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With the cultural changes that had returned women to societal roles as breeders and fucktoys, many wealthy families were now keen to help their sons adjust to this new dynamic.

Aleksa had become employed in this new movement. She was a “Training Girl”. She would be hired by the parents of a young man, and presented to him on his 18th birthday – naked, of course.

Her job would be to train the young man to treat women like dirt. She would tell him her name – but then encourage him to call her “Bitch” or “Cunt” instead, or think up cruel nicknames for her. 

She would train him never to look at her face, only her tits, and to talk about her, not to her. 

She would encourage him to slap her across the face when he was displeased with her, or when he merely felt like it, and to drag her around by her hair. She taught him to spit on her, and piss on her.

And she would mercilessly cocktease him, with no follow-through, until he simply took what he wanted, forcefully raping her – and thus learned that he could do this at any time he liked, with any woman. She tried her best to be a good fuck when he held her down and violated her, to reward him for his progress.

She knew her work was almost done when she watched him slap a girl he’d been friends with since childhood, strip her naked, and rape her. She licked his anus as he fucked her by way of celebration of this important milestone.

And when he raped his own mother and sister for the first time, both on the same day, she knew her work was complete. The boy’s father paid her a sizeable bonus (while fucking her, of course) and then it was time to move on to the next family…


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