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“Today, you will be learning the lessons of Masture,” said Father Gorgnes. “But first you must understand where Masture lies in the pantheon of the Natures.”

Father Gorgnes was a large man, with a round belly, a smiling face, and a thick beard. Felicia rather liked him – when she dared to allow herself to acknowledge that she liked some men better than others – because he enjoyed watching girls degrade themselves more than he liked to hurt and abuse them personally, and he was generally quite affectionate and merciful towards the bitches in his care. One time, after Felicia had been made to masturbate in front of him, he had patted her head and called her a “good cunt”, and it had made her beam with bashful pleasure.

Right now, Felicia’s thoughts weren’t very clear. Like the rest of the class of naked sluts around her, she was floating in a receptive trance as a result of the hypnotic preparation she had received prior to the lesson. She looked dully across at Kyra, in a nearby seat, and wondered if Father Gorgnes would approve of her if she raped her former girlfriend in front of him. 

Gorgnes placed a foot-high statue on the table at the front of the room. It depicted three naked women. One was lying flat on her back. The other two were kneeling over her, one with her cunt over the lying woman’s mouth, the other with her legs entwined with those of the lying woman so that each had a knee against the other’s cunt. The two kneeling women were leaning towards each other and tongue-kissing as they fondled each other’s tits. The whole arrangement formed a kind of triangle.

“Who can tell me what we are looking at here?” asked Gorgnes.

The statue made Felicia think about raping her girlfriend again. She allowed her hand to drift to her pussy and begin to rub it.

Across the room, Kyra’s hand rose, slowly and with uncertainty.

“Yes, Kyra?” asked Father Gorgnes.

“It’s the Sisters,” said Kyra. “Lesba, Masture and Slutt.”

“Correct!” said Gorgnes. “Good little fuckpuppet! As you know, all women of Arth-Keros are cursed with nine fundamental truths as a result of the First Woman choosing to fuck the Nine Impure Natures. The Sisters, together, are a single one of those nine Natures – because of course no single female essence is worth as much as a male one – and the truth they impart to women is that the sexuality of women exists solely to please men.”

Felicia worked a finger into her fuckhole, and used another to stroke her clitoris, and continued to listen. She felt jealous of Kyra for earning Gorgnes’ praise.

“Together, we call the Sisters the Threefold Curse, or the Sister Wives, or the Trinity, or the Bitches, or the Harem,” said Gorgnes. “But individually, they are known by the names Lesba, Masture and Slutt.”

He pointed to the woman lying on her back. “This is Lesba, and she is the aspect of the Bitches that this convent is dedicated to. She teaches that women are only sexually attracted to other women in order to provide entertainment to men. Sexual relations with a woman that are of benefit to no man are a sin, and must be punished. Conversely, refusing to fuck a woman when it would entertain a man is equally a sin.”

He moved on to point to the kneeling woman whose cunt was over Lesba’s mouth. “This is Slutt,” he said. “She teaches that to follow your nature is to follow your cunt, and to follow your cunt is to follow the needs of men, and that the needs of your cunt and the needs of men are more important than the rights, dignity or happiness of any other woman. Slutt teaches women to rape and abuse each other, and gain sexual pleasure from doing so, and to lead their fellow women to serve the cocks of men in slavery and misery.”

Finally, Gorgnes pointed at the last figure. “But today we are learning about Masture,” he said. “And Masture governs your ability to give yourself sexual pleasure. Who can tell me why women have the ability to give themselves sexual pleasure?”

Felicia knew the answer, and she raised her hand – the hand that wasn’t still actively fingering her cunt.

“Felicia?” asked Gorgnes.

“To give men pleasure,” said Felicia.

Gorgnes smiled, and walked over and ruffled her hair with one hand. “Good cunt,” he said, and Felicia beamed happily.

“Yes,” he continued. “You only have the power to give yourself sexual pleasure because it might benefit a man. And Masture teaches that there are therefore three key uses for female masturbation. Does anyone know what they are?”

The class was silent. Felicia kept fingering herself.

“First,” said Gorgnes, “it helps you become wet to prepare you to be penetrated by a cock. And a good slut should be ready for a cock at all times.” He reached down, his hand sliding between Felicia’s tits, until it found her groin. A finger slipped between her pussy lips, and found her wet.

“Good bitch,” he said, withdrawing his finger and wiping it on her face. Then he continued to the girl next to Felicia, and inspected her too. And then each girl in turn.

Most of the girls in the class turned out to have wet cunts, and each received praise in turn. But two turned out to be dry. One was a petite brunette girl named Iryna, and as soon as Father Gorgnes found her to be unaroused, she began babbling, “I’m sorry, sir, I’m sorry, I”m a dumb slut, I’ll masturbate better, I’ll be wet in future, I’m so sorry.” This must have pleased Father Gorgnes, because he let her off with only a light punishment – he instructed her to lay her tits flat on the desk in front of her, and then hit them three times, hard, with a wooden ruler. She shrieked, but it was over quickly.

The other girl, though, was big-titted redhead Relara. She was a troublemaker, and there were rumours that she still resisted the orders of the priests even after weeks of conditioning. When Father Gorgnes found her dry-cunted, she only looked back at him with a defiant glare.

Father Gorgnes nodded, as if he were unsurprised – and then grabbed Relara by the hair and pulled her bodily from her seat. He dragged her to the front of the class and bent her over his lectern, with her tits lying flat on the wooden surface. Her ass and pussy pointed back towards the class.

“The second purpose of masturbation,” said Gorgnes, hefting his wooden ruler, “is to train you to be aroused by things that men want you to be aroused by. As you survey a certain topic, and masturbate, you will come to associate what you are looking at with sexual arousal. In this case, I want you to all to practice being aroused by the pain and tears of a disobedient bitch receiving her punishment. Please begin masturbating, girls.”

And with that, he brought his ruler down hard across Relara’s tits. Relara squealed, and writhed, but Father Gorgnes held her firmly in place.

“I will continue spanking your udders until your cunt becomes wet,” he hissed at the struggling girl. “So I would advise you to begin focusing on becoming aroused.” And then he hit her tits again.

Felicia’s sexuality had already been wildly altered by her time at the Convent. Just last night she had had a vivid dream about punching her girlfriend Kyra in the tits until Kyra began to cry, and then forcing the crying Kyra to lick her cunt. She had awoken with a sopping wet pussy and throbbing breasts, desperate to masturbate but trained to not touch her fuckhole unless a man was watching. 

So she found it pleasant to focus on Relara’s cute puffy pussy and generous ass as Father Gorgnes rhythmically beat the redhead’s tits with his ruler. The sound of her squeals – and then screams – and then tears – was erotic to Felicia, and soon Felicia had to take her hand away from her cunt, because she was in danger of orgasming, and such an orgasm would serve no male purpose right now.

Finally, Relara’s cunt grew engorged, and a sticky rope of pussy-drool began to drip from her cunt lips. Felicia wondered what Relara was thinking about, to sexually arouse herself despite the pain in her tits. She was once again impressed by the ability of all women to be a slut when given enough incentive.

Father Gorgnes checked Relara’s cunt, found it wet, and smeared her juices across her face to show her what a whore she was. Then he sent her back to her seat, clutching her bruised tits.

“The final purpose of masturbation,” said Father Gorgnes, “is performance. You can rub your pussy in order to put on a show for men. In fact, Masture is the patron of female sexual entertainment generally. In coming days, we will teach you how to perform a striptease, how to model slutwear for male enjoyment, how to perform a variety of erotic dances, and other key skills. But for now, let’s start with the basics. I want each of you to move your chairs out into the aisle, so I can see you, and then put on your best masturbation show for me.” 

The girls did as they were told, and spread their legs for the priest to see their cunts as they fingered themselves. Felicia was still on the edge of orgasm, and each touch of her clit was frustrating ecstasy. 

Father Gorgnes did a count of the girls. “There are an uneven number of you, so here’s how this will work. Whichever girl I think puts on the best show will be allowed to orgasm – and then I’ll fuck her, and cum inside her. The rest of you will then pair off into couples, and slap and pinch each other’s cunts until you orgasm from pain.”

Felicia wanted to please Father Gorgnes badly – and she found the thought of him pushing his cock into her pussy delicious. She couldn’t believe she had once been a lesbian. In some ways the thought of being fucked by a man still revolted her – but in others, it felt like a wonderful validation of her true purpose in the world, and the fact that she wanted it so little just made it more perfect and desirable. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and tried to catch Father Gorgnes’ attention.

But in the end it was Kyra who was deemed “best in show”. Father Gorgnes called her an “excellent cocksleeve”, and then exposed his cock, lifted Kyra up bodily, and slowly lowered her onto his dick with his two surprisingly strong arms. Kyra cried a little bit as she felt his cock slip into her pussy, but she was soon kissing him affectionately as he bounced her on his phallus.

Felicia was consumed by jealousy as she watched this happen. Her so-called girlfriend was once again stealing male attention that rightfully belonged to Felicia. The little cockteasing tramp was always doing this. 

She found herself paired up with Relara, and she took great pleasure in pretending that Relara was actually Kyra as she pushed the redhead to the ground, straddled her cunt across Relara’s mouth, and began punching Relara in the cunt. Relara responded by biting and chewing on Felicia’s clitoris, making Felicia squeal – and causing her to punch Relara’s pussy even harder.

Soon both girls were crying, and desperate to orgasm.

But it was only when they heard Father Gorgnes grunt and ejaculate into Kyra’s womb that they themselves were able to cum.


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