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By the time Courtney returned to Dr Kepler’s office the next morning, her cunt was in agony. She had discovered after leaving Dr Kepler that the clamp was quite a clever piece of technology. Every hour, on the hour, it slightly relaxed its pressure. When this happened, blood would begin to re-circulate in her crushed pussy flesh – and Courtney would squeal at the agonising pins-and-needles sensation this created. Then the clamp would bite down again, keeping her fuckhole tightly closed.

Dr Kepler made Courtney strip nude again once she was in his office. As she undressed, she noticed a photo on the wall. It was a picture of her spread pussy, taken while she had been in stirrups the day before, and it was prominently labelled with her full name. Was this photo just here for her consultation now? Or had it been up longer? Had other people seen it?

She was naked by this time, though, and there is nothing quite like being naked with a painful clamp on one’s pussy to disincentive asking confrontational questions.

Dr Kepler put her back on his examination chair – her legs in stirrups, her arms bound by her sides, and a blindfold across her eyes.

“I’m going to remove the clamp now, Courtney,” he told her. “And then I’m going to lightly slap your pubic mound to ensure that blood is circulating properly. It may make you cry out, so I’m giving you a gag.”

Courtney felt something pressing against her lips, and she opened her mouth obediently – and then immediately regretted it. What kind of gag was this, exactly? Something long and hard and rubber was pushing into her mouth, and down her throat. It completely occupied her mouth, pinning her tongue in place. It was attached to a leather strap, that settled over her lips, and tightened as Dr Kepler buckled the whole thing in place. She tried to object – but the gag worked, and she could only make muffled sounds.

The distraction of the gag meant that she hadn’t really thought about what Dr Kepler meant by “crying out” or “light slaps” – but then he removed the clamp, and she tried to scream, because the pain now was exponentially worse than when the clamp had merely relaxed earlier. 

But if she had thought that pain was bad, she was naïve – because as soon as the clamp was off, Dr Kepler began to slap her spread, vulnerable cunt with his hand – and it wasn’t light, it was hard. His middle finger landed right on her clitoris each time, and she squealed and bucked at each blow, delirious with pain.

Then something happened. The extreme sensations in her pussy somehow flipped from pain to pleasure – and back again – and then to pleasure again – and suddenly she was orgasming, squirting ejaculate from her cunt all over Dr Kepler’s hand. 

Kepler pulled back in disgust, and moved around her body. He wiped her slut juices onto her naked tits, running his hand across her nipple and leaving a trail of cunt slime.

“I had hoped you had gotten over your whorish behaviour, Courtney,” he told her. “That will be another five thousand dollar fine.”

She almost wept – with shame, with disappointment in herself, with guilt. She didn’t seem to be able to avoid humiliating herself in front of Dr Kepler, in what should have been everyday medical procedures. She wanted to apologise, but her gag prevented her from speaking.

Suddenly she heard the door of the examination room open, and someone enter.

“Mmf?” she said – which was intended to be, “Who’s there?”

Dr Kepler said nothing. He didn’t acknowledge her muffled question, or the presence of another person. Courtney could see nothing, and she began to think she had imagined it – until she heard a quiet cough, that was nowhere near Dr Kepler. There was another person present – looking at her naked body, at her spread cunt – and she had no idea who it was.

A moment later she felt Dr Kepler touch something to her clitoris. It felt like a small glass tube, that her clitoris went into one end of. A moment later there was a “whoomp” sound – and the tube began to suck her clitoris up inside it, through the force of a small vacuum, and then it began to rhythmically suck on her.

Courtney moaned. It hurt – and it felt good. Intolerably good. She felt her pussy wettening and throbbing with need – even though she had just orgasmed.

“This device will keep you lubricated for our procedures, Courtney,” said Dr Kepler. “And now we will clean out your vagina, including removing any leftover medicine from yesterday.”

She felt a metal nozzle push into her fuckhole – and then a squirt of cold liquid went up inside her, filling her pussy, and then dribbling back out again. She squeaked.

“I will use a brush to clean you, Courtney,” said Dr Kepler. “It is very much like a toilet brush, though a little smaller. I am informed it may hurt, although I can assure you it will do you no lasting harm.”

It *did* hurt. It felt like a spray of wire bristles arranged around a central rod, and when Dr Kepler pushed it into her cunt, she felt every one of those bristles poking and scraping at her inner vaginal walls. She squealed, and bucked her hips, forgetting to be a good patient in her immediate desire to get the thing *out* of her.

But there was no escape, and she was helpless to resist as Dr Kepler slowly pushed the “toilet brush” in and out of her fuckhole, while the glass tube sucked at her clitoris, and the unnamed guest in the room watched her.

She knew how it would end. She tried, but she couldn’t stop herself.

She orgasmed again.

“That’s another five thousand dollars, Courtney,” said Dr Kepler, in a flat, unimpressed voice. “What you just did will be very clear on the recording.”

She did start to cry a little then – but it was the most confusing tears she had ever wept, because she was still so aroused, and her cunt was throbbing, and she actually wanted him to use the wire brush a little more, so that she could cum for a third time.

But he was done with the brush. “Next I need a urine sample from you, Courtney. I’ll hold a sample container under your urethra, and I just want you to piss a little for me.”

What was Dr Kepler talking about? She couldn’t piss in front of him – and in front of whoever the guest was. Couldn’t he give her the jar and let her go to a bathroom, like her GP did? But of course right now she was restrained, and he’d have to un-restrain her for that. It would probably spoil the whole treatment. He must know what he was doing, surely.

She made a “mmmf” noise – which meant, “I don’t know if I can pee in this position, Dr Kepler. It’s hard when I’m aroused, too.”

But he ignored her. “Only a little urine, mind you,” he instructed. “Some women are very enthusiastic, and make a mess on my floor. I’ve taken the liberty of moving your clothes beneath you for incentive. If you give me too much, you’ll be wearing some very wet and messy clothes on your way home.”

It took Courtney more than ten minutes to pee into the sample container in front of Dr Kepler. The doctor made a “tssk” sound as he waited, and told her she was incurring a thousand-dollar “overlength appointment” fee. The tube kept sucking at her clitoris, and she found it intensely strange to associate urinating with being so aroused. But finally she relaxed her bladder enough to produce a small trickle, and it apparently satisfied Dr Kepler, as he eventually told her she could stop, and took his sample jar away.

And then came the time for her medicine. “Relax for the probe,” said Dr Kepler, and a moment later she felt the warm, almost fleshy applicator probe pushing into her fuckhole. 

Except Dr Kepler’s voice had sounded like it came from the far side of the room. So who was applying the medicine? Was it the mystery guest, whose identity she didn’t even know?

As the probe began to push in and out of her twat, she couldn’t help herself. Having her cunt penetrated while she was restrained by a person whose identity she didn’t even know was too much. She orgasmed again, for a third time – and then a moment later she had another orgasm.

“Ten thousand dollars more, for your whorish behaviour,” noted Dr Kepler – and his voice was definitely on the other side of the room.

The warm, fleshy rod pumped in and out of her cunt – faster, and faster. And then she felt the warm wetness of the medicine spreading inside her pussy – and that triggered yet another orgasm.

She was crying and orgasming at the same time.

When the applicator pulled out, Dr Kepler stepped in, and suddenly the hated clamp was back on her pussy, trapping the medication inside her. She heard footsteps, and the door open, and then the guest left, closing the door behind them.

When Dr Kepler eventually unbound her, and removed her gag, she couldn’t help but ask. “Who was the other person in the room?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Dr Kepler said. “There was nobody here but me.”

“But I thought…” said Courtney.

“Women often imagine they hear things while they are blindfolded,” said Dr Kepler. “It is the other senses compensating for the lack of sight. But I assure you, we were quite alone.”

Afterwards, Courtney paid over the significant penalty money for orgasming, and signed another paper agreeing that she had sexually harassed Dr Kepler by cumming during his procedure.

And then she went home with her cunt in pain, with the mystery medicine inside her, and a growing sense of unease about Dr Kepler’s course of treatment.


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