on her!

Date rape drugs are fine in small, occasional doses. They’ll leave her groggy, submissive, and with a poor grasp on reality. You can do whatever you want to her while she’s under the effects, and she’ll have only a limited ability to remember it. Or alternatively you can use her missing periods of memory to gaslight her into thinking she’s done or said things she never said.

Other options are to increase her fertility and remove her contraceptives – she might learn to behave if your daddy puts a baby in her. Or give her drugs that reduce her ability to control her bladder – it’s hard to be an uppity bitch when you’re wetting your panties twice a day in public. 

I strongly recommend a recently developed drug called Bovinactum. It’s an all-in-one-combo for turning bitches into submissive cows. A single dose each morning will leave her stupid and confused all day, while also making her distractingly horny, and promoting breast growth and lactation. After a couple of days on Bovinactum, she’ll be leaking milk into her bras, leaking cunt juices into her panties, and completely unable to think of an intelligent comeback if you call her a stupid cow-slut.

Or just use that “manufactured evidence” I spoke about before to blackmail her directly. Use your initial leverage on her to procure even more degrading blackmail material – get her to pose for more photos, film her making false confessions, and so forth – and then use your power over her to get her to behave exactly how you want her to. She’ll be a submissive little toy for the whole family in no time at all.

If you’re not attracted to any of those options, then there’s always rape. Nothing teaches a woman her place faster than repeated violent rape. I’d recommend you start by raping her yourself. Your father probably won’t believe his darling daughter could rape her step-mother – and your step-mother will know that, and be unlikely to complain. Take her by surprise when your father isn’t home, and slap her, strip her naked, beat her tits, kick her pussy, and then use her to make yourself orgasm with absolutely no regard to her comfort or consent. You’ll likely find it’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had!

Repeat this at every opportunity. Make her afraid of you. Get her used to being raped. Make the sex as degrading as possible – call her a cunt and a bitch, and force her to drink your piss. Give her a demeaning pet name, and start using it in front of your father. 

She’ll likely become submissive towards you almost immediately. That’s when you should encourage your brother to have a turn with her. She needs to learn not just that she’s *your* rape-toy, but the fuckpuppet of anyone who wants to use her. Your brother should regularly cum in all of her holes, and get used to ignoring her opinions and consent and learn to see her as a set of holes to ejaculate into.

I recommend tag-teaming her with your brother. Sharing a gang-rape with your brother can be a great way to bond as siblings, to share ideas for how to rape your step-mother – and who knows, you may find you even want to sample your brother’s cock yourself!

Once you’ve raped her into submission, it’s up to you what you do with her. Get your father to break up with her by revealing how she seduced you and your brother? Make her beg your father to use her the same way that his children do? Simply keep her as your secret fuckpet? These are all good options, although obviously the best outcome is the one she realises she’s an object, not a person, designed to give people sexual gratification. 

As a last note, I’d say this: once your step-mother is fully broken into a submissive pet, there’s no reason your father needs to stay married to her. He can divorce her, and order her to sleep in a cage in your room as your “girlfriend”. This will allow him to go back to dating, and maybe in time find a new fiancée – who can be trained exactly as you are going to train your current step-mother. One household sextoy is good – two is better!

I hope that helps you improve your bitchy step-mother’s attitude. Thank you for the letter, Allie, and may you have loads of fun raping Selina!

Dr Degradation


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