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Courtney awoke to the feeling of being raped.

Or at least, it was technically the feeling of being raped, because a man had his cock inside her, and she hadn’t consented. But at the same time, she was aware that her pussy was sopping wet, and the feeling of being violated felt deliciously good.

She started to panic and struggle anyway, as soon as she realised what was happening. She had been having a delicious dream about fucking a handsome man as she had surfaced to awakeness, but now that she was conscious she could see the reality, and it made her want to scream.

She couldn’t scream. There was a gag in her mouth. She could only make muffled noises.

She was in some kind of hospital room, in what appeared to be a hospital bed. She was completely naked, with no sheet over her. Her hands were above her head, attached to the bedhead by some kind of handcuffs. The bed was short, and ended directly under her buttocks. Her legs were were cuffed at the ankles and thighs, and suspended from an overhead rig that kept them raised in the area, and spread wide apart.

A man was standing between her legs, thrusting his cock into her unprotected pussy. He looked like a janitor. 

There was a mop and bucket leaning against the institutionally-green walls of the room. He *was* a janitor. And he was raping her.

He could see every inch of her body. She was on full display to him – naked, in front of a strange man. She struggled, but her hands and legs were cuffed tightly. She tried to speak, to beg him to stop raping her, but the gag in her mouth prevented her.

She wasn’t sure what the gag was, exactly. It felt like the nub of a pacifier – jelly-like and blobby. It was attached to a strap that went all the way around her head, stopping her from spitting it out. She tried to scream again, and only muffled noises came out.

The janitor had seen she was awake. He smiled, but said nothing – only speeding up his thrusting into her pussy. His eyes strayed over her naked, vulnerable body.

She moaned. Despite everything, being raped felt good. Her traitorous cunt was so wet. She felt so strange. What was happening? Where was she?

She remembered Dr Kepler saying he would have to “hospitalise” her. Was that where she was?

The janitor was thrusting faster now, nearing his own orgasm. He made eye contact with her, reached between her legs – and pinched her clitoris, hard.

She howled with surprise, shock, and agony – and orgasmed. She felt herself squirt, surprisingly, forcefully, spraying watery girl-cum over the janitor’s groin. She burned with the humiliation of this – of orgasming from rape. Why was she doing this? Why was she such a slut?

The janitor didn’t care. He responded by orgasming himself, and she felt him shudder and twitch as he ejaculated his semen deep into her womb.

Her *unprotected* womb. She wasn’t on birth control. She hadn’t thought she needed it. She hadn’t known that Kepler and his assistants had been raping her…

The janitor pulled out of her, and wiped his cock clean on her inner thigh. “Good cunt,” he said, smiling – and then put his cock back in his pants and left, taking his cleaning implements with him.

Courtney was alone in the room, bound tightly, with the janitor’s cum leaking from her twat.


It was maybe half an hour later that Dr Kepler came into the room. He was wearing a white coat and carrying a clipboard, but as he entered, his eyes fixed on Courtney’s cunt, which was still drooling a mixture of cunt juices and the janitor’s sperm.

“Ah, such a waste of semen!” Dr Kepler said. “How careless! A bitch like you can’t afford to waste a single drop of sperm. Let’s fix that, shall we?”

She tried to shake her head – she didn’t want any “fix” that Dr Kepler might have in mind – but it was no use. Dr Kepler took a large metal spring-loaded clamp out of his pocket, used his fingers to pinch Courtney’s pussy lips together, and then set the clamp over them, pressing them painfully together and trapping the remaining cum in her fuckhole.

Courtney tried to swear into the gag. It hurt! But again, she only made muffled noises.

“Ah, Courtney,” said Dr Kepler. “Do you want to speak? I will remove the gag – but only if you promise to behave yourself. A well-behaved girl speaks quietly and respectfully, and speaks only when spoken to. Are you willing to be a well-behaved girl?”

Courtney would do anything to get the gag out of her mouth. She nodded eagerly.

Dr Kepler removed the gag.

“HELP!” screamed Courtney immediately. “HELP ME! THEY’RE RAPING ME! I’M A PRISONER! HELP!”

Dr Kepler sighed, and stuffed the gag back into her mouth.

“Such a shame,” he said. “We will wait until your attitude changes. But you should know that this hospital is very large, and very soundproofed, and it is a dedicated facility for bitches exactly like you, Courtney. No ‘help’ is coming.”

And he left her there, with her mouth gagged and her pussy clamped shut.


He was right. No help was coming. A couple of male nurses poked their heads in to look at her over the next half hour. Neither seemed concerned by seeing a nude, bound woman with a metal clamp on her cunt. One of them sniggered, and she thought she heard him call her a “stupid cow”. 

After half an hour, Dr Kepler returned again. He had another doctor with him – a tall, muscular man whose name-badge said “Dr Hedge”. This Dr Hedge said nothing to Courtney, but instead went in between her legs and removed the cunt clamp. Courtney moaned into her gag at the surge of pain as the blood re-circulated in her tortured vulva. Then she gasped as Dr Hedge took out his cock, and pushed it into her pussy.

Once again, she was wet for rape. His cock slid in easily and without opposition from her body. What was wrong with her, she wondered?

Meanwhile, Dr Kepler moved to stand near her head. “Are you ready to be a well-behaved girl now, Courtney?” he asked her.

It was distracting to try and answer questions while being raped, but Courtney did her best. She nodded her head eagerly.

“Very well,” said Dr Kepler, and removed her gag.

This time Courtney was silent. 

“Good girl,” said Dr Kepler, and patted her head as though she were an animal. “We have made some improvements to your body to aid in your treatment, Courtney. Would you like to see?”

She felt a twinge of fear. Improvements? To her body? What did he mean?

Nervously, she nodded her head.

Dr Kepler picked up a mirror about the size of a piece of A4 paper from the floor near the bed, and held it over Courtney’s body so she could see.

She gasped in horror.

Her breasts, which had once been barely large enough to fill a DD-cup bra, were now swollen to balloon-like proportions. She had been given a breast enhancement as she lay unconscious, and no effort at all had been made to make her new tits look realistic. She looked like she had a pair of soccer balls stuck to her chest.

“Do not worry,” said Dr Kepler. “Our surgeon is quite skilled. We have preserved the lactation ducts, and you are still capable of being milked.”

That certainly had not been Courtney’s worry. She gazed at her new oversized fuckballoons in abject horror.

And worse still – there were tattoos. Black text was clearly visible on the upper slopes of her tits. It was reversed in the mirror, and it took her a moment to make sense of it, but when she did, she immediately felt sick.

On her left breast were the words “COURTNEY CUMSOCK – BREEDING COW”. And on the other breast was the simple instruction, “RAPE ME”.

She would never again be able to wear clothes that displayed her cleavage. People would see the tattoos. They would ask questions. They would look at her in disgust. Worse still – they may take her up on the offer made by the “RAPE ME” tattoo.

“Why?” she asked, in a broken, quiet voice.

“Because you asked to be treated for your bitchiness, remember?” said Dr Kepler. “This is a somewhat extreme treatment, but quite effective, I assure you.”

There was something else different about her body too, but it took Courtney a moment to realise what it was. It was her hair – all her body hair below the neck was gone.

“Oh, yes, we removed your hair with lasers,” said Dr Kepler. “It will not grow back. A smooth, hairless cunt is more sanitary for breeding.”

There was that word again – breeding. Courtney shivered.

“Please,” she begged. “I don’t want this. Please let me go.”

Kepler laughed. “There’s that bitchiness again,” he said. “Don’t worry, we’ll soon have it cured.”

Dr Hedge was still raping her. It felt so good. She wanted to cum again. 

(There was one more modification that had been made to Courtney’s body – one that she couldn’t see in the mirror, and that she wouldn’t know about. It was a small slow-release medication implant, located near her groin. It was constantly pumping a drug into her bloodstream – a drug that would increase her fertility, counteract any contraceptive drugs, and significantly increase her sexual appetite. Dr Kepler saw no reason to tell Courtney about it – it was preferable for her to think that her constant arousal was the result of her own sluttiness.)

“Now, as you remember,” said Dr Kepler, “we had to hospitalise you because you had a delusional fit of bitchiness. You completely lost touch with reality, and it made it very difficult to treat you. You’re restrained in this bed for your own safety.”

“No…” objected Courtney. “Please.”

“It’s okay, Ms Cumsock,” said Dr Kepler. (That wasn’t her name, and she hated to hear him pretend that it was.) “You appear to be returning to sanity now. What we want you to do is just fill out this form, confirming the key details of your care, to show that you understand your situation. When you’re able to fill out the form correctly, we’ll let you go.”

He reached above her head and unclipped her wrists from the headboard. “Be a good girl now. If you abuse your privileges, they can be taken away again.” 

Then he passed her his clipboard, and a pen.

The clipboard had a form on it – “RECORD OF PATIENT CONSENT”. It had her name – her real name – printed in black ink across the top.

Underneath it had “Preferred Name”, “Occupation” and “Condition requiring treatment”. Then there were a range of further boxes beneath that.

“Make sure you fill it out correctly,” said Dr Kepler. “If you get it wrong, we’ll just rip it up, and wait an hour, and then give you another try, okay?”

Then he left her, with the clipboard and pen in her hand, and Dr Hedge raping her pussy.

Courtney looked at Dr Hedge, and thought about asking him to stop raping her. But Dr Kepler had been clear – no speech without being spoken to. She had no doubt that protesting her treatment would just end with her being gagged again. So she said nothing, and let the doctor rape her.

Besides, it felt good.

Instead, she looked at the form. Next to “preferred name”, she wrote her full legal name. Next to occupation, she started to write “executive” – and then remembered her current circumstances, and wrote “secretary”. And next to “condition requiring treatment” she wrote “no treatment required”. She knew that this last wasn’t what Dr Kepler wanted, but a stubborn streak still flared within her, and there was no way that she would write “bitchiness” on the form of her own free will.

She started to look at the next questions – but at that point, Dr Hedge reached down and pinched her clitoris, and she felt herself once again orgasm. The doctor orgasmed shortly afterwards, and when he pulled out, he put the clamp back on her twat, trapping his sperm inside her.

Then he moved around to examine what she had written on the clipboard.

His reply was only one word: “No.” He pulled the form off the clipboard, ripped it up, and put it in the bin. He took the clipboard and pen from her, clipped her hands back to the headboard, and left the room.


Courtney’s next visitor was a female nurse. Her name badge said only “Cutie”, and she had big fake tits like Courtney’s.

“Please – I don’t want to be here. Can you let me go?” asked Courtney. She knew it was disobedient to ask for help, but she thought a woman might be willing to help her where the men hadn’t.

But the woman only laughed. “Don’t be silly, Ms Cumsock,” she said. “And you shouldn’t say things like that, or they’ll gag you! I know you’ve been a huge bitch all your life up to now, but Dr Kepler is very good at this, and he’s going to cure you. You’ll feel so much better once you’re cured!”

“Does he… do this to many women?” asked Courtney.

“Well, he did it to me!” said Cutie. “And I’m a success story. Now I’m so happy, and I work here as a nurse! It’s only minimum wage, and everyone calls me a cunt, but it’s so much more appropriate for me than my life from before. And I can make a little extra if I give all the nice male doctors a blowjob after my shift.”

“What were you before you were a nurse here?” asked Courtney, out of morbid curiosity.

“Oh, I was a doctor here, before,” said Cutie. “I was Director of Surgery. But now I realise that all that responsibility was more than a woman can deal with, and it was just making me bitchy and unpleasant. I’m much happier now.” 

She moved between Courtney’s legs, and knelt on the ground. “Let’s have a look at that bitchy little cunt, shall we?” she said – and removed the cunt clamp.

Courtney moaned again at the pain of release.

Cutie seemed to be delighted by what she saw. “Look at all that pretty sperm in your rapehole!” she said. “You might already be pregnant, you know? And after all those men who fucked you while you were asleep after surgery, the daddy could be absolutely anyone!”

Courtney shuddered with alarm. How many times *had* she been raped in her sleep?

“It’s better when the woman doesn’t know who the father is,” said Cutie. “Because it helps her understand that her pregnancy is her problem, and no one else’s.” She poked a finger into Courtney’s sperm-filled pussy, and Courtney moaned again – this time with pleasure.

“Let’s get you all cleaned up for your next potential daddy, shall we?” said Cutie. And before Courtney could say anything, she leaned in and began licking Courtney’s fuckhole.

Courtney went wild. She had never had a lesbian experience with a woman. She had certainly never had a woman lick her cunt – let alone lick sperm *out* of her cunt. But she was securely restrained. There was nothing she could do except allow Cutie to clean her pussy using her tongue – and feel yet another orgasm slowly, inevitably approaching.

Cutie seemed to feel it coming too. She pulled back from Courtney’s groin, her face wet with sperm and cunt juices, and giggled. “Are you going to cum, Ms Cumsock? Are you going to have an orgasm from having your pussy cleaned? Dr Kepler said you were a disgusting slut, but I didn’t believe you were *this* much of a slut. Have you been cumming from being raped too? Only the most whorish girls Dr Kepler treats do that. You must be such a huge sex-pig.” 

And then she leaned in and began licking again.

The combination of humiliation and sensation was too much for Courtney. She felt herself cumming again. At least this time she didn’t squirt all over the poor girl’s face. She just lay there, shuddering, her face burning with shame, as Courtney finished “cleaning” her.

“Just like Dr Kepler said,” said Cutie when she was done . “I’m so sorry for you, Ms Cumsock. It must be so hard to be such a disgusting, bitchy little sex-pig…”


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