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Each day, Courtney visited Dr Kepler in the morning, and each day it would go the same way.  

She would strip, and allow herself to be strapped into the examination chair and blindfolded.  Dr Kepler would remove her pussy clamp, and slap her abused pussy, as she squealed into the dildo gag.  He would put the glass suction tube on her clitoris, and start it pumping, driving her to a frustrating level of arousal.  Then he would use a hose and a toilet brush to clean out her pussy, before asking her to piss into a specimen jar.  At some point, the door would open, and an unseen visitor – or sometimes two, or three – would enter the room.  And then the warm, fleshy applicator would be pushed into Courtney’s cunt, and fuck in and out of her until it finally delivered the spurt of medication into her fuckhole.  Then the guest or guests would leave, and Dr Kepler would clamp Courtney’s pussy shut again.

Courtney couldn’t help herself.  She orgasmed at every session – three or four times, or sometimes even more.  Each orgasm came with an accompanying five thousand dollar fee, and an admonition from Dr Kepler for being a slut and a whore.

Courtney was rich – a combination of a sizeable inheritance and the profits of a job as a high-level executive – but she couldn’t afford to just keep paying out tens of thousands of dollars every day for the next two months.  And besides, Dr Kepler’s procedures hurt, and they were humiliating.  

She tried to stop visiting Dr Kepler, after her seventh day of treatment.  Instead of turning up at his offices, she rang him, and left a message with his secretary that she would no longer be attending.  She still had the clamp locked on her pussy, but she thought maybe she could do something about that after work.

But when she arrived at her office, her manager wanted to see her.  When she entered his office, he closed the door and shut the blinds – and then showed her the email he’d received from Dr Kepler.  It depicted Courtney, naked and blindfolded on the examination chair, visibly orgasming as she pissed into a specimen jar.

Courtney begged her manager to allow her to keep her job.

He laughed.  “This isn’t about keeping your job, Courtney,” he told her.  “You’ve got two options.  You can quit your job, and try and find one somewhere else, and I’ll share this video with everyone who’s worked with you at this firm, and send a copy to your new employers too.  Or else you can resign your executive position on some pretext – gross incompetence should do the trick – and take a new position as my secretary, earning minimum wage.”

Courtney was flabbergasted.  He couldn’t be serious.

Except that he was serious.  He made her sit on the floor in the corner of his office, and think about it, and it only took her half an hour to realise she couldn’t bear the shame of everyone in the entire company seeing that video.  A demotion to a secretary was humiliating – but orgasming in a doctor’s office from providing a urine specimen was so much worse.

“I’ll do it,” she said, quietly.

“Good girl,” said her manager.  “Now undress for me.”

Courtney had guessed this would be part of the deal – but she had hoped she was wrong.  Now, resigned to her fate, she undressed in her manager’s office.  He was surprised to see the clamp on her pussy – but it didn’t deter him.  He came over to her, roughly bent her over his desk, and a moment later she felt his cock pushing into her virginal anus.

It hurt, and it should have been horrible – but halfway through her rape, the pussy clamp reached its regular interval of relaxation, easing up to let the blood back into her tortured pussy lips – and the agonising pins and needles that suddenly filled her sensitive groin flipped a switch in her head, and she found herself bucking wantonly against her manager’s cock as she orgasmed, and then orgasmed again.

Afterwards, her manager explained her uniform for her new job.  Short skirt, tight white shirt, lacy bra, high heels, hair in pigtails.  She would look stupid.  She would look like a sex-toy.  She would look like a bimbo.

She had no choice.  She agreed.

And the next day, she was back in Dr Kepler’s office, apologising for missing her appointment, begging him not to send any more footage to people who knew her.

“Next time it will be your family, Courtney,” he warned her.  “And I expect you to pay a thirty thousand dollar missed appointment fee.”

“I’m sorry, Dr Kepler,” she said meekly – inwardly raging at his treatment of her, but careful not to anger him.

It seemed like he sensed her anger, though, because once he had her restrained and naked in the chair, he said, “From today, we’re also going to commence oral medication.”

“What for?” asked Courtney.  She wasn’t gagged yet, and she took the opportunity to ask the obvious question.

“To treat your bitchiness,” said Dr Kepler, in a short, cold voice.  He pushed a device into her mouth, very similar to the dildo gag she had been using up to now.  She couldn’t see it, with her blindfold on, but it was once again a long phallus, made of plastic, and warm to the touch.  “Suck on this until it delivers your medication, and then swallow.”

Sucking on the object while being fully restrained felt humiliating – like a baby sucking a pacifier.  And yet somehow it just made her cum even faster.  She orgasmed from having her pussy slapped, then again from the toilet brush, and then again while pissing into the specimen jar, then twice from the application of the medication.  

The object in her mouth delivered its medication somewhere around her fourth orgasm, spurting a warm, sticky fluid into her mouth that tasted of salt and seafood.  She swallowed it obediently.

The next appointment was unusual, in that Dr Kepler finally acknowledged one of the mysterious guests in the room.  They came in early, immediately after Courtney was blindfolded, and Courtney thought there were two of them.

“Today, my assistant is going to assist with the oral medication,” said Dr Kepler.  “He will insert the delivery tool personally.   You will need to turn your head to one side to assist him.”

Courtney obediently turned her head to the left – and felt a hand seize a handful of her hair, holding her firmly in place.  Then something warm, fleshy and wet pressed at her lips.  It felt more like the applicator which administered her cunt medication than the plastic device she had sucked on yesterday.  She parted her lips obediently and allowed it into her mouth, and then began to suck on it.  

The hand tightened its grip on her hair, and Courtney became aware that she wouldn’t be able to pull away far enough to get the object out of her mouth even if she wanted to.

Meanwhile Dr Kepler went through the regular embarrassing steps of his examination, and Courtney blushed as she again experienced multiple orgasms from the degrading treatment.  She thought she was getting wetter and sluttier with each appointment.  She was even looking forward to her daily orgasms, despite the huge sums of money that they cost her.

In fact, when the time for her cunt medication came, and the applicator went into her, she felt herself bucking so intensely with the pleasure of it that her head pulled against the hand holding her hair.  And, just like that, her blindfold slipped off.

At first Courtney could see nothing but the blinding brilliance of the room lights.  But then, as her vision adjusted, her horror dawned.  She had expected to be looking at the hand of the assistant, holding the oral delivery tool – but she was looking at a rough collection of black pubic hairs, arrayed around….

… the base of a cock.  A cock that was in her mouth.  There was a naked man in front of her, and his cock was in her mouth.  She was sucking it.

She squealed, and tried to pull away, but the hand in her hair was firm, and instead pulled her closer to the cock, its length forcing its way down her throat until the tip of her nose was touching the man’s skin.

And between her legs – was another man.  A man she had never seen.  Dr Kepler stood off in one corner, smiling, making notes, and this anonymous man – who was dressed like he was possibly a janitor, albeit with his pants around his knees – was vigorously pumping his cock in and out of Courtney’s twat.

She was being fucked.  She was being raped.

And that was exactly what had happened at every appointment.  She had been raped, and she had gone home with a load of sperm trapped in her unprotected cunt by the pussy clamp.

She squealed, and bucked, and struggled, but the restraints held her firm. 

And while it may have initially looked like she didn’t consent to being raped, to anyone watching the footage that was being filmed of her, her body made it clear what her true opinion was only a few seconds later.

Because that was when she orgasmed – harder and longer than ever before.


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