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It was called “Cuntlock”, and it started as a simple digital ID authentication system for women, a cryptographic arrangement to protect their online presence from penetration by male harassers. A woman would take a photo of her spread cunt and upload it to the server; a complicated algorithm would compare it to previously uploaded photos of her pussy and ascertain she was the same woman. The theory was that only the woman herself would have access to imagery of her fuckhole.

No two women’s cunts were identical. The more photos the system received and stored, the better it got at recognising a woman’s fuckhole and the less easily it was deceived. Each new photo needed to be unique – repeating the same photo would not authenticate. As long as a girl made sure that every photo taken of her cunt was fed to the machine, only freshly-captured imagery of her groin would work, and the presumption was that if a woman couldn’t control who was photographing her pussy then her security was more compromised than any cryptography could protect against.

The early users of Cuntlock were feminist celebrities, comfortable photographing their twat in the name of enhanced privacy. But the system worked so well that more platforms started using it. Instagram and Facebook started asking female users to authenticate with Cuntlock to prove their identity. Teen girls, stupid and naive, eagerly snapped pictures of their spread beavers in order to keep up with their social circles, heedless of warnings about the dangers of associating Cuntlock with photos of their face or real name.

The program worked subtle social changes too. Girls started to associate their identity with their fuckhole, not their face. The centre of a boy’s identity was his head, but the centre of a girl was between her legs. This idea was spread by new anonymous chat apps that would use a girl’s most recent Cuntlock photo as her avatar. Most girls thought it was funny, their words appearing next to images of their fuckhole, as though their words and thoughts were originating in their vaginas, not their faces.

Maybe that was why women barely protested when Cuntlock changed its policy to require accounts be periodically authenticated with a photo showing a girl’s cunt *and* her face. Or when Facebook started publicly posting Cuntlock authentications to their owner’s profile and setting pussy pics as the default profile image for women. Or when the driver licensing laws changed to require a cunt photo on every women’s licence and gave traffic police the power to inspect women’s fuckholes for comparison purposes…


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