Despite accepting him as her Master, she had been reluctant to tell her friends she was a willing slave now. As punishment, he told her she would be showing her friends her pussy, so they would see who she really was.

She thought he was joking, but then he made her organise a dinner date with her closest friends. She still thought he just meant she would have to admit she was a slave, until he showed her the mesh bikini she would be wearing, that exposed her nipples and barely covered her groin. Even then, she thought that would be the limit of her humiliation until the dinner came, her friends were seated, and he told her to climb up on the couch and spread her pussy for everyone.

And even as she felt her cheeks flushing with shame, she knew she was going to do it – she was going to spread her pussy open for her best friends to see – because she needed to be his slave, his sex toy, his obedient pet, needed his approval and pride, more than she needed their respect…


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