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When the man at Courtney’s face pulled his cock out of her mouth, Courtney screamed.

“Help!” she yelled. “I’m being raped!”

The man who had just been fucking her mouth immediately slapped her hard, across the face, and the shock of that blow temporarily silenced her.

Dr Kepler swore, quietly, and then said, “Get her into the ring gag, and then plug her mouth again.”

“Help!” yelled Courtney again – but then her next sounds were incoherent, as the man near her was forcing her mouth open, and forcing something into it. It was a metal ring, that held her jaws apart, and it was held in place by a leather strap that the man now secured behind her head.

Once the gag was securely in place, the man pushed his cock through the metal ring, back into Courtney’s mouth. Courtney could neither stop it from entering her mouth, nor bite down on it once it was there. She tried to scream again, but could only make muffled sounds around her mouthful of dick.

The man casually slapped her face again, as if to prove that she couldn’t hurt or reject his cock now no matter what he did to her.

Dr Kepler moved up to between Courtney’s legs and put the clamp in place on her pussy, trapping the rapist’s cum in her cunt. Courtney tried to look at the doctor, as best she could with her head turned to the side and her mouth stuffed with a cock.

“Courtney, Courtney,” sighed the doctor. “This room is soundproofed, and no one will hear you, but I’m very disappointed you have had this response to your medical treatment. We are only trying to help you.”

Courtney made more muffled noises – but to her chagrin, they only seemed to provide pleasure to the man with his dick in her mouth. She felt his cock twitch against the roof of her mouth, and another little dribble of cum spurted from the tip onto her tongue.

“This is the treatment you agreed to, Courtney,” said Dr Kepler. “Don’t you remember?”

Courtney remembered no such thing, and she tried to say so.

Dr Kepler picked up a pile of paperwork from a nearby bench. “Right here, Courtney,” he said. “This is my diagnosis of your medical condition. Extreme bitchiness, resulting from rejecting your natural purpose as a woman. Symptoms include frigidity, offensive behaviour, hallucinations and a flawed perception of reality.” He pointed. “Here is your signature indicating you understood and agreed with my diagnosis.”

Courtney tried to wish Dr Kepler dead, using only her eyes. The paper he was holding up was one that Courtney had signed when paying the fee for her embarrassing orgasms. She had been so humiliated by her behaviour in the examination, and so keen to move on from it, that she hadn’t looked at the documents she was signing. This was the first she was hearing of Dr Kepler’s so-called diagnosis.

Dr Kepler held up another paper. “This one is a statement from you, Courtney,” he said. ‘It says, ‘I agree that I am a bitch, and that I am experiencing unhappiness and trauma in my life from denying my biological purpose. I agree that I am frigid and unpleasant, and that my perception of reality cannot be trusted. I authorise Dr Kepler to treat these conditions.’” He tapped the bottom of the page. “And here is your signature, Courtney.”

Courtney really wished she had read those papers before signing.

“And this one,” said Dr Kepler, “is where you agree to the specific treatments i suggest for your condition, including rape therapy, physical discipline, and body modification. You authorise me to treat you with or without your consent, hospitalise you if necessary, and administer medications including but not limited to aphrodisiacs, galactagogues, sedatives, and the semen of human men and/or animals. You also request that I assist in impregnating you.”

Courtney’s eyes widened. Rape therapy? Body modification? Hospitalisation? And worst – impregnation? She began to struggle violently in her bonds – but to no avail.

The man with his cock in her mouth seemed to enjoy her struggling, and began to actively fuck his dick in and out of the ring gag.

“And finally, the payment agreement,” said Dr Kepler. He held up a last piece of paper. “One million dollars. With a further three million payable if you cease treatment before it is complete.”

A million dollars? Courtney was rich – but she still couldn’t casually hand over a million dollars without it impacting her life. She’d have to sell some of her possessions – maybe even her house. And another three million dollars if she backed out of the treatment? She *definitely* couldn’t afford that.

And of course, she was no longer bringing in an executive salary. She was now working for minimum wage, as her manager’s secretary and office sex-doll.

“I think you will really benefit from this treatment, Courtney,” said Dr Kepler. “I think it will help you. I would advise you to be cooperative with the treatment.”

Courtney did not want to cooperate. She yelled as hard as she could against the dick in her mouth, and flailed her limbs and pulled against the bonds. She was frantic. This was a nightmare. It couldn’t be happening. She refused to accept it.

Her struggles helped the man in her mouth reach orgasm. She felt him flood her mouth with another dose of cum, and then he pinched her nose shut until she was forced to swallow it.

“Oh dear,” said Kepler, watching Courtney struggle. “It seems the patient is experiencing an episode of acute bitchiness. She has lost control of herself. Slap her, and see if it helps.”

The man with his cock in her mouth slapped her twice, but it just made her struggle harder.

“Very well,” said Dr Kepler. “We can’t release her back into the public like this. In her state of heightened bitchiness, she is likely to refuse further treatment, and possibly make inaccurate claims that she did not agree to be raped.” He sighed. “I believe we are going to have to hospitalise her, for her own protection.”

Courtney squealed and struggled harder – but there was no escape.

“Sedate her,” said Kepler. 

The man at Courtney’s face withdrew his cock from her mouth – and pressed a plastic cup over her mouth and nose instead. Courtney inhaled, to scream – and immediately began feeling sleepy. The world began to go black.

“Ring the Holy Mary Private Hospital, and arrange a room for our little bitch,” she heard Dr Kepler saying. “I’m hopeful we can treat her within a couple of days, but we could require up to a week.”

She was falling away, down a dark hole.

“Oh, and let’s take that clamp back off her pussy, shall we?” said Dr Kepler. “After an episode like this, I believe her vagina will require a double dose of semen. I think I might take a turn with her while she’s sleeping, while we wait for the patient transport to arrive.”

The last thing she felt as she fell into unconsciousness was the familiar tingle of pain as the clamp came off her pussy, and then the warm hard cock of Dr Kepler pushing into her fuckhole…


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