She had made a big deal of going to the hypnotherapist to help improve her somewhat ditzy memory, and had rather publicly said that the phrase she was asking to be conditioned with was, “You will remember what you want to remember.” Which made the results all the more embarrassing.

Of course, her friends knew that she had a rather literal mind, but kept silent rather than start an argument, and the results were exactly what they had expected – that Kimberly now remembered *only* what she subconsciously wanted to remember. 

And so it was now doubly humiliating for Kimberly – and doubly entertaining for her friends – when she started forgetting to wear clothes when guests visited, forgetting to close the bathroom door when she showered, forgetting to close the blinds when she masturbated, and eventually started forgetting to stop masturbating when she was in public.

By the end of the year she had forgotten where all her clothes were or how to buy new ones, forgotten how to say “no” to men’s sexual advances, and was happily in the process of forgetting how to walk on two legs or eat food that wasn’t given to her in a dog bowl…


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