The olive pit game was a stroke of genius, really.

Jason held regular movie nights for his buddies, and it was his tradition to provide snacks – pretzels, chips… and preserved olives.

His friends loved the olives, but there was always the question of what to do with the hard, stony pits. The traditional solution was to provide a separate bowl to put them in – but one night, more than a little drunk, Jason came up with a different idea.

“Alexis!” he called out to his girlfriend, and, obediently, his big-titted blonde lover walked into the room hesitantly. She was a submissive at heart, and a masochist, and once he’d discovered that the more he hurt her and humiliated her during sex, the harder she orgasmed, their love-making had become an ordeal of constant degradation for her.

“Yes, honey?” she asked.

“Be a doll,” he said, “and take off your skirt and panties, lie on the sofa over there, and spread your whorish cunt for the boys.”

Alexis’ eyes bulged – but she did as she was told, blushing as she undressed, and then used her fingers to spread her fuckhole open for everyone’s view.

Jason’s friends whistled. “What a hot cunt!” said one. “God, your girlfriend is a whore,” said another.

“Here’s the game, guys,” said Jason. “When you finish an olive, you throw the stone at Alexis’ cunt as hard as you can. If she flinches or closes her legs, you get two points. If she makes a noise, you get three points. If she cries or orgasms, you get five points.”

“What are the points for?” asked one of the guys.

“Most points at the end of the night gets to rape her,” declared Jason. “Everyone else can cum on her face.”

This met with general approval, and the men proceeded to take delight in eating olives, and then pegging the hard pits at Alexis’s spread pussy. Alexis almost always flinched, to everyone’s general laughter. Jason’s friend Brian had a particularly good aim, and hit Alexis right on the clit each and every time. He made her cry twice and then, to everyone’s uproarious laughter, made her orgasm with a particularly hard throw towards the end of the night.

“It’s a shame these chips are too light to throw,” said Kyle, another of Jason’s friends.

“You can’t throw them,” said Jason. “But you’ve ended up with an empty chip packet there, and Alexis makes a good garbage bin.”

Kyle laughed in agreement. He walked over to Alexis, and pushed the empty packet into her fuckhole. Alexis squeezed her eyes shut in humiliation as her vagina was used to dispose of rubbish.

At the end of the night, Brian had accumulated the most points, so Jason encouraged him to grab Alexis by the hair, pull the rubbish out of her fucktunnel, and violate her. Alexis squealed as Brian sunk his cock into her pussy, but she was sopping wet from hours of abuse and humiliation, and she orgasmed almost instantly, and then three more times after as Brian roughly banged his dick into her womb, until Brian finally came, spurting his cum up inside her.

After that the other men gathered round Alexis and masturbated. Jason made sure she turned her head towards each cock just as its owner orgasmed, so that the ejaculation went right in her eyes. Then she would clean off their cock with her mouth, and thank them for abusing her.

When it was all over, everyone took pictures of the cum-covered Alexis and went home.

“You were a good girl tonight, Alexis,” Jason told his girlfriend before leading her to the shower to wash off. “I know you enjoyed yourself, because you’re such an enormous slut. So I think it’s only proper that you personally invite everyone back next week to do it to you again….”


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