Author’s Note: For the benefit of any readers who are encountering this story outside the context of my work generally, the Dr Degradation columns are fictional gender-degradation erotica. The requests for advice are entirely fictional, and the advice should absolutely not be followed. 


My good friend Dr Degradation,

Along with several of my friends, I recently ran for office in my state elections on a platform of “creating a paradise for men”. We ran as outsiders, expecting no real chance of success, and consequently never developed specific or robust policies for how we’d implement our “paradise”.

However, due partly to an unexpected wave of support, but mostly to oddities in our local electoral system producing surprising results, we have found ourselves not only elected – but in control of the state government.

We’re ready to implement our “paradise” – which we see as a world in which women have no rights or power but instead serve as submissive sex-toys for men. However, unfortunately in our state, women make up 60% of the police, 78% of the teachers, and more than half of the lawyers, and we fear there may be some resistance to our policies.

How can we best go about overcoming opposition and establishing our paradise?

Steven H


Thanks for this question, Steven – and congratulations on your win!

I can see why you’d be worried that key institutions in your state may be unwilling to support the transformation of women from confused, semi-independent bitches into happy, brainless fuckpets – but you actually don’t need to be that worried. You’re in a better position than you think!

Evidence shows that when groups who are oppressed or outsiders enter the inner circles of power – particularly in authoritarian or enforcement roles such as police forces – they actually become *more* eager to oppress and victimise their own group than their peers. This is doubly so if the process to get into the organisation involves elitism, and is physically and/or mentally demanding, and even more so if the culture within the organisation is abusive and humiliating. 

You can expect your female police officers to have thoroughly internalised the values of their male colleagues, and be eager to punish their fellow women in order to prove that they are among “the good ones” and maintain their status on the inside. 

You can further this divide between “your” women and the general population by engaging in a wide-scale public program to demonise women. Highlight and rebroadcast every story about women committing crimes, women being negligent or incompetent or stupid, women lying (especially about abuse or rape). Help create a general perception that any given woman probably needs to be punished for *something*, even if you don’t know specifically what. 

At the same time, dehumanise women. Make it legal to refer to women as “cunts” and “bitches” without repercussions – perhaps in the name of “free speech”. Then use that language consistently in your own communications. Women in government advertising should always appear large-breasted, sluttily dressed, and stupid. They should be shown in positions where they are kneeling or crawling, ideally by contrast to a standing male. 

Your police women will be eager to prove that they’re not like those slutty evil lying women, and will do anything necessary to establish their willingness to be harsh on misbehaving cunts.

And of course, at the end of the day, the first duty of a police force is to protect the status quo and the interests of those in power, and you can count on them to do that even when the status quo is specifically contrary to their own personal interests.

Turning to your lawyers – to a certain extent, the same issues apply as to police. Many female lawyers will be quite willing to prosecute and victimise women, having necessarily internalised the elitist and misogynistic attitudes of the law fraternity in order to earn their positions. And while the statistics show that more than half your lawyers may be women, you’ll find those women disproportionately distributed in administrative and regulatory roles, while the lawyers who wield actual power will likely mostly be men.

But I agree it would be nice to trim down those numbers, if only because women are more suited to a life as submissive cock-sucking decorations than as lawyers.

What you want to do is introduce a “fit and proper person” test, that will disbar lawyers who fail to meet the legislative requirements as to their character. (You can apply this to police and teachers as well.)

Make it so that a woman’s sex life and sexual history will be taken into account in assessing her character. A normal approach to this would be to reject a woman for being too sexually promiscuous, or for behaving or dressing in a sexual manner in public, or for adultery or cheating, or for consuming porn. 

But you don’t want to kick out all the genuine sluts and only keep joyless bitches in the workforce. So make sure the character test catches women both coming and going. They can’t be too promiscuous – but make it also a problem if they are rude or unpleasant to men, or reject too many sexual advances, or dress unattractively. You want to be able to fire women whether they have a lot of sex or none at all.

But more importantly than that, you want an excuse to invade women’s privacy. Establish a “Women’s Integrity Unit”, whose job is exclusively to audit the character of women in privileged positions, such as lawyers. They will have wide-ranging powers to spy on women, enter their homes without warrant, tap their phones and internet, and question their neighbours and acquaintances. They will be specifically charged with building up a dossier of compromising information on these women, including but not limited to their browsing history, porn consumption, and images and video of the women nude and/or engaging in sexual activity.

The significance of this is that while women in the law profession may bring legal challenges against your new laws, by the time those challenges reach court you will *already* have a dossier on each of these agitants, sufficient to possibly blackmail them, or at least to humiliate and discredit them and ruin their careers.

It is likely during this process that at least one woman will accuse the Women’s Integrity Unit of harassing her, or even sexually assaulting her. This will be your excuse to amend the law to provide ongoing and retrospective immunity for the Unit against any claims of sexual harassment or rape arising out of their duties, whether in good faith or otherwise. You can then begin to subject your female opponents to a nightly schedule of humiliating and painful rape until they behave themselves – and if they complain about it in public, well, it will just be another example of how women lie all the time and need to be controlled.

In time you will want to simplify the character test for women. On the one hand, you will make it illegal for them to hold or express opinions that women have rights or intelligence. And on the other, you will require women to be sexually aroused at all times, but also make it illegal for them to orgasm without explicit male permission. You will find your aforementioned police officers more than ready to randomly check the cunts of women on public streets for wetness, and eager to humiliate and abuse them if they’re found to be dry – and meanwhile, close surveillance of women and total removal of their privacy will be required to ensure they are not having illicit orgasms behind closed doors.

And now we turn to the question of teachers, who represent your only real problem. The educational professions have a long history of agitating against the status quo.

But, as discussed above, you now have the police and courts on your side. You can confront this problem head on.

Change the syllabus. Require that females be referred to at all times by teachers as “cunts” or “bitches”. Formally teach that women are stupider than men, and only suitable for serving men and receiving their cum. Have history teach that all the great disasters and tragedies of history arise from the sluttiness and stupidity of women. Have biology teach that women are more akin to animals than humans. Require that boys be allowed to learn about breasts and vulvas by playing with the bodies of their female teachers – both in terms of sexual responsiveness and pain tolerance.

Ideally, the women who aren’t prepared to embrace these new values will simply quit the workforce. Recalcitrant troublemakers can have their Women’s Integrity Unit files publicised to humiliate and discredit them, followed by a program of nightly rape until they agree to teach properly, or quit.

However, it is more likely that the workforce as a whole will go on strike – and now is the time to show the iron fist in the velvet glove.

Be brutal in disrupting the strike. If teachers assemble and protest, don’t just slap and beat the women – have your officers rape them right there at the protest site. If they hide in their homes, break down their doors, rape them in front of their families, and then arrest and imprison them. 

You can blame the public violence of this process on women as a whole, and use it as an excuse to impose still more restrictive laws on women – controlling what they wear, controlling their access to birth control, prohibiting them from certain professions, and ultimately requiring them to be under the control at all times of a male guardian such as a father, brother, husband or employer.

With adult troublemakers swiftly corrected by the police and courts, and with young people growing up to learn that women are essentially sub-human cum-toilets, you will soon find yourself living in the “paradise” that you promised.

I wish you the best of luck.

Dr Degradation


Author’s Further Note: This story was written by request of a paid ATR member, and is written for the purpose of fantasy, but there are far too many actual politicians actually getting elected who are uncomfortably close to “Steven” from this story. As responsible, ethical kinksters, DO NOT ELECT STEVEN. Thank you.


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