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Michael woke in his own bed – he couldn’t sleep in Brea’s, of course, in case they got caught – but nevertheless Brea was there with him, wearing her panties-and-T-shirt outfit that had become her custom in the mornings.  She was on all fours between his legs, and his cock was in her mouth.

“Mmm,” Michael moaned – but as soon as he was awake, Brea let go of his cock, and turned around to wiggle her ass and pussy at him.

Michael needed no encouragement.  He got up on his knees, and stuffed his cock into his sister’s pussy.  But when he tried to fuck her, she resisted, pulling away.

Instead, she held a large measuring cup between her legs, and whispered, “Piss.”

Michael’s bladder was full, and he needed little encouragement.  It was hard to piss with his cock hard, but using Brea as a toilet these last few days had helped with that.  It was strange also to piss into a woman’s cunt, but it felt surprisingly good.  Soon he was spurting hot piss up into his sister’s womb.

It all ran back out of her pussy, of course, but Brea caught every last drop in the measuring cup.  Pissing in his sister’s cunt broke down another barrier in Michael’s mind, taking him another step along the path of reclassifying Brea from “person” to “toilet”.

After his bladder was empty, he enthusiastically fucked Brea until ejaculation, and this time she eagerly cooperated.  Once he had spurted his cum into her, it turned out she had a second cup ready, and after he pulled out of her she placed that underneath her pussy and let his cum dribble out into it.

“Thanks, Michael,” said Brea, when the last of his cum was in the cup, and ran out of the room holding the containers of his piss and cum.

Curious, Michael hurriedly dressed and followed her.

Michael’s mother Veronica was even spacier than yesterday.  Brea’s “good girl pills” – which she had used to secretly replace her mother’s birth control – were powerful indeed.  This morning Veronica had completely forgotten to wear a bra, and her nipples and areolae were visible through the thin white cloth of her blouse.

Brea was in the process of serving her mother breakfast – and Michael was shocked to see that “breakfast” was a glass filled with Michael’s piss, not even diluted by orange juice, and two slices of toast with Michael’s sperm slathered over it generously in place of butter.

“Here you go, mom,” said Brea cheerfully.

Veronica took the glass and took a sip.  Michael felt his cock twitch as he watched his own mother drink his urine.

Her nose wrinkled.  “What is this?” she asked.  Her voice was dreamy and high-pitched, like a little girl’s.

“Good girl juice,” said Brea.

“Oh,” said their mother.  She took another mouthful.  “It’s good,” she said finally, and drank the rest of the urine.  Then she began to munch on the toast, apparently oblivious to the fact she was eating her own son’s sperm.

Meanwhile, Brea, drinking a glass of (presumably) ordinary water, fumbled the drink suddenly and splashed most of it down the front of her shirt.

“Oh, no, it’s all wet!” she exclaimed – and proceeded to take off the shirt, exposing her tits.

Nobody said anything.  Veronica was dreamily eating her cum-toast, oblivious to the world.  Michael’s father, Evan, eating a much less slutty meal at the kitchen table, stared at his daughter’s tits without comment, his face flushed.  Michael, of course, had nothing to say.

When Veronica was done with her cum and piss, Brea collected their mother’s handbag and car keys and pressed them into her hands.  “Time to go to work, mom,” she said.  Then she leaned in and kissed her mother on the lips.  Her hands went to her mother’s chest, and both Michael and his father saw Brea squeeze her own mother’s tits – and then surreptitiously undo two buttons of her blouse, exposing much more of her cleavage to the world.

Veronica moaned and kissed her daughter back – then pulled away and said, “What’s happening?  Brea, why are you kissing me like that?”

“That’s how you kissed Michael yesterday, remember?” said Brea.  “It was your idea.  I thought it was very loving, and I was jealous.”

“Sorry…” said Veronica vaguely.  Her face was flushed.

“Michael, your turn,” said Brea.

And Michael stepped up and kissed his mother on the lips as well, pushing his tongue into her mouth. 

If their father might have had any comment on this, he didn’t share it, because Brea promptly distracted him by giving him his own kiss.  With his daughter’s tongue in his mouth, and her bare tits squashed against his chest, Evan’s mind was fully occupied by the stiffness of his cock and the softness of the female flesh pressed against him.

When both parents had eventually left for work – horny and confused – Michael took the opportunity to slap his sister around for being a slut.  He concentrated on her tits today, slapping and punching them as she giggled, before raping her in their parents’ bed.  She managed to download the overnight footage from the secret camera before he got his cock into her, and so they both watched their father fucking their mother on Brea’s phone as Michael screwed his sister.

Afterwards, Brea fished the latest condom out of the trash and ate her daily dose of her father’s sperm.  Then they set about making some films of Brea to trade to Harry for the footage of Morgan.

Brea was quite creative in ideas for films.  They went to the kitchen, and filmed her fucking her pussy with a thick carrot from the vegetable drawer in the fridge.  When she was done, she ate the carrot.

They went out the back and filmed her crawling around nude like a dog, and pissing against a tree.

They filmed her lying nude on her back with her legs spread while Michael kicked her in the cunt until she orgasmed.

They filmed her drinking Michael’s piss from his cock while masturbating.

They filmed her giving Harry explicit permission, by name, to rape and abuse her.  Brea even faked some tears to make it look like she was being forced.

None of the footage identified Michael as her sexual partner.  But all of it showed Brea’s face clearly, and anyone seeing it would be easily able to identify her in the street.

Harry was delighted with the footage, and in return he shared a Dropbox link filled with video files.

They were everything Harry had said.  They were the complete documentation of the kidnapping, rape and abuse of Harry’s sister Morgan by a complete stranger over the course of an entire weekend.

Picking one to open at random, Michael was treated to footage of busty redheaded Morgan kneeling nude on the stone floor of a basement.  She was bound so that she couldn’t stand, with her hands behind her back and her legs forcibly spread to show her cunt.  She was crying.

“Do as you’re told,” said a male voice off camera.

Morgan only cried.

A male figure stepped into frame, and tapped between Morgan’s legs with a long, metal stick.  It was a cattle prod.  There was a BZZZZAP and Morgan screamed.

“Do as you’re told,” said the man again.  “Is there something you want to ask for?”

“Please, no,” begged Morgan.

BZZAPP!  The man shocked her cunt again, and Morgan screamed again.

“Is there something you want to ask?”

She said nothing, only sobbed.


“Bitch-cunt?” asked the voice.  “Anything to ask?”

Morgan sobbed, and then said, “Please… please piss in my mouth… use me as your toilet.  Please don’t zap me again.  Please.  Please.  Please piss in my mouth.”

“Good girl,” said the man, then stepped forward, unzipped his pants, and shoved his cock into Morgan’s mouth.

Morgan had no way to move her head away, or close her mouth.  But you could tell when the man started to piss down her throat by the expression on her face.

And then, to her obvious complete humiliation, she orgasmed.  There was no stimulation to her pussy.  She had orgasmed solely from being used as a toilet.

Michael and Brea watched this, and the rest of the footage, together.  Michael sat nude on his bed, and Brea sat nude in his lap, her brother’s cock buried in her cunt.  Together, they watched the completely non-consensual torture and rape of a girl who had been Brea’s best friend and someone who Michael had known for years…

.. and together, they orgasmed a great many times.


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