Titboxing was becoming more and more popular, and Gabriela had reluctantly begun to fight, needing the money they paid to even girls who lost bouts.

There was an upfront investment, of course, in the surgery. She needed not just fake tits, but special fake tits, with pressure sensitive implants. 

In titboxing, the girls fought mostly nude, wearing only a thong to hold the aggressively buzzing vibrator inside their cunt. The fought with strong doses of aphrodisiacs in their system – it was not unusual for their cuntjuices to be drooling down their legs before the fight even started.

The girls could punch anywhere below the neck, but their gloves were heavily padded and even a strong slut would find it hard to do any real damage from the punch itself. The trick was to hit the other girl on her tits. A strong impact on the tits would activate the pressure sensor inside, which connected to the girl’s nervous system and would deliver a jolt of crippling pain to her breasts and pussy. Every third such jolt would also trigger an orgasm in the girl, usually making her legs go weak and sending her to her knees as she moaned and squirted.

The implants would also send a signal to the girl who landed the punch, rewarding her for abusing her opponent’s tits by giving her a quick burst of pleasure in her fuckhole and making her vibrator buzz harder and louder. 

When one girl was eventually unable to rise from the matt on a count of 10, the other would always quickly strip off her thong, pull out her vibrator, and hump her sopping wet fuckhole against the loser’s face until she reached a very public victory orgasm.

The first four times Gabriela fought, she lost, naturally. She found it the most humiliating experience of her life, but each time she signed up for more, finding it hard to think clearly through the haze of pain and arousal. On her fifth time, she won, and raping the face of the anonymous girl who had wanted to punch her tits was the most satisfying orgasm of her life.

By the time a month was up she didn’t think she even needed the implants anymore. When she masturbated, she fantasised about punching sluts in their big fake tits, about having her own tits abused and orgasming from the pain. When she fucked her manager – as she was so often required to do – more and more often she begged for him to squeeze her tits as hard as he could, to trigger her implants, to cum inside her as she orgasmed from pain…


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