For a long time the prestigious golf club had been “men only”, but in recent years they had opened it to the more attractive lady golfers. Of course, if they wanted to use the green, they had to obey the special rules that applied to them.

The rules came about largely from a local socialite’s boast that women could golf as well as any man, and so they punished women whose scores didn’t reach par on the difficult course.

First, women were required to obey the women’s club uniform. Practical shoes and gloves were allowed, but otherwise a woman could be dressed only in clothes purchased from the club’s store – which stocked scandalously short skirts, tit-hugging boob-lifting bras, dental-floss G-strings, and tight semi-transparent shirts bearing slogans like “The 19th, 20th, and 21st Holes”, “Let Me Clean Your Balls”, “Golf Bimbo”, or – accompanied by a silhouette of a girl giving a blowjob – “My Favourite Part Of Golf Is The Drink After The Game”.

At all points after conclusion of the first hole, if a woman was one stroke over par, she was required to play with her shirt removed. While in this state, if an opponent, male or female, outscored her on any given hole, she was required to kiss them on the lips. If they outscored her by more than two strokes, she was to passionately kiss them on the crotch (if a man) or on each of their tits (if a woman).

If she dropped to two points over par, she was required to remove her skirt as well. She would now be required to dip her hand into her G-string and finger her pussy while watching her opponents play, and lick her fingers clean when it was time for her to play or proceed to the next hole.

At three points over par, she would need to expose her tits, kneel while not playing, crawl on all fours while travelling any short distance, and suck the cock or lick the pussy of the match leader for two minutes at the end of each hole.

At four points over par she removed her G-string, and was now only allowed to hold the club by inserting the end into her vagina or anus, whether for transport or to play. This made it very hard to score any further points, and women rarely turned their game around at this point.

If a woman finished a match with her cunt exposed – or abandoned a match before it was complete – the club rules provided that she thereby offered consent to any sexual activity performed on her by her opponents for the next 24 hours. Most women’s matches ended with an enjoyable raping, spanking, and photographing of the unsuccessful nude women.

When the club gates were opened to women, almost every woman in town had applied to join, overjoyed at what they’d initially seen as a win for feminism. When the conditions of their application were drawn to their attention, most women immediately requested to terminate their membership, but at that point they were shown the very last clauses they had agreed to.

The first provided that membership to women was free, if they remained members for a year, but half a million dollars annually if they terminated membership before the year was out.

The second provided that members were required to play at least one competitive match monthly to maintain their membership…

On the 17th hole, Jessica was five over par, and about to work the end of the club into her pussy to attempt to start play. She was nude, tits and cunt exposed, and terribly aware of the stares of her male officemates, who had insisted she take her first monthly game as part of an office competition.

“Don’t worry, Jessica,” her boss laughed. “If you lose, I’ll give you a choice. Either we can put clamps on your tits and then all gangrape you, ejaculating in your pussy – are you on the pill? – or you can have me be the only one who fucks you, but you have to work nude for the rest of the year and masturbate openly whenever your hands aren’t otherwise engaged.”

Jessica tried to ignore the choice, and focus on wiggling her cunt forcefully enough to drive the golf ball, but it was hard, because her pussy was so very wet, and because she couldn’t help picturing both of those options and getting wetter and wetter and wetter…


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