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As a lesbian of few morals and endless cruelty, Silvia was always on the lookout for opportunities. 

And when she walked in on her brother Michael fucking the cunt of his pretty brunette neighbour, she knew she had hit the jackpot. 

Nessa was married, after all, to a very jealous husband, and Silvia knew Nessa would do anything to protect the secret of her infidelity.

Anything – including lick Silvia’s pussy. Nessa blushed and squirmed the next day, when Silvia told her that if Nessa wanted to keep her secret, she would need to be make Silvia cum using her mouth – but she agreed, to a single session of lesbian sex.

“Can I ask two things, though?” said Nessa. “Can we make it a week from now? I need a day to process this. And can we do it with the lights off?”

“Okay,” said Silvia. “But after you’re done licking me, you’ll have to let me lick you…”

“I suppose so,” said Nessa, reluctantly. “It’s a deal.”

They met at Nessa’s house a week later. Silvia followed a blushing Nessa to her bedroom, where Nessa turned off the lights, and began undressing Silvia. Silvia sighed happily as she felt the beautiful woman’s hands on her skin. She undressed Nessa in return, taking care to stroke her tits, pinch her nipples, and cup the mound of her pussy. Nessa trembled at each touch, which Silvia enjoyed immensely.

Then Silvia lay back on Nessa’s bed, spread her legs, and a moment later she felt Nessa kneel between her thighs, on the floor, and lean forward and begin to lick Silvia’s pussy.

It felt divine. Nessa had a natural gift for cuntlicking. Her tongue was so soft and wet. Every now and again, Nessa needed to take a pause – to take a drink, she said – but then she returned. The pauses made it take longer for Silvia to cum, and it was nearly 40 minutes before she eventually reached a devastatingly exquisite orgasm.

When she was done shaking and trembling, Nessa moved up Silvia’s body, to her mouth, and kissed her.

Silvia pulled away sharply.

“Your mouth tastes funny,” said Silvia. “What is that taste?”

Nessa chuckled – and reached out and turned on the bedside light. In the sudden brightness, she opened her mouth to show Silvia. Her mouth was full of thick, white liquid.

It took Silvia a moment to understand what it was. But then she saw the pile of condoms on the floor – some of them tied off, with sperm inside, others empty.

It was cum. Nessa’s mouth was full of a man’s cum. 

Every time she had “taken a drink” while she had been licking Silvia, she had untied one of the condoms and emptied it into her mouth. 

And then….

… she had used her tongue to push the sperm into Silvia’s unprotected womb.

Silvia’s mouth fell open in horror – and Nessa used the chance to lean forward and tongue kiss Silvia, spitting the entire load of sperm into Silvia’s mouth as she did so. Silvia writhed in horror but had no choice but to swallow.

She coughed and choked as Nessa pulled away. “Why?” she asked. 

“Because you’re a blackmailing lesbian whore,” said Nessa, “and you deserve this.”

“I might get pregnant!” wailed Silvia.

“I hope you do,” said Nessa. “And if you do, I think you’ll find that it’s you who are now going to have to please *me*. At least, unless you want everyone to know the father of the child is…”

“The father?” asked Silvia dumbly – and then she realised where Nessa had gotten the cum from. It was from Silvia’s brother, Michael. Nessa had spent the week fucking Michael non-stop, collecting his cum in condoms, to use it on Silvia tonight. She could be pregnant, right now, with her own brother’s child.

“Nooo….” she wailed in horror.

Nessa laughed. She took another condom, opened it, and pushed the contents into her own pussy. “I’m on the pill,” she said, “because I’m not a lesbian slut who thinks she’ll never fuck a man. But I think I’ll quite enjoy having you lick your own brother’s cum out of my pussy.” She moved up Silvia to position her cunt over Silvia’s mouth. “You said you wanted to lick me after I was done with you. Better get started.”

Slowly, humiliated and degraded, Silvia began to lick, tasting her brother’s sperm mixed with the wetness of Nessa’s fuckhole.

“Oh,” said Nessa, “and you should probably know that I told Michael what I was going to do with his cum. It made him very hot. I think part of the price for staying silent about your pregnancy might involve a few threesomes with me and your brother. What do you think, Silvia? Is that a good idea?”

Silvia couldn’t answer, with her mouth full of her brother’s cum and her blackmailer’s pussy, but she didn’t really need to. There was only one answer she could give.


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