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“Would you be cruel to a human, if it allowed you to free an animal from cruelty?”

It was a good question, and Lucie had to pause a moment before answering the well-dressed bearded man at the nightclub bar who had asked it. But the answer was, ultimately, easy.

“Yes, of course,” she replied eagerly. “All humans benefit from the suffering of animals. Humans would have to suffer for, like, four thousand years before the scales would even begin to balance.”

Lucie was a member of the Vegan Feminist Collective, a militant all-women animal rights group. For the past two years, they had been focused on ending dairy farming of cows for milk, but as yet had had no real success. They had protested, and issued media releases, and waged social media campaigns, and all it had gotten them was mockery as “extremist lesbian cunts”. She was frustrated, and willing to take more extremist methods, if it got results.

The man, as it turned out, had a very detailed series of extremist methods in mind, and the money to fund them, and as he explained them to her over the course of the evening – and more than a few drinks – she was at first horrified, and then revolted, but then slowly came to see the inexorable logic of it. He told her his name was Maxwell, and by last drinks at one in the morning, she was ready to agree to his plan.

The first step was at the next meeting of the Vegan Feminist Collective. Lucie hinted that she had an exciting new campaign lined up for the group, and poured each of the twenty women a glass of champagne to toast its success. But of course she had drugged the champagne, and she watched nervously as her friends passed out, one by one, before sending the signal to Maxwell’s employees to enter the building and load the sleeping women into his van.

When the girls awoke, they were horrified to find themselves nude and restrained. Each girl had a small stall in what appeared to be a large metal barn. Metal shackles on her arms and legs prevented her from straightening her limbs out of a crawling position, and leather sacks over her hands prevented her using her fingers or thumbs. A ball gag was stuffed into every girl’s mouth, leaving her unable to make any sounds more coherent than moans. Worst of all, a pair of heavy glass suction cups hung from each girl’s naked tits, sucking painfully on her nipples.

“Good morning!” said Lucie excitedly from the centre of the barn. She was still dressed and upright. “I know you’re scared and a bit shocked, but this is such an important day for us. We’re entering business as the Vegan Milk Barn. Real milk, no animals involved. It’s all going to be breast milk – your breast milk! It’ll take us a while to get started, but each customer we win is one less person supporting the cruel dairy industry. Aren’t you excited?”

The girls did not seem excited. Many of them tried to shout at her through their ball gags, but were only able to make muffled sounds and drool.

“I know you didn’t consent,” said Lucie. “But saving animals is more important than your consent. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone. My business partners are going to be continually keeping an eye out for more girls we can vanish to join our little dairy, to increase our output. It’s going to be great!”

But running a human dairy was not without its challenges. None of the girls were initially lactating. In theory, the constant stimulation of their breasts should eventually provoke lactation, but Maxwell suggested that they speed up the process with drugs. He gave Lucie a cocktail of growth hormones and prolactin that would increase milk production and promote growth in the girls’ udders, and Lucie happily went from girl to girl each morning injecting the painful syringe directly into each of their tits as they screamed into their gags.

The drugs had a second happy benefit – they made the girls aroused, which helped them deal with the pain of constant suction on their tits. In fact, the drugs were so strong Lucie soon found the little cow-girls trying to hump the walls of their cells. With Maxwell’s help, she had a machine installed in each cell that a girl could be bound to, which would rhythmically fuck thick dildos into her pussy and ass as she was milked, while simultaneously pinching her clitoris and whipping her tits. 

Associating arousal with pain was helpful, for the girls’ new lifestyle involved quite a lot of pain. They would be left on the fucking machine overnight, as their udders slowly filled with milk, until they were so full that the girls would moo into their ball gags in agony. Then Lucie would come down in the morning and hook them up to their milking machines, stab their tits with the drug syringe, and set the fucking machine into overdrive until their tits were drained dry, before disconnecting them entirely and letting them sleep.

Despite everything, though, women just didn’t produce as much milk as cows, and it was tough making ends meet at the dairy, which was why Maxwell suggested some additional revenue streams. Lucie was initially reluctant about letting men pay money to rape the cows, but Maxwell reminded her that cruelty to humans was justified if it prevented cruelty to animals, and soon Lucie was marvelling at just how much men would pay to sexually abuse a non-consenting female fuck-cow. In fact, watching the men rape the crying cows turned her on so much that she would often go down afterwards, remove a cow’s gag, and force her to lick Lucie’s wet, needy pussy to orgasm.

By the time the dairy was becoming financially profitable, Lucie knew it was time to take the final step. She stripped nude, entered the cell she had picked out for herself, and allowed Maxwell to shackle and gag her and connect her to the fucking machine and breast pumps. As Maxwell pushed the first syringe of drugs into her tits, and she squealed in pain, she contented herself with the happy thought that maybe someday all milk would come from the pain and abuse of deserving human sluts like herself instead of those poor innocent bovines….


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