Summer had always wanted to work in fashion, but by the time she came to technical college she found the course had changed to fit the times.

“The major determinative of women’s fashion throughout history,” said the lecturer on her first day, “has been this: do women buy their own clothes, or do men buy clothes for them? We are entering an era where more and more often women will be buying clothes chosen by men, and as students of fashion we need to adjust to that marketplace.”

Summer learned a lot in the course of her degree. Just the first unit, “Purpose of Clothing”, was a revelation. The lecturer in that unit talked about why women wore clothing. “In the past,” he said, “clothing was necessary to keep you warm, and to avoid exposure to the elements. However, in today’s changing climate, I expect women will be spending less time outdoors generally. Given that, what purposes do a woman’s clothes serve?”

“Modesty?” suggested one girl.

“Wrong!” said the instructor. “The imperative for a woman to conceal her tits and cunt is a means of *controlling* a woman, by causing her to feel shame when she is exposed, with the implication that she should be ashamed of having tits and a cunt. Which, of course, she should be. However, we think in coming years girls will be taught to be ashamed of themselves more directly, meaning that it is less important for clothes to conceal. Nevertheless, we should always remember that clothes can be used to make a girl feel shame.”

He wrote “control” and “humiliation” on the whiteboard, and then added, “display”. “Clothes display the girl for the enjoyment of men. They make her look visually appealing and decorative.”

He wrote more on the blackboard – “sexualisation”. “Clothes make a girl look rapeable and increase the interest of men in using her for what she is good for.” He added “punishment” – “Clothes can be used to punish a girl – either for something specific, or just for having tits and a cunt.” He looked around the class. “Can anyone think of one more?”

“Comfort?” one girl asked. “Like, I don’t know, the way a bra supports our tits?”

“See me after class,” he said, “and maybe if you suck my cock well I won’t fail you. Girls don’t need comfort. What I was looking for was ‘biological support’. Clothes can aid in a woman managing and fulfilling her biological purpose. A ring gag can keep her mouth open for raping. A maternity bra can keep her tits easily accessible for milking. A dildo can plug one of her holes.”

The girls were tasked with designing clothes for themselves to wear in a fashion show at the end of the unit where they demonstrated all the purposes of clothing. Summer worked hard, and blushed at the semester end as she stripped nude in front of the class.

“Control”, she said, and put a puppy training de-barking collar around her neck. She passed the remote to the lecturer, who promptly pressed the button on it. Summer jumped and squealed as the collar zapped her with electricity. The lecturer smiled, and zapped her again.

“Display and sexualisation,” she continued, between shocks, and wrapped a belt around her waist. The belt had elastic straps that led to her groin in front, and down and between her legs behind. The straps clipped painfully onto her labia with metal clamps, stretching her pussy lips open and exposing her soft pink inner cunt-flesh.

“Punishment and humiliation,” she then said, and took another leather belt. She showed the class that the underside of the belt had dozens of tiny little sharp spikes near the middle – not sharp or long enough to pierce skin, but wicked nonetheless. She wrapped this belt around her torso, with the spikes aligned with her titflesh, and the belt covering her nipples. She cinched it at the back, and pulled it tight – letting out a small involuntary scream as the spikes bit into her soft tit-meat, and the leather crushed her large breasts painfully flat. Once she had it as tight as she could, she buckled it.

“Biological support,” she said finally, and got out a modified vibrator. She turned the device on, making it wiggle and hum, and pushed it up into her cunt as the class watched. The base of the dildo had a small clip extending from it, and this she clamped onto her clitoris. The length of the dildo was such that it couldn’t slide out of her pussy while still clamped to her clitoris, but nevertheless the combination of gravity and her cunt muscles kept trying to expel it, making it pull painfully against her clit.

She turned to the lecturer to indicate she was done, but he was scooping up her other clothes and securing them in a bag. “Don’t bother changing back,” he told her. “Once all the other girls are changed into their outfits, you’re all going nightclubbing. 51% of your grade for the assignment will be based on how quickly you get raped in the clothing you have created. Don’t worry, Summer, I think you’re going to get a very high mark…”


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