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At first, Michael didn’t think he’d ever get used to his mother and sister both being completely naked all the time at home. But he’d gotten used to raping his sister and pissing in her mouth, so he supposed he would become accustomed to this, too.

It was particularly erotic because of how *embarrassed* his mother Veronica was about the whole thing. Where Brea was nonchalant and unbothered by her nudity, Veronica was clearly humiliated whenever she remembered she was nude. That wasn’t all the time, of course. The drugs Brea was feeding her mother made it hard for Veronica to think, even before taking into account the distraction of her constantly wet pussy. But all Michael had to do was stare openly at his mother’s large tits or puffy pussy to make her go crimson with shame and try to cover her exposed body.

In addition, Veronica’s morning humiliation had deepened. The new house rules required her to ask a man’s permission to wear clothes or to use the toilet. Brea had successfully convinced her father Evan that it should be Michael’s responsibility to decide Veronica’s toileting times – and so each morning, after she had eaten her breakfast of piss and cum (still apparently without suspecting what she was consuming), Veronica would come to visit Michael in his bedroom.

“Please, Michael, can I use the toilet?” she would ask, standing nude in front of him and blushing.

Brea had suggested to Michael exactly how he should handle this.

“Close the door and then kneel, facing me,” he told his mother.

Blushing, Veronica did as she was told.

Deliberately, Michael took his cock out of his pants and began to pump it.

Veronica blushed and looked away from her son’s dick. “Michael, what are you doing?” she whispered.

“You’re always cockteasing me,” said Michael. “I’m just letting off some tension.”

“Please,” she begged. “I need to pee.”

“The sooner I cum, the sooner you can pee,” said Michael.

Those first few days, his mother did nothing, just blushed, and looked at the floor, and waited, as her son stared at her tits and masturbated.

Before long, Michael was cumming. He very deliberately aimed his cock at the floor, letting his cum splatter over the wooden floorboards on the ground between himself and his mother. Veronica flinched as the cum splattered near her knees.

“Clean up your mess,” said Michael, when he was done.

She looked up at him.

“With your tongue,” he clarified.

She was shocked. “No, Michael!” she protested. “I’m your mother! I can’t!”

“Lick it up, or I’ll go and tell dad you came in here and played with my cock,” growled Michael.

Veronica whimpered, and looked at the door, as if she were afraid her husband Evan might walk in at any moment.

“If you don’t lick it up, I’ll make you wet yourself in front of everyone,” added Michael.

That was enough to convince her. Michael’s mother leaned forward, taking a position on all fours, and, her face flushed with mortified shame, she began to lick her son’s cum off the floor.

When she was done, he gave her permission to go use the toilet, and she ran off without any further word.

The next day he repeated the process, and this time she protested less before licking up his cum from the floor.

On the third day, he told her to cup his tits for her with one hand, and spread her pussy with the other. 

“No,” she objected. “No, Michael, I’m not… displaying myself so you can get off from it.”

“Fine,” he said, still pumping his cock. “Wet yourself.”

“What? No!” she exclaimed.

“That wasn’t a suggestion,” said Michael. “You refused to follow a simple command, so now I’m refusing to give you permission to use the toilet. You can either wet yourself here and now, where no one will see but me, or you can go off to work with a full bladder and wet yourself at work.”

“It’ll make a mess!” she protested.

“I don’t care,” said Michael. 

He must have been convincing, because a few seconds later she whimpered, and began to piss on the floor. Watching his mother humiliate herself by pissing on command was all it took for Michael to finish, and soon his cum was splattering into the pool of piss between his mother’s legs.

They both knew what was coming next.

“Clean up your mess,” said Michael.

She didn’t want to, of course. But neither did she want to explain to her husband why there was a pool of piss and cum on Michael’s floor. And when Michael took a picture of her kneeling over the puddle and threatened to share it with his friends, her last resistance broke. 

She leaned forward, and began to lick.

Michael reflected that his mother probably thought this was her first time tasting piss, not realising she’d been drinking it for weeks at breakfast. He wondered if she thought the taste was strangely familiar. 

“Don’t defy me again,” warned Michael. “Or next time you’ll be doing this in public.”

She didn’t defy him again. And the next day, when he told her to cup her tits and finger her pussy for him while he masturbated, she obeyed without question.


Veronica’s humiliations didn’t end there. When she emerged from Michael’s bedroom, Brea was waiting to bid her goodbye for work.

“Goodbye?” asked Veronica, stupidly. “I’m not even dressed.”

“I’ve put your clothes in the boot of the car,” said Brea. “You can drive to work, and then dress in the car park.”

“But…” argued Veronica – but then, suddenly, her daughter was kissing her.

Her mind rebelled. This was so wrong! She was nude! Her daughter was nude! Her tits were pressed against her daughter’s naked tits, and her daughter’s lips were on her lips, her daughter’s tongue in her mouth.

Evan was watching. Her husband was watching her tongue-kiss her naked daughter.

And Brea’s hand – it had gone between her legs. It was spreading her pussy lips. Her fingers were – god, her daughter’s fingers were *inside her cunt*.

Veronica bucked and struggled and tried to pull away, but Brea’s grip was firm, and there was no choice but to kiss her daughter, and moan, as Brea fingerfucked her pussy, until finally Veronica felt herself shuddering against her daughter’s naked body as a powerful orgasm took control of her.

As she orgasmed, Brea finally ended the kiss, and whispered in her mother’s ear, “God, mom, I can’t believe you’re seducing your own daughter. You’re such a disgusting slut.”

And then, before Veronica could react, Brea was pushing her car keys into her hand, and forcing her out the door, and Veronica found herself obediently driving to work, completely naked, before parking in a remote corner of the work car park and blushingly dressing with the clothes she found in the boot, hoping no one would see her nudity.

And of course, the clothes were nothing like the professional work clothes she had once worn. These were clothes fit only for her new job – as her boss’ unwilling sex toy.


When Veronica got home each night, there would be a debrief at the kitchen table. Veronica would sit next to Michael – and Michael’s fingers would explore her lap under the table, and find her pussy, and work their way inside her, and begin to masturbate her.

And Veronica’s husband Evan would sit next to Brea, and beneath the table Brea would extract Evan’s cock from his pants and begin to pump it.

And then Veronica would describe in detail how her boss had raped her at work.

The rapes started simple – forcing Veronica to suck his cock, or pushing Veronica up against the wall and fucking her pussy. But they became more violent and elaborate over time, involving slapping Veronica across the face, or beating her tits, before violating her pussy, mouth, or asshole, sometimes while she cried. He wasn’t subtle or secretive about it, and the whole office soon knew that Veronica was the boss’ fucktoy.

Veronica clearly hated every moment of these rapes – but each night, under the insistent urging of her son’s fingers, combined with the drugs Brea was feeding her, she would find herself orgasming from remembering her abuse. 

And across the table, Brea would likewise bring Veronica’s husband to the edge of orgasm as he listened to his wife’s misery, and then afterwards she would take him to his bedroom, and let him cum in his choice of Brea’s holes while picturing his wife getting raped.

Veronica by now suspected that her husband was fucking their daughter, even if she couldn’t focus her brain enough to decide what she should do about it – but rather than make her stay and listen to the humiliating sounds of Evan cumming in their daughter’s cunt, Michael used these times to take his mother for a walk to the local park.

There, in the darkness of the early evening, he would take her behind a large section of bushes, and tell her to piss. As she blushed, and struggled to urinate in a public place, as if she were an animal being toileted, Michael would take out his cock and begin to masturbate again. When he finally reached his orgasm, he would deliberately cum on her face, and take her home again with her own son’s semen glistening on her cheeks and forehead.

By the time they returned, Evan would be done with Brea, and the whole family would just pretend that Veronica wasn’t covered in cum. And so Veronica slowly learned that it was normal to piss like an animal, and be finger-banged by her own daughter, and be raped at work, and be nude in front of her family with sperm shining on her face.

All in all, the whole family agreed that Veronica was improving as a woman.


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