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One night Brea came into Michael’s room, closed the door, took his cock out of his pants, and wrapped a small piece of pink cloth around his cock. Then she began to masturbate him.

“What’s this?” asked Michael, indicating the cloth as he leaned back to enjoy his sister’s ministrations.

“Claire’s panties,” said Brea. “You’d better appreciate them. I’ve had to fuck a lot of guys in order to get them.”

Michael’s mind filled with images of his schoolyard crush – blonde, virginal Claire Ford – and he felt his cock twitch in Brea’s hand. Claire had been friends with Michael for years – but it had become clear in the last six months that she had no interest in “graduating” to being Michael’s girlfriend, and his friendship with her had soured even as his fantasies about fucking her had grown more explicit and intense.

“Did she… “ began Michael, not sure what he wanted to ask. “Did you…”

“We’re study partners,” said Brea. “I stalked her online, and worked out pretty quickly that she’s paranoid about not passing her final exams this year. Which is nuts, because she’s already a straight A student. So I just coincidentally bumped into her at the library, and did the whole thing of, ‘Oh, you’re Michael’s friend, what are you studying for?””

Brea leaned down and licked the tip of Michael’s cock through the panties, and then continued.

“So I just happened to mention that I aced all my finals, and I’d be happy to help her study, and then I had just the right opinion on every topic she brought up – easy if you stalk her long enough online – and soon we were good friends. We’re studying history, biology and literature together.”

Michael was puzzled. “But you didn’t ace your finals. You barely scraped through, Brea. Are you actually able to help her?”

Brea laughed. “Hell no,” she said. “I’m telling her absolute nonsense. But I’m also fucking her teachers in those subjects. The agreement is they get to fuck me, and they give her good grades and tell her she’s right, no matter what nonsense she writes on the tests.. I told her that women’s brains are naturally smaller and less useful than men’s, and she didn’t believe me, but I convinced her to try it on the biology practice quiz, and then her teacher gave her an A+ and some bonus marks for that particular question. Now I’m convincing her that the Roman Empire lasted for so long because the women in the nations they conquered enjoyed being raped by Roman men. She’s so desperate to get good grades, she’ll write anything I tell her, without even thinking about it.”

“What will happen when she gets to final exams?” asked Michael.

“She’ll fail, of course, and her teachers will post her papers publicly for everyone to laugh at,” said Brea. “There’ll be no college for her. She’ll have to drop out or repeat the year. Her parents might even disown her – they’ve got ridiculously high expectations of her. Just the right time for an authoritative male figure to swoop in and take control of her life.”

‘Jesus,” said Michael – but he was breathing heavily now, his attention focused on the feeling of the pink satin panties sliding up and down his cock.

“Anyway, most of the time we hang out at her place to study,” said Brea, “and I tell her what to write for a practice essay, and then while she’s banging out a thousand words about how feminism caused World War II, I get to explore her house. I stole the panties from her drawer, I’ve put spy cameras in her bedroom, bathroom and toilet, and I’m making a project of seducing her father, because I figure that can’t hurt either.”

She kissed Michael’s cock again, and then said, “Oh, and I replaced her birth control with the same pills we’re giving mom. There’s nothing more fun than watching a smart girl become stupid, horny and pregnant.”

At the word “pregnant”, Michael’s cock twitched again.

“Did your cameras… catch anything?” he asked, hopefully.

“Oh, absolutely,” said Brea. “But I’m not showing you yet. Because you’re going to fuck her soon, and when I do, I want her to still be a virgin in your mind. You can see her stripping on my camera after you’ve violated her.”

Michael looked at her – and pictured Claire stripping naked in front of him. He pictured kissing Claire – fucking Claire – raping Claire.

And he reacted as Brea had trained him to do when he was horny, when he needed to cum, or when a woman had defied him.

He reached out, slapped his sister across the face, pulled her to her feet by her hair, then threw her violently on his bed, pushed her legs apart, and began to rape her.

Claire’s panties were on the end of his cock still, and with each thrust he pushed them into his sister’s cunt, soaking them with her cunt juices. Brea moaned, and giggled, and begged him to slap her again, and once he had finally cum inside her, he pulled Claire’s panties out of her twat, covered with her slut-nectar and his semen, and pushed them into Brea’s mouth to shut her up.

She looked good like that, they both agreed. She sucked on the panties while Michael idly slapped her tits and cunt for amusement, and eventually when he took the panties out and let her speak again, she told him how he would first rape Claire.


And yet, despite everything Brea had told him, when he saw Claire sleeping naked on Brea’s bed the next night, he couldn’t believe it was really happening. She was perfect. Her skin was milky and smooth. Her blonde hair looked like an angelic halo. Her breasts were full and soft, with perky little nipples, and her pussy was shaved and slightly parted due to the angle of her spread legs.

“I got her to do that,” said Brea, pointing at Claire’s cunt. “I kept making fun of girls with hairy pussies until Claire got so insecure about it that she shaved herself. She had no idea she was preparing herself for you.”

Michael had dreamed about seeing this girl naked for years, and now his sister had made the fantasy come true.

“Will she really not wake up?” he asked Brea.

Brea shook her head. “I’ve used this drug on her at two prior study sessions to test it. She stayed fast asleep no matter what I did to her.” She caught Michael’s glance and said, “Oh, don’t look at me like that. Her first rape is for you. I didn’t fuck her, I just did some tests. That’s how I knew she was shaved – she didn’t tell me, but the first time I knocked her out she was hairy, and then I started making hairy cunt jokes, and the second time I did it she was shaved.”

“Doesn’t she wonder what happened to her when you knock her out?” asked Michael.

Brea shook her head. “She thinks she’s lazy, and that she’s just falling asleep because she’s stupid and can’t keep up with the study. And that just makes her even more desperate for my help. It’s a wonderful cycle, really.”

Michael stared at Claire’s naked body. “She’s so beautiful,” he breathed.

Brea bit her lip. “I know women are supposed to be interchangeable for men, but I can’t help feel a little jealous when you say that,” she said.

Michael opened his mouth to apologise, and compliment his sister – and then realised what he should say instead. “Good,” he replied. “It might encourage you to be a little more pleasing.”

Brea’s gave him a twisted grin. She was pleased he had remembered to treat her like dirt – and yet he realised that she really *was* jealous. It made him feel funny to realise that his sister had genuine feelings for him, and that his approval and affection actually did matter to her. 

And yet she had taught him that a woman’s opinions and emotions were irrelevant. She was just a set of holes for him to stick his cock into, after all.

He took out his cock now, and stroked it slowly, looking at the unconscious Claire.

“The beauty of this,” said Brea, “is that you get to take her virginity twice. You can fuck her tonight, but she’ll never know you did it. And then later, when you rape her while she’s awake, she’ll think *that’s* her first time.”

“When will that be?” asked Michael.

“Later,” said Brea. “Not tonight. I need to prepare her more. But go ahead. Enjoy her while she sleeps.”

Michael walks over to the bed. He reached down and caressed Claire’s perfect face, then let his hand run over her tits. He pinched her nipples, and Claire moaned slightly in her sleep, but gave no sign of waking. Then his hand wandered down to her pussy, and teased apart her pussy lips. She was wet, and she bucked her hips slightly as he slid his finger into her fuckhole.

“The drugs make her wet,” said Brea. “She’s been having the sluttiest dreams lately. I can tell by her blushes, even though she won’t talk about them.”

Michael smiled. He climbed onto the bed and knelt between Claire’s legs. Then he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. The sleeping girl didn’t kiss him back of course, but the softness of her lips was heaven anyway.

Then he lowered himself onto her body, reached down, and guided his cock into her cunt.

He almost came then and there. Her pussy was wet and warm, and would have been erotic all by itself – but this was his fantasy crush, coming real, and that made it a million times better. And in addition, knowing that he was fucking her without consent, feeling her completely lack of resistance, added an extra erotic sting to the whole experience.

He had intended to go slow, but almost immediately he began humping her, unable to control himself. It felt so good to rape this sleeping virginal sexdoll. He kissed her again, then reached for her tits. Without thinking, he squeezed them hard enough to hurt, as fucking his sister had trained him to do, but Claire only moaned softly in response.

He felt his climax coming – and immediately pulled out of her and climbed off the bed, breathing heavily. He wasn’t ready to cum yet. He wanted to enjoy this longer.

Brea was filming everything on her phone, of course. Something for him to enjoy later, and to use to blackmail Claire, if they ever wanted to. Maybe even something to sell online for money. 

Michael looked away from Claire and tried to think mundane thoughts until he felt his body backing away from orgasm. When he felt safe, he returned to his sleeping victim.

This time he pulled on Claire’s legs, dragging her toward the foot of the bed, until her pussy was lined up with the edge of the mattress. He stepped between her legs, and slid his cock back into her cunt, this time fucking her from a standing position.

It felt just as good now, if not better. He was able to push harder and deeper into her twat. He used arm one to hold her left leg for stability and leverage, and with the other he experimented with pinching her clit. Brea had told him that she wouldn’t wake up, so it should be safe – but also, part of his mind *wanted* her to wake up, to regain consciousness mid-rape, to realise that she was being violated and there was nothing she could do to stop it. 

But she didn’t wake. She just squeaked in her sleep as he tortured her clit, and ineffectively tried to twist away from his fingers. Her struggles felt good against his cock.

Brea smiled at her brother as he raped Claire. “Are you remembering she’s not actually on birth control anymore?” she asked him.

Michael had forgotten – and remembering pushed him over the edge. He felt himself cumming, spurting his seed up into Claire’s unprotected womb. He gasped, and shuddered, until the pleasure passed, and then he stepped back, pulling his dripping cock out of Claire’s pussy.

Brea wrapped her arms around him, and guided him around the bed to near Claire’s head. “Why don’t you put your cock in her mouth while you cool down?” she asked. “Claire has a surprise for you, I think.”

Michael’s cock was already softening, but, curious, he placed the tip against Claire’s lips. To his surprise, Claire opened her mouth and took his cock in – and then began to softly suck on it. Michael gasped, and groaned.

“She told me one time that she sucked her thumb until she was fourteen,” said Brea, “and so I had to try this the first time I knocked her out. She’ll suck on anything you put against her mouth. It’s an instinct.”

Michael’s cock wasn’t ready to get hard again so soon, no matter how much his crush sucked on it, but he immediately knew what he wanted to do with this new discovery. He took several long, slow breaths to relax his body – and then loosened his bladder. He felt a thin trickle of urine run out of his cock, over Claire’s tongue, into her mouth.

He waited for her to cough or choke – but to his delight, she just closed her lips on his dick, and swallowed. 

That was all the encouragement he needed. He relaxed the rest of the way, and began to release the rest of his piss into the sleeping virgin’s mouth. And mouthful after mouthful, Claire obediently swallowed, until Michael’s bladder was empty.

“God, I want to stay in her mouth forever,” said Michael.

“She’ll be asleep another few hours at least,” said Brea. “There’s no need to hurry.” And as she spoke, she knelt behind him, and a moment later Michael felt his sister’s tongue at his asshole, lightly licking and probing.

Despite the fact he had cum so recently, his cock began to stiffen again. Claire continued to suckle on it enticingly.

He groaned with pleasure. He was going to fuck Claire again, then. He wanted to cum in her mouth, to watch her swallow his sperm in her sleep – but he wasn’t going to do that.

He was going to cum in her pussy again.

Because his sister had given him the image of Claire naked… and pregnant, her virginal belly swelling with a humiliating, unwanted baby. 

And suddenly he wanted to see that in real life. He wanted to see it very much.

And with his slutty sister’s help, he would make that happen.


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