Author’s Note: For the benefit of any readers who are encountering this story outside the context of my work generally, the Dr Degradation columns are fictional gender-degradation erotica. The requests for advice are entirely fictional, and the advice should absolutely not be followed. 


Dear Sir,

I am a 35-year-old slut, and like most women today I find great pleasure in being an obedient set of holes for a man to ejaculate into. I’m happiest when I’m abused and treated like an object. 

I recently met a handsome man called B___ who loves slapping me until I cry and then fucking me non-consensually (although he’s still a little embarrassed treating me like an animal in public). We got married two months ago in a wonderful ceremony where I wore nipple and clit clamps under my dress and orgasmed from a remote-operated vibrator in the middle of my vows.

However, B___ has an 18-year-old daughter – let’s call her “Flirt”. B___’s former wife – Flirt’s mother – who passed away a couple of years ago, was a feminist, and she’s had an unfortunate influence on Flirt. 

Flirt doesn’t like me, and has often said that I’m a disgusting bimbo who stole her father from her. She’s fairly shy with boys (and girls) and she’s reluctant to even wear clothes that show off her tits, let alone accept her place as a cocksleeve for her male friends to rape at parties. She still lives at home, she’s unemployed, she’s a drain on the household resources, and her bitchy attitude puts stress on B___ that he doesn’t deserve.

B___ is reluctant to discipline Flirt, and he gets embarrassed when I suggest she’d be happier as a degraded sextoy. But he says it would be nice if Flirt and I got along better, and he’ll support any plan I come up with to be a good influence on the girl. I don’t think he’ll agree if I just tell the girl to act like a whore, but once he sees how much nicer she is as a cum-toilet than a daughter, he might come around. And I *know* he’ll be happier once he understands that Flirt isn’t special just because she’s his daughter, and that in reality she’s just another object to degrade and rape.

What can I do to help Flirt discover the joys of female degradation, and give my husband a fun teen fucktoy to abuse? Please help me save this girl from a miserable life of trying to control her own body and make her own decisions!

Yours hopefully,



Thanks for your question, MILF!

You’re not the only woman facing this problem today. Although so many sub-human cunts like yourself have discovered the joy of submitting to abuse and degradation, we still see far too many young girls seeking happiness in independence and autonomy. It’s a crying shame that they’re denying themselves joy and satisfaction in this way, and it’s reassuring to know there are concerned stepmothers like you out there trying to help.

I appreciate that you’re in a delicate position here. On the one hand, Flirt is clearly insufferable, and needs a good program of regular raping to bring her into line. But on the other hand, B___ clearly still sees her as his darling princess, and if you’re too immediately degrading to her, you risk displeasing him – and a good cunt aims to never displease a man.

Let’s look at what control you have here. Flirt’s 18, so you don’t have legal parental control anymore. But she doesn’t work, and she lives under your roof, so you have some leverage. If she wants money, she has to come to you, and being kicked out of the house entirely would clearly be a problem for her. So your key points of control are finance and accommodation.

Let’s start with her wardrobe. Next time she’s in the shower, grab the clothes she’s just taken off, and then everything in her wardrobe, and just throw it out. Drive it to a bin in the next suburb, so she can’t go and get it back. Leave her with a new selection of clothes more appropriate to a girl her age.

Now, it would be tempting just to make her go nude, or only wear lingerie, or wear see-through hooker mesh – but it sounds like that might be too much for your husband at this stage. So consider this instead.

Underwear: A small selection of sexy items. Every item should be either (i) see through; (ii) crotchless/peekaboo; or (iii) too small, causing cameltoe / cleavage overflow.

Skirts: Short, rarely coming down more than a couple of inches below the place where her legs meet.

Shoes: High heels only.

Tops: Tight tit-hugging T-shirts in bright colours, each one emblazoned with a demeaning slogan (think “RAPE ME”, “COCKSLEEVE”, and “DADDY’S LITTLE CUM-TOILET”).

Sleepwear: Large, loose T-shirts with a hem that comes down to just under her cunt, with the same kind of slogans.

Suggest a rule that Flirt may only wear her sleepwear between the hours of dinner and breakfast – no underwear, no other clothes – and only her daywear during the day. Tell B___ that it will reduce your laundry workload.

If she wants a special dress for a special occasion, it’s a good occasion for mother-daughter bonding as you take her out shopping for it – and you can make sure she ends up with something that makes her look suitably rapeable.

Next, there’s no reason that Flirt deserves privacy. Hire workmen to remove the doors on Flirt’s bedroom, bathroom, and toilet, so she can’t close out the world. While they’re there, have them install discreet surveillance cameras in those rooms. Put some spyware on her computers and phones so that you can see what she’s up to. And share the access to these with B___ – no matter how he feels about his daughter, his curiosity will get the better of him, and once he’s secretly watched her shower, piss, or browse porn, he’s more likely to go along with your other re-education plans.

Speaking of which, you should probably help B___ to start sexualising Flirt. Tell him sexy fantasies about Flirt. Get him to call you by Flirt’s name when he fucks you. Ask him questions about what would be the hottest thing to push up Flirt’s cunt, about whether he thinks Flirt would be better at sucking cock or taking it in her ass, about what part of Flirt’s body would look sexiest covered in cum.

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be doing this while Flirt is right there in the room. You should be going naked in front of Flirt, masturbating in front of her, and trying your best to get B___ to fuck you – and, better yet, abuse you – in her presence. Be a role model! Think how nice it will be when you can enjoy a family movie night watching hardcore rape porn while B___ has one arm around his daughter’s shoulders, a beer in his other hand, and his new wife naked between his legs sucking on his cock.

Start conversations about sex at every family occasion. Ask Flirt when she last masturbated; what she fantasises about; if she’s fucked anyone recently; what objects she’s had up her pussy; what porn she likes. If she won’t answer, complain to B___, and get him to make his daughter take part in a civil discussion with her stepmother. If you’ve been preparing B___ properly, he’s probably keen to know the answers to these questions anyway.

Discipline is also key. Get B___ to bring back bare-bottom spankings for badly-behaved girls. If necessary, start with yourself. If he’s willing to beat your nude ass in front of Flirt for some minor disobedience, he can’t very well treat his daughter differently. Once he’s gotten used to having his daughter’s naked groin over his lap, and become accustomed to slapping her cute teenaged buttocks until she cries, you can point out the extra disciplinary value of spanking her cunt, her tits, or just slapping her across the face.

Celebrate Flirt’s new look. Get some photos of her half-dressed – she doesn’t have privacy anymore, after all – and have them enlarged and framed. Hang them up around the house. As B___ gets more comfortable with the new household culture, replace them with photos of Flirt completely nude, preferably with her legs spread. Everyone who visits your house should be able to see Flirt in her “natural state”, and she’s going to feel more foolish wearing clothes and covering her cunt when everything is on full display in your living room anyway.

There’s no need to use Flirt’s name around the house. Start calling her something like “Cunt” or “Fuckhole”, and encourage her father to do the same. If you’re consistent enough in using the name, you’ll find others doing the same whether they intend to or not – it’s a fun trick of human behaviour!

Unfortunately there’s only so far that parents can go in influencing a young woman’s behaviour. A good part of her identity comes from her peers.

But you can influence her peers! Start seducing her friends – male and female alike. Teens are horny, and for most, a slutty MILF who likes being abused and spreads her legs easily and often is irresistible. For the rest – blackmail! Threaten to say they raped you if they don’t play your game. Get photos of her girlfriends nude. Whatever it takes!

Once you’ve got them, it’s time to help them see Flirt as the masturbation tool that she is. If you’re fucking them, make them call you Flirt’s name when they rape you. Get them to make up stories about raping Flirt before you let them cum. Violate Flirt’s privacy – let them look through her room, her underwear drawer, her diary or her computer while she’s out of the house. Give them access to your secret cameras. Let them ejaculate into the meal that you’re cooking for her. Invite them into the house late at night and let them view Flirt in her sleep – maybe even help them move her bedcovers and shirt to look at her tits and cunt, or masturbate and cum on her sleeping face!

Give them dares to humiliate and violate Flirt – at public gatherings, at parties, on dates. Reward them with sex, or even money, for such successes as pulling of Flirt’s clothes in public, calling her a slut and getting everyone to laugh at her, getting photographs of her cunt or tits, or – eventually – raping her. 

Once Flirt gets used to the fact that her friends see her as a sex object, and it’s normal for them to make fun of her, call her a slut, and casually molest her, you’ll find she’s much more pliable at home. 

A more active sex-life outside the house also presents new opportunities for getting your husband to enjoy the full potential of his daughter. Tell B___ that Flirt is now having sex regularly, and encourage him to check Flirt’s pussy with eyes and fingers for signs of cum whenever she comes home. Later, upgrade this to just checking if she’s aroused – and he can do this multiple times a day, even if she hasn’t left the house.

If you need to dehumanize Flirt further at this point, good punishments for discovering that she’s wet may include:

a) revoking her toilet privileges and making her piss in the backyard;

b) revoking her right to eat at the dinner table, and making her take her meals on all fours from a dog bowl;

c) revoking her right to clothes entirely; or

d) making her wear clamps and weights on her nipples and clit.

Don’t set specific periods that these punishments will last for – just say ‘until your father thinks you’ve learned your lesson”. You’ll find that B___ may find these new arrangements so satisfying that he never quite gets around to bringing an end to them.

Through all this, make sure to document Flirt’s degradation with photos and video. If she gets too humiliated at home, she may think about moving out or running away – so you’re going to want to have a good stock of blackmail material to keep her right where you want her.

As B____ gets more comfortable with the increasingly sexualised position of Flirt, start getting him used to the idea of having his cock exposed around the house. Just casually pull it out of his pants whenever it’s not visible, and masturbate it a little to give him incentive to let you keep it exposed – and to keep him thinking with his cock. Flirt needs to get used to being able to see her father’s dick. More importantly, she needs to see her father getting an erection when he looks at her – and he needs to know that she’s seen that, and not resisted it.

Start a tradition of “kissing your husband’s cock goodnight” in the living room each evening. For you, this should start with a kiss, but develop into a blowjob until he’s almost ready to cum. Then pull back, and tell Flirt to come kiss her daddy’s cock goodnight. She’ll be reluctant, but if B___ is eager to cum, his resistance will be low.

The first time this happens, you’ll probably only be able to get her to kiss his cock lightly. That’s fine. Don’t finish your husband off afterwards. Let him have blue balls. (Of course, he can always rape you if he objects to this.) 

The next time, put a hand on the back of Flirt’s head to hold her against her father’s cock a little longer. Then a little longer the next time. Then guide B___’s hands to his daughter’s head. The message should be clear that he’s not going to cum unless his daughter finishes him off.

Sooner or later, he’s either going accidentally go over the edge, and cum on his daughter’s face or in her mouth – which is a line that, once crossed, can never be uncrossed – or, even better, his grip on Flirt’s hair will tighten, he’ll pull her down to push his entire cock into her mouth, and he’ll face-rape her until he cums.

After that, you can expect it to become a nightly ritual for your husband to cum in his daughter’s mouth.

The next step is to have Flirt sit on her father’s lap each night – while his cock is out, and while she’s wearing her sleepwear, with a short hem and no underwear. It shouldn’t take long at all for his cock to “accidentally” slip into his daughter’s fuckhole, and after that he should have very few inhibitions left about raping his daughter whenever he feels like it. If she struggles, that’s good – hold her down for him, so he can learn it’s alright to fuck her even when she’s trying to resist.

Of course, you should form a good relationship with Flirt too. Even before her father starts fucking her, you can demand that she kiss you hello and goodbye each morning and evening – and ensure that each kiss is a slutty, prolonged, tongue kiss. You can perform daily checks of her sexual health – massaging her tits for extended periods; spreading her legs to examine her pussy; sliding fingers into her fuckhole, or even bringing your mouth down to check her taste.

Later, when B___ is less worried about the degradation of his daughter, draw up a new set of household chores for her. Specify that they’re to be performed naked; make them as degrading as possible; and add “tongue-cleaning your stepmother’s pussy” to the bottom of the list. Have your husband enforce it. Make Flirt lick your pussy clean each morning and night; after every trip to the toilet; and after every time her father fucks you. There’s nothing better than watching a daughter lick her own father’s cum out of a whore’s pussy.

You should also schedule twice-daily sessions of painful milking for Flirt, to help her milk come in. Tell her it’s good practice, as she’ll almost certainly be impregnated by the end of the year, quite possibly by her father. And besides, it will make her udders swell, which will please your husband. Get yourself milked too, and then you can do some mother-daughter bonding as you breastfeed each other.

At this point, both you and your husband should be finding Flirt to be much more pleasing. It’s time to deal with the final complaint about Flirt – her drain on your finances. A well-trained teenager can pull in good money as a prostitute, particularly if she’s been raised well enough to know not to say no to a man, no matter what he wants to do to her. By pimping your stepdaughter out, either personally or through a brothel, you can bring in a nice supplementary income that will make your husband happier and wealthier.

And you can rest easy knowing that you’ve helped Flirt find her true place in life – and some day she’ll become the property of a husband herself, and pass on everything she’s learned about being a sub-human fuckpuppet to her *own* daughter, thus perpetuating the natural cycle of female existence.


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