At first she didn’t want to drink cum from a bottle – she was 18, and should be able to make her own decisions – but she was a stupid little slut and that was clearly the only appropriate drink for her. He bound her in cuffs and anklets each morning to stop her resisting.

But still she protested. He told her to be a good little babyslut and drink up – all her schoolfriends had contributed to her yummy white meal. She started to cry then, so he relented.

Not on the cum – that wasn’t up for debate. But he wanted her to be happy and genuinely enjoy her slutty protein supplement, so each morning before feeding her her cum-bottle he put vibrating clamps on her nipples and shoved a vibrator up her twat. It was only as she neared each morning’s inevitable humiliating, squirting orgasm that he put the bottle to her lips and made her drink.

By the end of the year she still couldn’t look her smirking schoolfriends in the face without blushing bright red, but he found her cunt pleasantly wet each morning when he came to feed her, and now she couldn’t stop herself having an uncontrollable wiggling orgasm as soon as semen touched her tongue – whether delivered in a bottle or… otherwise…


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