Author’s Note: For the benefit of any readers who are encountering this story outside the context of my work generally, the Dr Degradation columns are fictional gender-degradation erotica. The requests for advice are entirely fictional, and the advice should absolutely not be followed. 


Please help me, Dr Degradation!

I’m 18, I’m a virgin, but I’ve just started seeing a boy named Zeke, who makes me feel  really wet. So far we’ve kissed, he’s groped my tits, and I’ve felt his erection through his pants.

I’ve fantasised all my life about my first time being rape. I just want to be used like an object, without the slightest ability to protect myself or say no. I want to know that the man gets whatever he wants from me, without the slightest concern for my enjoyment or pain or consent. I want to feel him abuse and degrade me until he ejaculates into my unprotected virgin womb. 

I think that’s the only way a woman should ever experience sex. The idea of telling a boy he’s *allowed* to fuck me is a huge turn off. I can’t bear the idea that he’ll stop if I ask him to.  

But he won’t rape me! He says he won’t do anything that I don’t consent to! 

I don’t want to lose Zeke as a boyfriend, but I think if I start things off on the wrong foot by consenting, we may never recover.

How can I get Zeke to give me the raping I need and deserve? 

  • Eager Cunt


Thank you for your question, Cunt! It’s great to hear from a young woman who’s trying to make sure her relationship starts on a healthy, constructive basis. 

Unfortunately some boys today find it difficult to rape a woman. It can require some encouragement and re-conditioning to get them to see you as the sub-human cum toilet that you are.

At the moment, Zeke sees you as a human being like himself, with rights and opinions and dignity, that he might interact with in a range of ways of which sex is only one. He’s been trained to be reluctant to hurt you or make you cry, and fears that there will be consequences if he does so.

What you want is to get him to see you as an object whose only purpose is sex, rather like a condom or a Fleshlight, that only exists for him to ejaculate into, and which he can do whatever he wants to without censure.

Your first goal is to get him to associate you with sex, and to have him thinking with his cock rather than his head. You’re going to want to try to keep him aroused any time that he’s around you. 

Greet him and say goodbye to him with tongue kisses, if he’ll let you. Press up against him and rub your tits against him. When you’re together, keep your hand in his lap, stroking his cock, or else sit in his lap and wiggle your ass against him. If he’ll let you actually masturbate him, that’s even better – but try not to make him cum – unless he tells you to, of course; a girl should always obey a man!

Make your conversations always involve sex. Suggest activities like watching porn together. Ask him how he’d like to fuck you, where he’d like to cum on you, what ways he’d like to use you. Only spend time with him in the company of other people if you’re sitting in his lap, or if there’s another girl you can kiss and lez off with for his enjoyment. If he’s really not in a mood to be aroused, then leave – make it clear that you only exist when he wants to fuck something.

Next, you have to remove his respect for you as a person. This is simple to achieve – stop acting like people he respects. 

How you dress is a key element. At the very least, you should be dressed one level sluttier than is appropriate for the situation. For instance, in a professional office, wear skintight jeans and a tight casual shirt. Hanging out at a friend’s house, strip down to your underwear. Even in situations where you might be naked – while making out with Zeke, for example – you can go sluttier still, with nipple clamps, clit clamps, cunt spreaders, or ring gags. (Going to public, non-sexual events in a ring gag and handcuffs is a great way to get him to objectify you quickly, by the way.)

In addition to under-dressing, you can also make sure your look helps objectify you. Buy shirts with slogans on them like “Bimbo” or “Cocksleeve” or “I Like Being Raped”. Wear crotchless panties and bras that don’t cover your nipples. Wear bright pink lipstick. Put your hair in pigtails. Wear a dog collar and high heels. 

Be stupid. Never know the answer to any difficult question. Never offer an opinion that contradicts Zeke. Require help with simple tasks. Giggle.

And degrade yourself. If you can get cum from anywhere – other men, your friends – you can go a long way by eating it out of a condom in front of Zeke. Take your meals on all fours from a dog bowl. Let Zeke hand-feed you. Wet yourself in front of him, and make him change your panties afterwards as if you are a baby, or else piss in a glass in front of him and drink it. Offer to be his toilet.

In no time at all, he’ll realise you don’t deserve respect or rights!

Next you have to train him out of his inhibition against rape. Encourage him to be violent with you. Tell him that the only way you’ll respond to requests to stop doing something is if you’re slapped or forced – then do something like start undressing him. When he does slap you, respond with a gasp and an expression of lust, to help him associate the violence with sex. 

Don’t ever move anywhere just because he asks you to – make him drag you by the hair or nipples. Don’t sit in chairs of your own volition – make him push you down into them. Tell him you find it hard to pay attention to what he’s saying unless he’s hurting you, and suggest that pinching your nipples or clit is helpful. 

Soon you’ll find he’s casually slapping you when you’re less than perfect, and habitually torturing your tits or cunt while he talks to you – a definite improvement!

And finally, he needs to know that there’ll be no consequences for what he does to you. Tell him that what happens between you stays between you, no matter how much you may dislike it. Make a video talking about how you think it would be funny to make false rape allegations against someone, and give him a copy. Maybe even go to the police and accuse someone of rape, and then admit it was a lie the next day. Constantly make fun of anyone who reports abuse to authorities, and suggest they deserved what they got. Document your rape fantasies publicly. And make sure that Zeke has a copy of all your most degrading and embarrassing secrets that he can release if you ever displease him. All this should give him strong confidence that whatever he does to you will be completely free of consequences.

There you have it, Eager Cunt! Zeke should be acting like you’re a non-sentient hole to piss and cum into before you know it, setting you up for the beginning of a healthy, appropriate relationship!

Good luck with all your upcoming well-deserved rapings. 


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