When she had first come to her Master as a horny, inexperienced slut, he had told her that if she begged enough times for him to whip her tits with a belt, and made it convincing, he would whip her tits and then fuck her till she orgasmed. She begged – she needed the fucking so much – and kept begging through her tears.

She had made progress on her path. With time, he stopped whipping her tits as easily, and she had to beg harder and more convincingly. Sometimes he would fuck her without whipping her at all, and she felt rejected and guilty, that she had failed in making him want to hurt her.

Finally she came full circle, when he introduced her to one of his male friends. “If you beg him to rape you,” he told her, “and make it convincing, I’ll whip your tits with a belt.” She jumped at the chance for the promised reward of beautiful breast pain, and she was very convincing indeed…


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