Toby considered himself something of an amateur researcher in “the science of sluts”. An idea for an experiment had been growing in his mind for the past week, and he finally decided that his bitch of boss at work would be the perfect subject.

Her name was Ana, and she didn’t seem to understand how her big tits and limited intellect made her more suited for a career as a fuckslave than as an executive. Toby was sick of her constant complaints and her demands for overtime, so one night as she was leaving the office late, after a gruelling workday, he put a chloroform-scented rag over her mouth, dragged her limp body to his boot, and drove her home to his dungeon.

She awoke naked, with her hands bound to a leather collar around her throat, and her mouth gagged, in Toby’s soundproof basement. She was scared – but also aware of a surprising, throbbing need in her pussy.

“Hello Ana,” said Toby. “Nice to see you in a more appropriate environment for those oversized tits of yours. The tingle you’re feeling in your pussy is as a result of the drugs I’ve given you. They’re quite powerful, and soon the only thing you’re going to be able to concentrate on is your cunt.”

Ana moaned through her gag.

“Your bondage won’t allow you to masturbate,” said Toby. “So the only way you can get release is that dildo over there.” He pointed to the wall, where a thick metal dildo protruded on the end of a short metal pole. It was visibly vibrating.

“The only thing is,” said Toby, “the dildo will occasionally deliver a powerful electric shock. I’m told it’s quite agonising – though not nearly enough to kill you.”

Ana looked up at him with wide, horrified eyes. 

“I honestly have no idea what you’re going to do,” said Toby. “Whether your fear of the shock is enough to let you live in a state of constant sexual need, or whether you’ll accept the reality of having your pussy shocked in order to cum. I also don’t know what those shocks will do to your sexuality. Will they make it harder for you to cum in future? Will you need zaps to your cunt in order to orgasm? I’m looking forward to finding out.”

Ana moaned, and tried to crawl towards him to beg for mercy. Toby stepped away.

“Here’s some light entertainment to keep you occupied while you think about your dilemma,” he told her, and pressed a button on a remote in his hand. A screen came to life on one wall, showing a looping series of hardcore rape videos. Toby was also interested to find out what being constantly shown violent rape while being aroused did to his former boss. 

“Don’t worry,” said Toby. “You are going to live through this – although you’re not going back to work, of course. I have two slave buyers in the Phillipines lined up who have an interest in bitches who look like you. One is relatively kind to his girls. The other likes to torture them. If you’re a very good girl, and don’t cause me any problems, I’ll sell you to the nice buyer.”

And with that, he left the room, locking it behind him, to watch the results through the cameras planted in the walls.

Ana started to cry, as the reality of her predicament sunk in. Partly her tears were from fear and grief – but partly they were because her cunt was already getting needier and needier, and she knew that she *did* want to cum – in fact, she *needed* to cum – and she was already beginning to picture what it might be like to have her pussy electroshocked mid-orgasm. 

Against the possibility of going days without being able to cum, it didn’t really seem so bad…


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