Just a heads up – I’m doing one of my intermittent checks of which memberships have expired. This process may take a couple of days to complete.

Expired memberships may lose their access to membership content on Dropbox.

(Click here to buy / renew memberships in the store.)

If your membership is currently in the grace period of two weeks after expiry AND you haven’t manually cancelled your membership, you won’t be caught by this process and your access will continue.

I do occasionally make mistakes in this process, so if you get cut off but feel that you shouldn’t have been, please get in touch with me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com and (ideally) send me a copy of your most recent membership renewal.

Also if you’re a lapsed Premium Member who would like to see their membership recorded as uninterrupted for the purpose of the complimentary story request process, if you renew within a week of today, and you’ve been lapsed for three months or less, I’m happy to record you as being an uninterrupted member through that period. (I’ll try and do this automatically but it doesn’t hurt to send me an email to prompt me to make that edit.)

In any case, whether you’re renewing or not, I’m grateful to all my members for any period of support they felt they could afford. You’re all amazing – thank you.

– All These Roadworks
10 May 2022

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