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Felicia was excited, because it was time for the girls to learn the lessons of Slutt, and to her surprise, it involved a field trip.

It was the first time the girls had been outside the Convent since their arrival. They were nude, of course, with a heavy metal collar around their neck, and these collars were chained together to keep the girls in a long line. Weights were hung from the girls’ nipples and clitoris, and in this condition the girls were marched out the front gate of the convent and down the long road to the base of the mountain.

The chains were barely necessary. After seeing Whisper raped into submission by the lightning monster in the basement, none of the girls dared to even think about escape. Father Heldin had been placed in charge of this excursion, and they followed him docilely down the path. As they walked, Heldin taught them a song, about how lesbians were animals who existed to be raped, and they sung it obediently, their sweet voices and the cheerful melody contrasting oddly with the lyrics in which they begged for a man to abuse their tits and cunt until they cried.

By now, neither Felicia nor Kyra had any resistance left in them. The weeks of abuse, trauma, hypnosis and rape had broken down the identities that they had brought to the Convent, and something new was forming in its place. They were becoming the obedient sex-puppets the monks wanted them to be. The thought came to Felicia frequently that the mere fact she had tits and a cunt meant that she deserved to be raped, and the fact that she was attracted to women meant that that rape should be painful and humiliating. And when these thoughts came, she no longer challenged them, because she knew that struggling with these ideas would only lead to more pain and humiliation. 

The monks liked her better when the only thoughts in her head were the ones they put there. And everything was easier for Felicia when the monks liked her.

At the base of the mountain was a ceremonial village, consisting of a couple of dozen stone buildings with brightly coloured tile roofs. According to Heldin, for most months, the village stood empty, but once a year men would journey to the town, each bringing with them a woman, in order to receive the blessing of Slutt. 

Sometimes these women came willingly. More often they were a wife or family member of the man, and were brought reluctantly after some coercion. But it was also not unknown for men to simply abduct a woman they fantasised about, and drag her kicking and screaming to the town, in whatever bondage they felt necessary to force her compliance.

When Felicia and Kyra and the other girls arrived, the men and women were waiting for them in the village square. The women were in various states of dress – some in fine gowns, others half-dressed or nude – and each had her hands bound behind her back, and was leashed by her neck to one of thirty wooden pillars in the center of the square. The men each stood near their women. 

In front of the wooden pillars stood a large stage, which Heldin marched the convent girls onto. Once they were there, he unchained them from each other, and removed their cunt and tit weights. Then he turned to the leashed women in the square below.

“Good morning, bitches,” he declared. “May your whorish cunts bring pleasure to men, and may your tears make their cocks erect. Your menfolk have brought you here that you may receive the Blessing of Slutt, and if the Sisters smile upon you, so shall you receive it.”

Many of the women in the square were clearly terrified – although some looked eager, and even aroused. Heldin ignored them all, and turned back to the girls from the Convent.

From within the pack he had carried down the mountain, he took out a black case, which he placed on the ground and opened. Within it were a range of glistening syringes.

“These syringes,” he said, “will neutralise some of the effects of the Worm that you host. You will be able to touch and interact with other women outside the view of a man. However, you will still not be able to cum without first making a man cum, and in addition, you will feel a sharp increase in your sex drive.”

Felicia was the first in line, and thus she was the first to receive the syringe. Master Heldin plunged it into her left tit and injected her with the fluid inside, and Felicia felt it take hold immediately. Her cunt moistened and began to throb. Her nipple hardened and began to leak a trickle of milk. She desperately wanted to masturbate.

Each girl was injected in the same manner, and then Heldin turned back to the crowd in the square.

“The teaching of Slutt is that the sex drive of women exists only to enslave them,” he said. “Your cunts grow wet and aroused in order to make you stupid, so that you can be enslaved, abused, and impregnated. The most basic response of a woman to finding her cunt is wet is to desire to be raped by a man. But the very best girls know to go further, and use their arousal as an excuse to rape, degrade and enslave other women.”

He smiled, gazing upon the leashed women in the square.

“In a few minutes, all of you bitches will be unleashed,” he said, “and you will have time to run and hide in this village. You may hide wherever you choose, but you are not to pass beyond the red flags at the village border. If you go past the flags, the monks of my convent will find you, and the penalty will be death.”

There were terrified expressions on the faces of many women.

“Once you are hidden, the girls of the Convent will be sent to find you. There are thirty of you bitches, and thirty girls of the Convent. Each of my girls is expected to find one bitch, use her to reach the edge of orgasm, drag the bitch back to the square, sexually torture the bitch until she is crying, and then help the bitch to be raped by the man who brought her here.”

He paused, then added, “If you are able to go three hours without being raped by both a girl and a man, you will be set free from the man who brought you here – if you wish it – and given a small sum of gold to start a new life. Otherwise, you will leave in the manner you came, bound and leashed by your man.”

He turned back to the girls of the convent.

“There is no punishment for refusing to engage in this little game,” he told them. “Your only reward for doing this is that you will be allowed to cum. This will be your only chance to cum for seven days.”

Felicia felt a small moan escape her lips.

Heldin continued. “Each of the wooden poles has an engraving that matches the cunt of one of you girls. Find the image of your cunt, and track down the bitch that was leashed to that pole. You may speak to their menfolk to learn who you will be raping.”

And then he turned back to the crowd.

“Unleash the bitches!” he declared. “And may the Blessing of Slutt begin!”

The women were unleashed, and each began to run frantically from the square, seeking a place to hide in the small village.

Heldin counted to ten, and then motioned for the convent girls to follow.

Felicia hesitated for only the slightest moment. Some part of her remembered a time when she would have been revolted by the idea of raping another woman, for no reason other than her own sexual pleasure. But that had been a Felicia who was a little bitch, who had refused to let a homeless man cum on her face while she lezzed off with her secret girlfriend. That was a Felicia who had disappointed her father, and whose behaviour had been so reprehensible that she had needed to come here to the Convent to be fixed.

Her cunt was wet. And of all the tortures that she had received at the Convent, being prevented from cumming when she was so very aroused seemed like one of the worst she could imagine.

She went down among the poles and consulted the images engraved on them. They all looked like cunts, certainly – but the engravings were old, too old to have been made in the brief time Felicia had been at the Convent. And they all looked the same.

Was she too stupid to recognise her own cunt? She was sure that she was. She blushed, at being so mentally impaired that she could not even pick out her own fuckhole from a line-up.

But at the same time, she realised there was another lesson here. The cunts all looked the same because all cunts *were* the same. Oh, sure, there might be physical variation from one to the next, but ultimately they were all interchangeable. They all served the same purpose – to please men. And, as a cunt, she was no different from the cunts around her, or the ones who had been here the year before, or the year before that, going back down the years to the First Sin of Woman.

The brief moment of perspective was dizzying, and she put the thought away to reflect on later. Right now she needed to rape a bitch.

If the poles were no different, it didn’t matter which one she chose, so she placed a hand on the nearest and decided this would be her prey. She tried to recall the bitch who had stood here, and vaguely recalled a pretty blonde teenager in an expensive dress that had made her seem more buxom than she probably was.

“Excuse me, sir,” she said to the man who stood nearby. “Who is the bitch who was leashed here?”

The man smiled through his bushy beard. “That’s my daughter Petal,” he said. “On her 18th birthday I decided it was time she be raped by her father, but the little brat resisted and fought me, and even cut open a wound on my side. I could have simply overpowered her and had my way with her, of course, but I thought it might be beneficial in the long term for her to learn how real women behave, and understand how helpless she really is, so I brought her here to receive the Blessing.”

He grinned, as he stared at Felicia’s tits. “Go rub your cunt against her bratty little face,” he said, “and then bring her back here so we can both enjoy her.”

Felicia couldn’t help but picture her own father. She remembered how, on the way to the Convent, her father had called her a cocktease, and used her as a masturbation aid, ejaculating over her face and tits several times on the journey from their home. She pictured being dragged unwillingly before her father by another girl (Kyra?) so that her father could stick his cock into her pussy and rape her.

The thought made her squirm, because it was such a *confusing* thought. It was normal for a girl in Cadeland to be naked before her father, and even massage him with her tits to show affection (or apologise for bad behaviour). But actually being fucked by one’s father was deeply humiliating and demeaning. Which isn’t to say that it didn’t happen, just that girls were conditioned to internalise the idea as something they should be ashamed of. 

And she was still a lesbian – wasn’t she? She may have been trained to worship and pleasure penises, but she still didn’t *want* them inside her – or did she? And her pussy was so wet, and she was thinking through a haze of arousal.

Felicia turned away to begin searching for Petal – but that image of her father raping her wouldn’t leave her head. And she soon realised that, without conscious thought, she had begun to rub her pussy as she walked. She was masturbating to the thought of being raped by her father. 

She tried to stop. She tried to make the fantasy more extreme, more upsetting. She pictured her father slapping her, spitting on her, grabbing her tits in a painful grip and yanking on them cruelly. 

But she was still wet and still masturbating, and she still couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She began to search the village. She started by checking the obvious spots – behind houses, in the alleyways between them, in the shadow of the small structures and statues that dotted the environs. 

She found a couple of hiding women – and called out their locations to the other girls of the Convent, to assist in ensuring they were found and raped – but there was no sign of her prey, the young Petal. 

Soon an hour had passed, and Felicia’s cunt was still wet and unsatisfied, and she had no girl to show for it. She began to worry that Petal had fled the village, which would be a tragedy for two reasons – the poor girl would be executed, and, more importantly, Felicia would not be allowed to cum.

In the main square, Felicia saw that Kyra had met with more success. She had found a buxom blonde woman in her thirties and dragged her by her hair back to the stage. From what Felicia had overheard, she understood the woman to be the wife of a prosperous merchant from the Dawn Shores, and the man who had brought her here was a soldier of Cadeland who had abducted the woman from her husband, and who intended to send her home with his baby in her shapely belly.

Kyra had laid the woman on her back on a table, and was now straddling the woman’s face, forcing the woman to lick her pussy while Kyra beat the women’s tits with her hands as though they were a pair of drums. The soldier who had brought the woman stood between her spread legs, pumping his cock in and out of her unwilling pussy.

Felicia honestly could not decide if she would prefer to be Kyra, raping the woman’s face, or to be the woman herself, licking Kyra’s cunt as a man violently impregnated her.

Now Felicia began to intensify her search, desperate to find Petal and use her to achieve the kind of sexual release that Kyra was enjoying. She searched within the houses themselves, checking under beds, and in the packs that the travellers had brought with them.

As the clock closed in on the end of her second hour, Felicia finally got lucky. She found a hidden hatchway in one of the larger houses, and when she opened it, she discovered a basement – with Petal hidden at the bottom, staring up at her in fear.

It was a struggle to get Petal out of the basement. The girl kicked and fought, but the reality was that no matter how much Petal wanted to avoid being raped by her father – and she certainly wanted to avoid it *a lot* – Felicia wanted to orgasm even more. She pulled and dragged the girl, sometimes by her clothes, sometimes by her hair, sometimes by her legs, and once even by her tits, until she had Petal back in the main square, in front of her father.

Here, she ripped off the last of the girls’ clothes. She wanted to rape this girl – and even more, she wanted to *hurt* this girl, for hiding from her, for almost denying Felicia the orgasm she was desperate to have. 

She pushed the girl to the ground, and knelt over her face the same way Kyra had done with the blonde. The girl was crying already, and Felicia found the warmth of the girl’s tears against her inner thighs to be erotic.

“Lick,” she commanded the girl, and, hesitatingly, Petal began to lick at Felicia’s pussy. It was almost certainly her first time licking cunt. She had a lot to learn, Felicia thought.

“Lick harder,” she commanded, and to emphasise her point, she swatted at the girl’s cunt with her hand. Petal squealed, and brought her knees up to protect her vulnerable groin – but her father, immediately sensing Felicia’s intention, grabbed Petal’s legs and spread them wide. 

Felicia smiled, and began to beat the girl’s pussy with her hands. She knew Petal would hate to fuck her father – but she would hate it even more with a bruised pussy. She whacked repeatedly at the girl’s cunt, savouring the feeling of Petal squealing her pain into Felicia’s wet cunt, as Petal’s body jerked and struggled to escape.

Finally, Petal’s father could stand it no longer. He pushed Felicia off his daughter, then leant down and slapped the girl across the face once, and the tits twice. Then he picked up Petal bodily, and lowered her down onto his exposed and erect cock, holding her against him as he fucked her from a standing position.

She moaned as her father’s cock entered her fuckhole, her bare tits pressed against his chest, her head resting on his shoulder.

“You should have done what daddy wanted the first time, Petal,” her father said. And then he began to bounce her up and down on his cock.

Felicia looked up, her hand rubbing her pussy again, eager for Petal’s father to cum so that she would be allowed her own orgasm.

The father saw her looking. “Why don’t you lick her asshole, slut? I make her keep it clean.”

“No!” squealed Petal. “Please, no!”

The protest was all the encouragement Felicia needed. She had never licked a girl’s ass before, but she loved how much Petal seemed to hate the idea. She knelt behind Petal, and extended her tongue – and when it touched Petal’s anus, the girl started screaming with humiliation and violation.

Felicia loved it. And the father was right – Petal seemed to keep her nether region clean. Not that Felicia didn’t deserve filth, of course. She pushed her tongue further in…

… and that was when Petal orgasmed, shuddering between Felicia’s tongue in her anus and her father’s penis in her pussy.

“I knew you wanted it, you little slut,” hissed Petal’s father. And a moment later, he reached his own orgasm, firing his warm cum deep into his daughter’s womb.

That was all the permission Felicia needed to cum as well, and soon all three were shaking in sexual bliss (and, in the case of the girls, humiliation and shame). 

As she shuddered through her orgasm, Father Heldin came up behind Felicia and whispered in her ear. “Have you learned the lesson of Slutt, little bitch?”

She had.

“Yes, Father,” she said.

“And what is it?” asked Heldin.

“It is the nature of women to rape each other, and be raped,” she said. “Our slutty sexual desires exist to motivate us to rape each other.” 

She took a deep breath.

“And because I chose to rape another woman to satisfy my own desires, I deserve everything that a man may ever do to me.”

“Good girl,” whispered Heldin. “Ensure that after the father finishes with his daughter, he abuses you until you cry and then rapes you while you cry.”

“Yes, Father,” said Felicia.

It was only right, after all.


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