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Sarah-Beth was pretty, attractive, popular, and the dux of her theology degree at the Women’s Christian University. Her innovative – albeit extremist – approaches to Christianity impressed her teachers and classmates alike, and by the time she graduated, the girls she had studied alongside were no longer her friends so much as her devoted followers.

Such was her influence that, upon graduation, she announced an intention to set up a women’s Christian commune in the woods near the small town of Grace, Colorado, and her entire group of classmates went with her.

She called the commune “First Principles”, and it had an announced intention to rediscover woman’s connection to society and to God by close Bible study.

Her first revelation was right there in the opening pages of Genesis. Man and woman had been created in a state of nature. When Eve first covered her body, it was a result of being tricked by the serpent. And so the women of First Principles resolved to go naked wherever possible, and only cover their bodies for the purpose of keeping warm.

Her second revelation was that God had created woman as a companion to man. Without man, woman had no purpose and no value. And so the women resolved that they would regularly spend time in the nearby town of Grace – attending its bars and nightclubs and social halls, so as to give companionship to men.

Some women were nervous about going into town nude. Searching the Bible, Sarah-Beth allowed that God had created woman to *please* men, and so wearing such clothes as might please men would not be sinful. The girls were relieved by this – but less relieved when Sarah-Beth showed them the “acceptable clothes” she had brought: slutty crotchless underwear, micro-bikini bras, tiny skirts that didn’t even cover the bottom of their pussies, and tight-see through tops that stretched lewdly over their tits.

Some women chose to wear these clothes. Others went into town nude. Either way, they were popular with the men of Grace. They talked earnestly with each man they met, preaching Christianity to him as he stared at their tits and cunt. “Jesus told you to be as fishers of men,” said Sarah-Beth, and the girls obediently cast their “nets” wide.

Their temptation proved overwhelming to many of the men, and a number of the girls were raped that night – and every night thereafter that they went back to town. 

“But if you meet their violence with love and acceptance,” Sarah-Beth told the poor girls afterwards, “you will show them God’s love. As they use you, merely tell them that you love them. Tell them that you forgive them, and God forgives them, and you will be doing God’s work. Anyway, better they should spend their lusts on you than on some girl who has not prepared herself for God’s work.”

(It’s unclear if any of the men in Grace ever found God in this way, but having their victims tell them they loved them certainly did encourage them to repeat the rape on future occasions, and reduced their inhibitions to raping other women in town…)

Sarah-Beth had several other revelations for the women. She noted that the serpent in Genesis had been sentenced to crawl on its belly for it sins, and so she encouraged the women to do likewise. For an hour a day, the women were required to move only like a snake, writhing along the ground nude, dragging their tits against the grass and gravel, humping each rock with their cunt as they moved. For the rest of the day, they were encouraged to crawl like a dog wherever practical, as a compromise between God’s punishment and the clear difficulty of the serpent-wiggle. Sarah-Beth had dog-doors installed in all the doors of the commune, marked “women”, and later found some money to have the bars and clubs of the town of Grace do likewise.

She learned from the Bible that it was the duty of men to correct and discipline women. She rostered the women on punishment schedules, and would invite a few men from Grace up to the commune each day to discipline those women in whichever way they chose. Sometimes they would slap or spank the women. Sometimes they would whip their tits or pussies. Sometimes they would put their breasts in bondage, or hang weights from their clitorises, or just rape them. It was unclear exactly what lesson the women were supposed to learn from this, but they all swore each time that they had learned it.

After the first month, Sarah-Beth commenced an intensive program of analysing the question of why, exactly, God had designed women in the way that He had. 

She looked first at the cunt. The pubic hair, she knew, was intended to concentrate and hold the scent of the woman’s arousal, to attract breeding partners. As it was God’s intent for this advertisement to take place, she took care to place notices in papers in surrounding towns that the women of First Principles were sexually available to any man who cared to use them, and hung further signs around town to this effect. She ensured no doors in the commune had locks or were capable of being barred, so that no woman could keep a man out who wanted to enter.

This being done, she saw no further point in women having pubic hair. One by one, she had each woman attend the central hall, where one woman would masturbate her with a dildo, while two others pulled out her pubic hairs one by one as she screamed and orgasmed. Then she would be given a laser treatment to stop them growing back.

On the topic of the labia, she examined the Bible, and could find no direct reference to them. She considered it was possible their purpose was to hold semen in a woman’s cunt, to help impregnation – but the science didn’t seem to support that. They may also possibly have been to help prevent infection. But on balance, she thought that they were probably given to woman not by God, but by the devil, to help them hide their breeding holes from men.

To that end, she required women in the commune to keep their labia spread open, either by taping them to their inner thighs, or connecting them via clips to their stockings (for those who wore stockings). The women soon got used to having their fuckhole spread open to the world at all times.

The clitoris, she noted, could bring women pleasure, but also pain. She saw clearly that this was intended as a way to let men control women. She had every woman in the commune wear a foot-and-half chain that attached to her clitoris by a clamp. She encouraged women to hand the end of this chain to any man she was talking to, so that he could pull on it at his whim to hurt her. She also designed plans for a series of higher-tech clamps that a woman could wear on a clit, that a man could use to deliver vibration or shocks as he saw fit.

(These chains remarkably increased the rate at which the women were raped. After all, it’s very hard to get away from a man when he’s holding a chain connected to your clitoris, and it’s very hard for a man to respect a woman’s rights when she’s just passed him her clitoris leash and is sitting there nude in front of him.)

The purpose of the fuckhole itself was clear – to give men pleasure, and to allow the impregnation of the woman. Women were fundamentally breeders. A woman who wasn’t pregnant and wasn’t being fucked was a worthless woman.

By this stage, most women in the commune were being raped nightly. In addition, Sarah-Beth’s advertisements were bringing a high volume of daily tourists to the commune to make use of the women. By charging a small entry fee, Sarah-Beth had made the commune financially self-sufficient, and she was pleased to see that the average girl in the commune was getting her pussy raped an average of three times a day.  

At this point, several of the women were beginning to have second thoughts about the commune, and wanted to leave. Sighing, Sarah-Beth went about at night and placed a locking collar on each woman’s neck. With these, she could give them agonising shocks if they tried to leave. Removing them required a welding torch. After the first two women fell to their knees, twitching, at the commune gate, and were dragged back inside unconscious, there were no further attempts to escape. Sarah-Beth knew that women, left to their own devices, would choose sin, and she had no guilt about stopping them from making that choice.

In addition to the regular rapings, Sarah-Beth also solicited donations of semen from around the nation. Many men unable to attend the commune sent her samples by post. Every Sunday, she would be able to fill a large wading pool with cum. The girls would take turns bathing naked in it in pairs, pushing the anonymous sperm up their pussies, kissing and licking each other (because it was right to express one’s joy at serving God), until every girl had shoved as much cum as she could up her snatch, and then the girls would cluster around and lick up the remains until they were full or the cum was gone, whichever came first, before finally licking each other clean. 

(Sarah-Beth charged admittance to this spectacle, too, at a somewhat higher rate. Generally the audience were moved to rape the girls after the show was done, which was as it should be.)

Moving on to the breasts, Sarah-Beth saw two clear purposes in a woman’s breasts. The first was to generate milk; the second was to receive pain (the only reason she could see for their comparative sensitivity).

By this stage many of the women in the commune were pregnant, but nevertheless Sarah-Beth invested in industrial cow-milking equipment, and had each woman connected up to it for any free hours that she had, until her milk started to come in. Then she scheduled the woman for twice-daily milkings. 

She found the women’s tits were very sensitive and swollen immediately before their milkings, when they were full of milk, so that was when she scheduled them to have their tits beaten. She would make them masturbate, so they would feel joy at achieving God’s purpose for them, and Sarah-Beth loved watching the milk squirt from their nipples on every strike as the men brought their canes or leather belts or sticks down on the women’s udders.

The women’s lives were now a more or less continual cycle of rape, milking, and pain. The remainder of their time was filled by sleep (although it was not uncommon for men to enter the house of a sleeping woman and rape her in her sleep, now); chores and work for the commune; and prayer.

Prayer was a special time for the women. Sarah-Beth had decided that the purpose of a woman’s mouth was to eat, breathe, service men, and pray. Women had no need to speak at other times, so she had set their collars to shock them if they spoke anywhere except in the commune’s central worship hall.

When they did pray, they had a fairly specific prayer: “Dear Lord, I know that I am a sinful animal that exists only for the service of man. Please let me be raped as often as possible and as painfully as possible. Please let me be impregnated by my rapist. Please encourage men to hurt my tits and my cunt and use me as their sex toy. Please make men fill my mouth with any fluid they choose to put in it. Please let my udders grow full with milk, and cause me pain in both their fullness, and in the vigorousness of my milking. Please take away my freedom, and free me from choice, and make me a good animal. Amen.”

Sarah-Beth made them masturbate as they prayed, and repeat the prayer until they orgasmed.

Sarah-Beth’s final revelation was that, of course, women must be married to a man. She began to allow men to come to the commune and pay a steep fee to marry one of the women. Upon payment, Sarah-Beth would perform a marriage ceremony, where the woman sucked the man’s cock while Sarah-Beth recited the woman’s vows for her. (Generally she vowed that the woman would be a pleasing sex-pig and that she would produce copious milk and be fun to rape.) The man would be able to take the woman away, along with the controls to her shock collar.

Of course, this risked the commune running out of women, but Sarah-Beth had two supplies of new recruits. First, churches around the world had heard of her program, and would send her young women to teach. Sometimes these were devout zealots; sometimes they were troublesome brats in need of correction. Either way, Sarah-Beth would clamp a collar on the girl’s neck, take her clothes, and set her up for a vigorous program of introductory raping.

Secondly, Sarah-Beth invested a little of her money in a standing “recruit bounty”. If a man brought a pretty woman to the commune, and left her there, he’d get a payment, no questions asked. The collar would go on her, and soon she’d learn her place.

All of this ended up making a tidy profit for Sarah-Beth…. A profit, she thought, which would soon be enough to open a second commune… maybe in Europe… and continue spreading God’s true message for women…


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